Brother John F tells Silver Doctors why silver is headed to $200 per oz. The last time his indicator did this, silver went from $5 to $50, a ten-fold increase, and it’s doing it again!

This common but underappreciated silver market indicator is turning up. The last time it did this on a monthly basis, silver rose from $5 to nearly $50.

If the indicator continues higher and breaks through this threshold once again, John expects a ten-fold increase, placing silver around $200 per oz.

Also discussed in this interview is China’s recent outlawing of ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings.) John says the Powers That Be are petrified of cryptocurrencies. “If they don’t control money, their power is severely withered away – if not wiped out.”

    • SD, I hope you don’t mind me plonking this here, it might save a few people the time of listening to the Podcast.


      He is doing his forecast on charts of previous happenings, based on charts in a manipulated market.

      To top that off, he believes in the Cryptologists term of their item as ‘MONEY’ 


      Do your own due diligence and remember The Docs Disclaimer: 


  1. Brotherjohnf will call you a retard if you don’t get on the Bitcoin bandwagon, perhaps emotion got to him.  Or could it be that once Bitcoin gets a hold of your mind you begin to defend it with religious fervor, posting endlessly on every thread, pumping it like a penny stock shyster & defending it like it’s your lord and savior.  It is the worst community in the truth movement by far.

    • @Big_Stacker

      The latter.

      When people are committed, then they find it impossible to say they made a mistake.

      BTC is a mistake. I wont touch crypto unless it is gold backed and I can walk any day in a bank and get my grams of gold.

    • @Bigstacker  @Ed_B Your comments are “on the money”. Barter will never go away, not even during the future reign of the global dictator. As Ed_B alludes, the silver being cast into the streets just might be a reference to barter. Silver, or anything else of value, will always be usable for barter, so long as it is not made illegal, and in the latter case, that is not always true either. You could buy illegal marijuana on the black market in the past.

      As all stackers know, silver is the most efficient means of storing wealth, other than gold. If you need to switch countries, gold wins, and it commanded a premium over silver when people fled Weimar Germany during the great hyperinflation of 1922-3. Today, it is very difficult to pass borders with gold and silver, however, unless you mix your coins with fiat tokens.

    • @big_stacker. Well said. If you own bitcoin you want everyone else to get on board because the price goes up and you make more fiat! It’s almost hypnotic in the way it’s got hold of some sound money advocates.

    • Agreed @Big_Stacker


      This is often the case with people, particularly the younger ones.  They discover a truth of some kind and then assume that only they know about it and that everyone else needs to hear it from them.  Problem is, this is rarely true… but we can’t tell them that because there mouth is wide open and their ears are completely shut.  Seen this MANY times throughout my life and it’s pretty much always the same, regardless of the context of the situation.

      As to BTC, I looked at this VERY carefully several months ago and what I saw convinced me that it’s not for me.  End of story.  If others think it is for them, then more power to them.  They are welcome to it and to my share of it.  If they make a fortune with it, that’s great and I wish them well.  If they lose their shirts, well, that’s OK too.  It’s their decision and so are the consequences, whether for good or for ill.

      There are MANY things in which we can invest.  Since we all choose which ones are right for us, a lot of things that are out there won’t be in our investment portfolio… hundreds of times more than are in it, in fact.  That SHOULD be fine with one and all but apparently it is not because they simply MUST continue to preach their position to those of us who are simply not interested in it.  No doubt we also invest in things that are of no interest to them and that’s fine.  At least, it should be.

      This is the Silver Doctors web site and they can run it as they please.  But it would be a better site if some of the non-PM conversation were a little more limited.  If I want to hear endlessly about BTC, I am sure that I can find multiple web sites that will cater to that choice.  In no case, however, will I go to those sites are start braying about silver, gold, or anything else that interests me but is not appropriate for those sites.


  2. Here is what I predict:  silver is done for.

    Silver was always industrial trash, and only fit for lower class lunatics.

    Gold is different, but heavily controlled.  Which means both precious metals are very problematic.  As is perfectly demonstrated by the price action for more than 6 years now.

    • I was going to ask, do people still read the S#!T that this Dolph head ‘TROLL’ spews out, but I answered my own question, didn’t I?  

      The (alleged) moron must like to see these.



    • Silver at $200 would not only collapse China’s exports but also the world economy as low prices are needed to market and sale products that contain it around the planet. The current rise is only due to dollar weakness caused by the political nonsense and the storms. It will not last. It has moved from a monetary based metal to a industrial based commodity. 70 to 89% of demand is industrial, manufacturing and retail jewelry. The monetary demand has become too small to offset the drop in the above 3 sectors. When price went close to $50 trade collapsed and then the price. Last June and July when price was hovering close to $21 July’s retail jewelry sales fell off a cliff as this shows how sensitive demand is to price. People in the west have generally less disposable income and this effects demand. Folks this is ECON 101. Silver has been one of the biggest scams of the net. This is all why the gold/silver ratio has become meaningless.

      As far as the ICOs if you have been exposed to the securities law of 1933/34 virtually every financial product is a security and the burden of proof falls on the issuer who must register or have an exception. If you raise CAPITAL thru the PUBLIC by marketing a FINANCIAL PRODUCT that can RISE or FALL in price, this is in fact a security. This is what the SEC is stating. It makes no difference if it is a share of stock, a bond, or an crypto coin. Entities are using the public to raise capital selling a coin that can rise or fall in price. Folks this is not rocket science as the security laws have been on the books for over 80 years. Governments are not having a difficult time in defining what the cryptos are with both the US and now China clearly using existing statutes warning people. Take bitcoin as it was nothing but an IPO raising capital without registration and it makes no difference if it can be used as a medium of exchange for goods and services. In fact this is another problem as they are competing with a country’s currency and a country must have control of the money supply expanding or shrinking as economic conditions dictate. If bitcoin was competing one on one with the dollar for example you would have twice the money supply and this would cause extreme inflation and few could survive. I am honestly surprised governments have allowed them to exist this long. This guy needs to read up on the securities laws as governments are not saying they are money yet but are in fact securities. The money angle is a whole different set of statutes. In addition a country needs to strengthen or weaken their currency as again economic conditions dictate. What happens to countries that lose this control? Look no farther than the countries in southern Europe that went to the euro. They were unable to weaken it when needed and had to take on massive debt to offset this. They then had to raise taxes, cut governments salaries and jobs and social programs which all created a domino effect as with this much capital not flowing into the real economy caused businesses to lay off and close which caused banks to be now in serious trouble. So his statement that countries are going to allow bitcoin as close to a one world currency as possible and be used locally is just delusional as he has no understanding on how currency markets, world trade and the money supply functions.

      China does not want to replace the dollar in world trade as this creates too many problems. They were forced into currency swaps with many countries because for over a year the dollar has gained so much strength which increased their trade settlement costs. This brings us to the statement that many are saying China is going to a gold backed yuan. They are not. They have over $22 trillion in liquidity and all of this would have to be backed and with the total amount of gold ever mined at today’s prices at $7 to $9 trillion so where are they going to get the gold? They realize this would strengthen the yuan and collapse their exports, their economy and the new silk road project. Another factor is that an economy needs a constant flow of new liquidity to have it grow which requires the constant purchasing of gold. In addition they must constantly replace what went out the gold window. No country on the planet can afford this type of system at today’s prices.

      I have commented before no one is suppressing metal prices to instill dollar confidence. Recently the FED went into panic mode as they need a weaker dollar and to stop the capital flight out of Europe from flowing into dollars and other dollar based assets. They have been attempting to jawbone markets down bringing in the big banks to help also Greenspan and Rickards. They even brought out the head of the CME claiming gold should be at $5000 and Rickards claiming $10,000. They also brought out a BoA analyst claiming gold is ready to take off with Goldman Sachs yesterday claiming gold is a currency. All this shows the desperation they are in as all of this is scripted. So much for the claim that gold is suppressed to instill dollar confidence as clearly they want less confidence not more.

    • China gold backed Juan.

      They meant they will sell Juan for gold.  Not backed but exchanged. This I’ll allow countries to use Juan to buy oil and the oil producer to change the Juan to gold from china. That is it.  It is only for the oil trade not for citizens.

    • Yeah, click bait designed to create panic buys into the metals.  I doubt we’ll see $25 or $30 silver for many years.  The guru’s on this site are about as reliable as a pre-paid hooker.  Don’t worry $200 silver will be here in just a minute!  LOL

    • On the other hand, anyone who bought some $35 an oz. gold way back when must be VERY surprised to see it higher by more than 3800%.  Who would have thought back then?  Could silver do the same thing?  Maybe but I would not count on it.  I just want to protect some of my wealth in a hard money form and that is what silver and gold surely can do for us.  Whether or not they do more than that is up to fate.  But even if they don’t do more, doing this alone makes them worth owning, IMO.


    • Gold costs more than silver but that does not make it a “rip-off”.  The fact that gold is concentrated wealth is actually quite attractive for anyone who needs to get out of Dodge quickly.  I can put $50k worth of gold in my jeans pockets and no one but me knows it is there.  Most people can’t even lift $50k worth of silver, let alone hide it on their person.  Silver has some fine attributes all its own, however, and should be superb barter money as well as a good inflation fighter.  There’s room in most wealth plans for both of these metals.



    BITCOIN is a Real Problem Child that the Elite Shadow States LOVE!. All the Bitcoin followers will each be like a WOLF OF WALL STREET electronic ‘Spruiker’ endlessly, at every opportunity raving on about the Millions upon Millions of Bitcoin you can mine and increase your wealth so you too can join Bush and Clinton an Rothschild …bullshit bullshit will NEVER Happen. IT IS A CLOSED CLUB.

    But if you hold physical gold, you a hold a piece of the wealth of The Pharaohs and Medieval Kings and Cardinals of The Church. THAT IS POWER.

    Just happens Ill be going gold mining next week. I can’t wait to find a honey hole.

    Keep Stacking your Gold and your Silver -If that Gold Silver Ratio blows out much further Ill sell my car and buy Silver with it and ride a bike.

    Keep Stacking.. God Bless all the Precious Metal Holders.What a unique Community we are!


    • “Just happens Ill be going gold mining next week. I can’t wait to find a honey hole.”

      Best of luck with that.  Hope you find a nugget the size of a football!  🙂


  4. This is my experience with Brother John F… I listened to him back in 2011. Silver was at 32.00 He said it would go to 27.00, IT DID. He then said it would go to 50. IT DID. He also said that once it touched 50.00 it would retrace back to 25.00. It has come down below 25.00. I put 18k in futures. I turned 18k into 955k within 8 months. I got in at 27.48 then rode it up. I thought the banks were going to get over run so I stayed in as it approached 50.00 . The cartel drive by on May the 5th came and I saw my unrealized profits shrink to 540k. I got out. I still made money. I would listen to what this man has to say.


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