ZIRPBrotherJohnF discusses the continued smash in the metals in what is turning into total capitulation panic liquidation in his latest Silver Update: Undervalued Silver.

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  1. Silver … PAPER … is crashing. I’m THOROUGHLY convinced, because the whole system is on the very precipice of global default. With the bond bubble on the verge of disintegration, the derivative mechanism is obviously doomed to fail in its wake. So, all these standing longs will be defaulted on and ‘cashed out’ on the cheap … THEN … the banknotes themselves will fail in sequence (gotta keep things ‘legal’ you know). In the midst of this mayhem, the Basel ‘re-set proposal’ will be announced like a ‘bolt from the blue’ and the governments will ‘endorse’ it as though it were some ‘new’ genius idea from the ‘savior’ bankers.

    All this crap about 2, 3, 5 or 10 years before this event happens is placation of forlorn hope. This DRASTIC action in the metals market in combination with ‘security’ forces arming up with BILLIONS of rounds of UNLAWFUL AMMO, dozens of militaristic ‘exercises’ in cities across the country, clandestine positioning of military assets in warehouses and on rail sidings AROUND cities (APCs, tanks and such), is where the TRUTH is betrayed.

    The bar lights are flickering … last call.

    Paper Rots, Coin Does Not.

    • “Silver … PAPER … is crashing.”
      Indeed it is, Pat… and that makes me sad.  Last Christmas, I used silver paper with burgundy bows and ribbons to wrap all of the Christmas gifts I was handing out to various family members… very classy looking, they were.  This is the best use of silver paper I can think of.  Hope that it is still available this year.  I might go with forest green for the bows and ribbons this time, just to be different.  ;-)
      “All this crap about 2, 3, 5 or 10 years before this event happens is placation of forlorn hope.”
      Yep, either that or “the triumph of hope over experience”.
      “The bar lights are flickering … last call.”
      Indeed so… hmmm… gold and silver, check.  Guns and ammo, check.  Food and water, check.  Meds and supplies, check. Solar power, check?  Tools, check.  Seeds, check.  Booze, check.  OK, bring it on.

    • @ Marchas that is a might big dip!!! They are not done yet either. They will make the people go back to the currency…Devils and Gold & Silver is Biblical…I will keep my faith in the Lord “Like Job!” 
      I’m going to wait and wait and wait.. When I decide it is time to buy…I will until that time comes, I will just wait and watch those lost money..Goes back to $8oz your going to get slaughtered mentally and yet in all actuality your making the best move not to sell unless you absolutely have to.. Just head games and if your weak you will not be a survivor for when this great war breaks out and I mean the Devils war and the 10 kingdoms are formed. You better believe shit will be a whole lost worse..Going back in seclusion again…See if there is anything else to write about. I will be around and about. Happy Canada’s Day & Happy Fourth of July…Oh?! The President & Family is out of the country of The United States.. Now if they are gone and a national emergency falls upon the people next week during Independence Day…Could you say it is planned. Bernanke knows this shit is coming to an end. 

    • @NetRanger808, I have Faith and I’ll Keep Stacking No Matter The Price until it starts going up. As for our Humble President I hope he’s enjoying his vacation on the American People’s Dollar. O! I forgot it’s only a NOTE and loaned to us. Lol

  2. That is the whole point. To keep the masses into currency instead of real money Gold & Silver..Remember, I previously stated some months back…Think of the movie Braveheart “Hold!, Hold!, Hold! Now!:” Now is not the time for to panic. So what if they drive the price down to zero. Who cares who are they kidding and the dollar will be worthless. Those in the know?! Whomever, you are out there can see something is wrong. When, I go into the grocery store and see a steak $15.00 Bone in Ribeye…This is simply devaluation of the dollar..So now that battle call is coming for Syria and the book of Matthew 24, which we are in now in the Good Book! 
    Again hold your metals and have patients! I have no bought any in months.. I am glad that I have not..Just observing and not really listening to anyone or whomever, you want to call a guru..Anyone pay attention to Reggie Middleton’s call about Apple back last year with Lauren Lyster on Capital Account…Apple Stock and plummeted! No one is sounding the alarm. Has anyone heard about Apple stock, being crushed?! This propped up bullshit market is coming down. Besides those Federal Employees pensions are, being raided again by the Treasury Department and most don’t know. 

  3. Just left my local jewelry shop.  They were selling Morgans for $15! 1oz rounds at $20.  That is the first time in years I have seen morgans selling for that much less than 1oz rounds.  Local flea market was still selling morgans for $30 last weekend.  Needless to say the shoebox of morgans is a little lighter.  MPM has a good stock of their $1 over rounds, 4pm looks like a good time to buy if we drop through 18 today.

    • Holy crap, Jiggy!  I can’t even remember the last time I could buy a Morgan for $15.  Best I’ve seen lately is $24 and they act as if they are doing us a favor by selling it to us.  :-/

  4. Saying ‘total capitulation panic liquidation’ is pure hype at this point in time.
    Until the holders of Phyzz are lining up outside of the coin shops to sell their stacks, we DO NOT have total capitulation!

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