Silver Update: Toothless Regulators

ChiltonIn his latest Silver Update, BrotherJohnF discusses the incompetent and worthless regulators of the American financial system, as well as the gov’t ramping up their attacks on Bitcoin.
Silver Update: Toothless Regulators is below:

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  1. Yeah..well this is kinda old news, ya know.
    Still, recent history comes to mind in so far as the ‘end of a matter.’
    For a couple of weeks I listen ad nauseam to all the experts and guru’s go on and on about the incredible record setting Offense of the Denver Broncos….only to disregard most of what was being pumped out for public consumption….and sticking to what I knew to be true.
    Jump to the end:
    My Seahawk -Defense- outscored the Mighty Denver Offense 9-8.

  2. BrotherJF:
    Plug in your damn laptop next time…. it was just getting good, and you had to conjure up a quick wrap up! bummer!

  3. Good Lord! That woman couldn’t have been more stereotypical if she wore a babushka.

  4. We got Dow Jones Down to Zero, How about Silver & Gold?

  5. I’m starting to lose interest here…

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