BrotherJohnF’s latest Silver Update:
Stackers vs. Banksters


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  1. Believe it or not. I have a family friend that has been an investment banker for over 25 years.
    The two things that he has told me are 1.) He is having one heckuva time placing money that will make any of
    his clients money because the spreads are so small that no money can be made. 2.) The very expensive economics data programs he subscribes to indicate that the stock market investment indicators are showing a possible strong decline starting by the end of this month. He also stated that U S Treasuries are doomed as there are no buyers foreign or domestic, just the Fed. He is also a Silver stacker (a shitload of monster boxes) Tells me that all financials and printed currencies are actually falling faster than that is being reported. Also states that financial news channels such a Bloomberg, CNBC. etc., are squelching the hyperinflation issues that are directly ahead and may hit late spring early summer. He is also a big believer in Shadowstats data.
    I ask him about Turkey as a Gold shill serving Iraq, Russia and China and other countries that he would not mention. Turkey is under the radar storing Gold and trading Gold Imports and Exports for major middle East countries.He said that is a very real issue as the Eastern Countries are losing 100% faith in The U S. Dollar as a trading currency Also stated that commodities, oil, Gold Silver and other precious metals will go up very rapidly in lieu of what major analysts are predicting to be longer. Also stated that WTI is rising and will perform over $100 a barrel possibly later this month and that Gold particularly will follow a strong upward trend and Silver will go with it but be somewhat delayed, but willl however go far beyond the current London Spot price.
    I told him that I had stepped up my IRA payments and his reply was to get out totally and take the tax mule and wait, because all is falling apart more rapidly in exponential increments, stocks, bonds, currencies and worthless derivatives.
    Take it or leave it, but I will take it.

  2. There is quite literally more fiat in the world than you can shake a stick at.  I bet on the stackers again today by going downtown and snagging 10 oh z’s @$32,33/oz.  I’ll be happy to stack Silver until the price starts trickling down Uncle Ben’s leg.  

  3. On Chris’s medallions, one way I see him getting the Silver is by the Fiat that is coming in for orders that haven’t been sent out yet. I have four orders one substantial waiting to be sent out. 1 Processing and 3 Pending and my fiat has been withdrawn from my bank account already on all my orders on 1/29/13. The Service stinks so I’ll be buying for the Cause from other sources. 
    As for China, they are away ahead of everyone else and will be the next world leader IMO I guess I’ll need to learn Chinese. Lol

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