GATA Chairman Bill Murphy Joins Us to Reveal Shocking News:
JPMorgan is “Petrified:


Silver is up $1 and gold up $100 off recent lows.

What’s going on behind the scenes?

Bill Murphy joins SD For An Exclusive Interview:

Murphy says JPMorgan is manipulating the price of silver.
The silver market could get “chaotic” if it breaks through $21/oz. JPMorgan is “petrified,” Murphy says.

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  1. “Petrified”: Is JPMorgan Preparing For A Massive Silver Spike?
    Is a Martian Really going to be the NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES?

    There is as much chance?


    SILVER TO THE MOON, ANY DAY NOW, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

    The [commentators] that spew this verbal garbage want to help certain people

    sell a product, nothing else.

    • Well one critique is its been silver to da’ moon since around 2010 on this site.  I came to the conclusion that a majority of these hosts are paying these websites to post their garbage or give them exclusive interviews.  How many times can you still be wrong and yet still get guru prime time spots unless you are paying for that slot?

      Also, you never hear any of these supposed guru’s giving a heartfelt apology for severely misleading people to invest in silver.  Not even sure how they can sleep at night?

      There’s been numerous people on this site that had posted they stuck the majority of their life savings into silver back when it was $30 and $40 due to the non-ending Doom Porn from this and similar sites.  I can’t even imagine!

      While I’ve always been a big fan of the metals it should only be invested using disposable income and not 401K’s or similar retirement funds.  I now look at silver like buying a scratch off lottery ticket.  The good news is it won’t go to $0 and maybe before I’m dead it could hit some crazy number like $100.

    • @Powerball – To your point; Jim Sinclair was imploring his readers to “get out of the system (GOTS)” in 2011 and probably before that. He was telling anyone that would listen to cash out their 401K’s and IRA’s and put that money into precious metals. The entire financial system was going to crash any day now so getting out of the banking system was paramount.

      Well how has that worked out for those poor folks? How much money was left on the table by cashing out of the stock market before a record run to new high after new high? Has Sinclair issued and apology for being 100% wrong? I highly doubt it. He is still telling people to “be right and sit tight.”

      I too remain a big fan of physical PM’s but only for asset diversity. I no longer believe that they are going to save anyone from financial ruin if and when a collapse does occur. Even most gurus admit that in the next collapse gold and silver are going down with pretty much everything else. So that means that in good times PM’s go down and in bad times PM’s go down. Talk about an asset class that cannot catch a break.


    • @powerball

      Again…you guys have it 100000000% wrong. The dollar value of silver is irrelevant. Think about it…it isn’t like gold and silver all of a sudden became valuable when America was born and the Federal Reserve Note was created. VALUING silver in terms of FIAT is WRONG.

      Also…silver is NOT an investment it is MONEY.

      The idiots who dumped their life savings in silver in reality aren’t idiots because it is impossible to lose putting all their wealth into silver. The reason they are idiots is because they are thinking in the fiat paradigm and think they are losing because the dollar value of silver matters, which it doesn’t. Silver would easily be over $100 or $200 an ounce if it wasn’t for all the QE monetization of debt and cheap money injected into the economy. And the tricks can only go on for so long.

      People who have all or most of their wealth and retirement tied into ponzi scheme 401k’s and in the stock market are going to be the real losers in the end. Paper asset are going to be destroyed and inflation is so high that even gains in the stock market fueled by cheap money are negated for the most part.

      Our founders said in the constitution, “only gold and silver shall be legal tender.” They put this in the constitution for a reason and were much smarter than any of us. It is IMPOSSIBLE to lose owning gold and silver. I mean…it is GOLD AND SILVER, who can you go wrong? Nobody has EVER gone wrong owning gold and silver going back centuries and millennia.



    • ” How many times can you still be wrong and yet still get guru prime time spots unless you are paying for that slot?”


      What makes you think they are wrong? Maybe your idea of bottoms are wrong? Maybe you don’t understand markets and how they shift. Not maybe, definitely. You definitely  don’t know. You play Monday morning quarterback and second guess everyone.


      “you never hear any of these supposed guru’s giving a heartfelt apology for severely misleading people to invest in silver.”

      Yea, investing silver at market lows is a bad idea! LOL. Better to invest in stocks at the top!


      “…they stuck the majority of their life savings into silver back when it was $30 and $40 due to the non-ending Doom Porn from this and similar sites.”

      So if someone doesn’t buy exactly at the bottom they are fools? You should do some research before making these nonsense claims. If you bought stocks at the 1929 peak you would be pretty rich today.

    • Silver stuck in long term trading range between $16 and $19.  Ranging market symptom of zombie economy build upon Jew funny-money foundation of quicksand.  Actually that is case for all three markets I examine

      SD prognostications waste of energy until asteroid hit or nukes fly or Yellowstone explodes

    • Nobody is forcing you to buy metals.  If you are sick of hearing the same old forecasts then ignore them.  We all know that it WILL happen just like we know the next financial crisis is a mathematical certainty as is the demise of the dollar.  In the meantime there are plenty of other options to invest your fiat trash, so do what you must and stop pestering people like Bill Murphy who are doing their best to educate those people who have no clue and think their money is safe in the stock market.

    • Being stuck in a range-bound commodity is no salvation.  More like financial suicide, unless you day trade the ranges.  Driving people to poverty does not impress me.  Of course they are less efficient that the deep state in that regard.  At the same time BTC I bought at $20 still good

  2. Do Bill Murphy and GATA still get expert advice from that lying leprechaun Andrew Maguire? Andrew is just as unreliable as Harvey Organ’s pharmacy store. Andrew just tries to impress naive investors with mumbo jumbo jargon regarding derivatives. No profitable trader in the financial industry talks like that.

    Who remembers Harvey embarrassing himself on Greg Hunter’s show? All of Harvey’s predictions turned out to be Adderall XR hallucinations. Silver is nowhere near $50 and oil is nowhere near $100.

    Silver should zoom pass $18 any day now. GATA might want to beef up their advisory board. James Turk sold his soul and GoldMoney to Soros.

    • He brought the comex manipulation of gold/silver to the forefront through many gold summit debates with Jeffery Christian.  When during a debate J.C. slipped up and admitted over 100 to 1 leverage/manipulation in the gold market via paper on the comex, it was SPREAD ALL OVER THE INTERNET, and is now today, what we would deem “conspiracy FACT”.

      One of the things you can thank Bill Murphy for… while he endured years of jeers and golden tear in his beers!  He was vindicated… and today, all of you think this was “always known” … it was laughed at until about 5 years ago when his compelling graphs and J.C’s slip up confirmed the manipulation.

    • Good point.  I certainly got into Bitcoin way to late and I have been out of the stock market for years not due to people like Bill Murphy but because I don’t want any part in a corrupt manipulated system that will implode one day.   To me it’s a given that investing in silver today is like investing in Bitcoins a few years ago.  For those who missed the Bitcoin mania, they have a great opportunity to see similar gains in Silver for essentially the same reasons.  Silver is extremely limited in supply and is a safe way to extract yourself from a fraudulent financial system.

      The crypto currencies will eventually exhaust their parabolic rise.  Of course Nobody knows how much higher the cryptos will run, but when I can convert a single bitcoin for a monster box of silver I would be an idiot not to do so.   The cryptos rising the way they are is a sign that people want out of the fiat Ponzi system and those same people have enough sense at some point to diversify their enormous gains into other assets outside the banking system that would still have value if the power grid or internet goes down and people lose the ability to transact in cryptos.

  3. Terrified? The only thing that terrifies these bankers is the people finding out how they rig the system and rise up against them. But since they’re in bed with the government there’s no nothing for them to be afraid about. As long as the bankers have leverage derivatives to manipulate the system they can keep pounding the metals down. I’m afraid all the hope for the metals to the moon is only going to happen if the stock market crashes, and since they’re in complete control of that it may never happen. Meanwhile look at Bitcoin, it’s telling the real story of the dollar’s value. It’s going up because the bankers can’t paper leverage it. Maybe that will terrify JPM.


    • In case there are any *’IMBECILIC TROLLS’ out there shooting from the lip.

      *Not a registered category. 

      A bit of research might help. …………………….. 


    • SHAME, SHAME on you AGX. I would have thought you would be the model of restraint, but if you convert it into the shiny yellow, which there is much more of above ground, I think we could forgive you.

  4. Must be payday over there in the states, the ‘TROLLS’ are out in force.

    Either that or it’s Options Expiry week. Mmmmmm – MAYBE BOTH. 

    As predictable as MAGGOTS ON DEAD MEAT. 

    Glad I didn’t put MAGGOTS and TROLLS in the one sentence, wouldn’t want to offend anyone. (much)

  5. It must feel good to INVENT something out of thin air and try to steal the wealth of the rest of the people.

    A bit like PAPER wealth & DIGITAL wealth.

    We are awake to you suckers, thanks to the Internet where we can spread the word of ‘THE BIG LIE’ – that paper, digitals, now $#!tcoin are MONEY. _JOHNLGALT. 

    10/4 over and out. That’s C/B radio talk for I’ve finished. (for now).

  6. It is great to see the good guys fighting back in your comments up above.

    We should not have to chase every rabbit down the burrow, but thanks fellow Stackers for keeping any visitors to this website informed. Your comments are very accurate. _JLG. 

  7. Yeah Yeah @JOHNLGALT   I do feel really guilty about this so I plan to trade my silver for yellow  Yellow.twinkies.  Lots of twinkies. Tons of Twinkies.  Yellow and more yellow

    That said,  if JPM is fearful of anything I have yet to see it.   Dimon and  JPM trade trillions of derivatives and FOREX daily.   They are the visible but secret bank trading arm of the Fed and have a position so privileged that they are far beyond the law.  They are only one down from the really powerhouse banks and traders such as BIS, B of England and City of London.

    With their power to move the silver market with a click of the Algo HFT mouse they will whip the market like a rented mule.  Silver is their bitch and they buy it by the megaton.  If silver goes up they will on the physical side. If it goes down they make a cool billion on the short side.  This has been the way of the world for at least a decade or longer.

    If people go FULL RETARD Silver and gold like they’ve done with crypto currencies, that market is $75 billion and climbing, they will be part of that trade if they aren’t already.

    If the holders of cryptos move into gold and silver as an end result of the BTC 1000-5000% increase in value, unsustainable in the long pull they move tens of billions into a market that has scarcity and high demand. JPM will make tens of billions.

    BTW the cost to mine silver is now down around $12 an ounce and gold is close to $1,000 an ounce AISC

    JPM will be fine whatever happens.  But what happens that benefits JPM could benefit us in a big way.

    JPM can keep silver from hitting $21 until they have exited their short trades,taken delivery of another 500 MOZ and then let it rip.  There’s an old saying

    Don’t fight the Fed

    Another one is

    Don’t fight JPM when silver is in play

    PS I have no beef with Murphy  I just don’t think he sees the really really big picture like some of us do.  If you’ve been in the trenches as long as he has, it might be hard to see the entire battlefield

  8. JPMorgan is “Petrified:”

    I don’t think so.

    I wasted a half-hour once, a long time ago, on a Bill Murphy video and he immediately went on my “don’t waste your time list”, so I don’t know what he said here.

    However, I do not believe that JPM’s current net short COMEX position is over about 15,000 contracts, or 75 million ounces.

    JPM DEFINITELY has 110 million ounces in COMEX inventory, so nothing to fear there.

    Nobody knows what they have elsewhere and in London, but there is reason to believe that they might have 500 million ounces stashed outside the COMEX.

    I doubt their short positions in London are anywhere near that, but don’t know for sure.

    However, it is perfectly clear that when their COMEX short position got to a certain size about a month ago, that they had no problem at all orchestrating an almost perfectly linear price drop of $2.50 that allowed them to cover half their shorts in a little over three weeks.

    They are still cracking the whip, and the market is doing whatever they want it to do.

    I sense no fear at all.

    I am a bit puzzled and curious as to why they took delivery of some 2200 contracts in March for their own account, plus some 700 for clients, in total nearly twice the COMEX limit of 1500 for delivery to any one customer in a month, and then took ZERO in April and the same so far this month?

    Not sure what they are up to, but I suspect that their monthly silver acquisition budget has recently gone to buying all the SLV shares that everybody else was selling during the smash, and these will all be redeemed for tens of millions of ounces to go into their London vaults.

    Again, they are having fun making money and stacking, both on a grand scale.

    No fear there.



  9. To Bitcoin fans out there.   Cash in as soon as possible.   I can feel this headline coming soon.


    ( One more way your Government protects you)


    • This whole bitcoin phenomenon has an odd kind of alternate universe feel to it.  What actual use does it have?   Bitcoin jewelry?  Bitcoin smart grid?  No.  It’s only use seems to be as a conduit used to work around and circumvent the establishment.  As such you put in fiat paper and receive fiat electrons in return.  Bitcoin is not wealth.  It is a promise.  Gold / silver are TRUE wealth, they have inherent intrinsic value.  Bitcoin has zero intrinsic value.  Bitcoin is a promise to pay, gold and silver are payment in full.

      Bitcoin’s sweet whispering is a Siren song.  Invest in bitcoin or invest in real wealth.  Your choice.

    • here is the problem with fears of bitcoin becoming illegal for such reasons.


      1. Out of all Crypto, bitcoin is one of the most traceable coins and addresses and balances are public.

      2. Banning it wouldn’t solve anything as these ‘terrorist’ or hackers or whatever would just start asking for one of the private cryptos like Monero or Dash as payment. If you don’t know what they are then you don’t know enough about crypto currency’s to have an educated opinion.

      Really, there is no way to stop these crypto currency’s.

      I am all for silver and gold as a store of value and hopefully a good profit in the long run but telling people not to invest in the dominant cryptos right now is simply bad advice and would be expected form someone who knows nothing about the scene.



  10. JPM Chase I predict will be the last large bank standing in the USA because of there holdings of silver and gold. There are more invested in the shiny phyzz than any other  financial institition.When the paper fiat unravels they will be the last man standing. imho

    Stacking the shiny phyzz one coin at a time

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