Silver Update: Silver Stack Attack

stacked coinsBrotherJohnF analyzes gold & silver’s retracement from last week’s lows and the massive physical accumulation & physical shortages in progress in his latest silver update:
Silver Stack Attack:


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  1. All we have to do to win is just stay greedy.   May 1st?  I picked up some junk morgans and peace dollars today.  $26 bucks a piece.  I couldn’t sweet talk them any lower.  Better greedy than needy.

    • @andrew james: MAY 1ST WE ATTACK THE PAPER MARKET! A COORDINATED AND CONCENTRATED LONG PHYSICAL ATTACK ON THE CME, COMEX AND THE LBMA. Started by the Sound Money Campaign-This video explains it all. c

      &list=FL3PM2Fs3Qe-JehsG51CEDY ALSO –I won’t say where, but if one shops, .999 a TO can be found for 26 and some change.

    • I’m in man.  Asking me to buy Silver is like asking a fish to swim.  

  2. May 1st seems like a long ways away.

  3. Whatever came of those folks on the yahoo forums claiming to be bringing the market higher, Benton something? BS’ers? Failed?

  4. That coinvest shop BJF shows, charges a 10% handling fee for most shipping countries, for VAT elegible product (all silver). No idea why. They show up on top in all the price comparisons as cheapest, but really are expensive.

    • I found that were cheap, less than £31 (US $47.36) with VAT and shipping for 1.5oz canadian polar bears, bought 2 of them.
      Plus bought the 10 x 1oz koalas 2012 berlin privy which cost £21.57 (US $32.96) each with VAT and shipping to UK included.
      Cheap compared to UK dealer prices. Don’t know how that compares to US prices.

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