silver-eagleIs Silver Bullion the Best Investment in History?
Greg Mannarino Explains Why the Answer Just Might Be Yes:


Greg Mannarino joins SD to reveal the system is destined for failure. Debt cannot grow indefinitely. However, that does not mean collapse is imminent.

Mannarino is bullish on the markets because he believes president Trump will create jobs and grow the economy. But Mannarino is also bullish on precious metals, especially silver, because debt will continue to increase. “Silver is the most undervalued asset in the history of the world,” Mannarino says.

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  1. O’l  Greg must subscribe to the James dines letter also??  Dines says silver is thee best investment out there right now. He predicts the price of silver will hit the same price as gold one day. One mans opinion.

    Keep packin, stackin and drinkin that  M ‘shine!

  2. Having watched various interviews Greg has given over the last 18 months, I’m surprised by how bullish to the stock market he can be suddenly become due to the Trump effect. Previous interviews told of the imminent and catastrophic fall of the stock market being just around the corner. Although Trump must be seen as a positive compared to any alternative, there are too many global issues (potential Black Swans) in play for the US to suddenly be ‘safe’ and immune…e.g. collapse of the Euro / European banks. Is it not too late to turn the ship before hitting the iceberg?

    Although Greg doesn’t dismiss the Debt Mountain and acknowledges they’ll be a day of reckoning, he seems less worried about it than previous interviews suggest. Surely the magnitude of the debt limits interest rate policy and any normalisation intents the Fed might have.

    Can the Dow carry on in the upward trajectory as Greg suggests?…possibly for a while. Would I risk participating given the current unpredictability…most definitely not. Ag Au stacking.

  3. If not a 1 to 1 ratio, 1 oz of gold to 10 oz of Silver would work for a stacker. One could purchase many hard assets at that ratio. These articles are getting better each week. Keep up the good work. 

    Stacking the stack

  4. Mr Mananiro sauce has been harping on about silver for years.The greatest investment in the entire Universe/solar system etc  bla bla bla.

    This regurgitating narrative has become boring to say the least.

    I used to enjoy the stories on Silverdoctors during its first few years but I have come to realize that a great majority of these stories have proved to be just that STORIES and nothing beyond that.

    And No  I am not an ordained member of the  Internet Troll community as some on this website like to call anyone who doesnt agree 100% with all the subject matter presented on  Silverdoctors.

    Off Topic but where is that wonderboy Marshall Swing.

    I used to look forward the his comedic weekly musings..Unlike many of Silverdoctors self proclaimed Gurus  the ole Swingster always presented his hopium and doom and gloom porn in  most entertaining manner.We need more Marshall Swingster types to offset the  many dull and repetitive entries seems to have taken permanent residence at Silverdoctors.

    Where is Marshall Swing these days?.I really missed that goofy guy and his end days  musings.Always found this nutcase highly entertaining! More Swingster and less Mananaro sauce please!

    • @inlikeflynn  If you are a fan of ‘THE KING OF SWING’  his articles can be found below THE LATEST FROM SD CONTRIBUTORS, which is on the right side of the page below members currently online.


      His latest post was on January 16th.  _JLG. 

  5. I been waiting for a pullback.  Still waiting, thinking maybe I can score some less expensive house cat coins over those panda’s from China.  Some of the folks talking are better off keeping their lips zipped until we have a price run back over $25, it would lend them credibility which has been sorely lacking.

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