1. Great video Brother John.

    Hopefully within this decade, when the global fiat Ponzi scheme fully implodes, we will get back to a system where you won’t be allowed to eat if you’re not willing to work. This thing of demand, demand, demand, when demand clearly don’t have a leg to stand on, is utter BS. I predict that such type of demand is going to be met by plenty of bullets sooner or later, because I for one won’t share my hard-earned honest money (physical silver) with the likes of the seat-warming-idiot “uncivil servants.”

  2. No privet sector worker = no taxes = no union government workers = even less taxes = no government. I can’t wate for our government to tell us we have to be working or were braking the law. Maybe this depression, as a side affect will give us a small government.

  3. 427 lol I am afraid when the global fiat Ponzi scheme fully and completely collapses, all BS will fly out of the window into never-never land, a monkey will be called a monkey again and only those with the strongest means and desire to survive will survive. Many of the current governments will be abolished and those governments that will stand, will have to be backed by a lot of fire power to call the shots.

  4. Love Brother John’s silver posts (and so glad to he his health problems are under control) but his right wing idological positions on social issues are so far off…

     . He doesn’t even attempt to prove the basic premise of government workers protesting… while many are, the majority are not (he quotes the massive unemployment figures… does anyone really believe more than 50% of unemployed 25 and under were terminated civil servants).

     . Do any of you really buy the bogus story that civil servants blew up the economy? BJ is joining the far right “deflect the blame” story.

     . This is the classic “Tea Party” divide and conquer approach, and BJ is either an active member of the disinformation or he has swallowed the BS hook, line, and sinker.

     . As always, attack and defund public education… hmmm that wouldn’t give more profit to the corporations, or give an unfair advantage to the 1% that can afford the best schools (go ahead and trot out the exceptions… they are less than 1% of top school grads) to enshrine the privileged class.


    He begins with some very valid points about the public sector… many are overpaid (because politicians always cave and let the next in line deal with the consequences), but many are not (show me a teacher, policeman, or firefighter that is overpaid in America). Admittedly, some government unions are much too strong… they should be restructured, not eliminated… unions are almost solely responsible for the living wages of the middle class in America, and without a thriving middle there is no economy. But he then goes full “Faux News” to do the bidding of the masters of the universe… I am quite sure the plutocracy that has taken over America will be pleased, very pleased.



  5. I have to agree with SRV.  I usually like Brother John F video’s but I think he is a little caught in the paradigm thinking.  Attacking gov workers is not the solution, its an imperfect system set-up by the elites.  I don’t think privatizing everything, parks, roads, infrastructure upkeep is not the solution either.  You need some upkeep for public utilities that we all use and public employees are just stewards for the system.
    I think if you see when income taxes was started, around the same time as the Fed was started, you’ll understand if was intended to lawfully extract money from the citizens to pay for government over spending and keeping the empire running.
    Gov workers are not the problem, the problem is with banking and politics.

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