Silver Update: Silver Shortage

gold & silver sold outBrotherJohnF examines silver’s technicals and the developing and widening physical shortage of metal in his latest Silver Update:
Silver Shortage

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  2. Aloha and good evening boys and girls. It appears that silver is taking a major hit at minus $.66 cents at approximately 8:27 Hawaiian Time. Attempting to keep the ponzi going at any cost. Pretty sad that a piece of paper you can wipe your ass with is more precious than humanity. See what happens later this week.

  3. I didn’t find any Silver bullion in town today.  There are other places to check tomorrow.  Have you checked out prices for boutique sterling jewelry?  Those people do not I say they DO NOT care about the spot price.  Sheesh what’s spot price?  My estimate was around $600/oz for this one really cool sterling ring in a size 10.  They wanted $150 bucks for a small skull ring.  It was cool but I passed on it.  The lady at the pawn shop tried to sell me a 45 gm 18″ sterling chain for $155 bucks.  She  marked it down from what the price tag said ($255).  Just two years ago I bought an 85 gm 18″ sterling chain for $155 bucks exactly.  So I passed on that deal.  I wound up buying some sterling Halloween rings 5 of them to be exact from size 9-11 for an average of $24 bucks a piece.  By Halloween jewelry I mean skulls bats pentagrams and such etc…I bought 25 lbs of dehydrated food as well.  I’m going to buy another 25 lbs tomorrow.  Oh yeah there was less than 10 ounces of Gold in the whole doggone store at AJPM Portland and nothing else when I was there.  No Silver no nothing.  It’s like a ghost town.  Bizarre.  

  4. Gainesville has lots of silver for sale, only a few items are not available. Buy silver on May 1st

    You may now move around the cabin. We will be achein=ving  an altitude commensurate with your block headed vision of reality…(still boring here in IDAHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Rejoice!! (do not look at the oil gauge!!  You are in an a n analog world again and YES! flying saucers love baked potatoes!

  7. how about that SLV inventory?  It’s not bleeding out like GLD.

  8. All of your gold are belong to us!
    I saw this on ZH.  It is shocking but not unexpected.

  9. I don’t know where people are looking but I have no problems finding silver at good prices. I was just on a forum where the guy is selling a roll of AE’s for $560.00 which is a good price. Sadly I’m out of extra Fiat. Lol

  10. Was visiting my LCS yesterday; he just purchased a collection of Washington Quarters & Mercury Dimes.  Showed me a box filled with rolls of the coins – there must’ve been 25 of them in there, and when he lifted the box you could just see him straining.  But this is the first Silver he’s gotten in for a while.  He said that nobody is willing to sell anything at today’s spot price and that he will also be asking above spot for these.
    I am thinking about offering to just buy up the whole lot and then do a quick flip, perhaps hang on to the nicer coins.

  11. Talked with my metal dealer, no big shortages, premiums on the rise on 1 ounce coins, but not on 1 kilo to 5 kilo bars. So why all the talk about shortages?

  12. American Eagle, 1 Dollar, 1oz Silver, 2013 from
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  13. PM prices in Vancouver Canada  prices are down….premiums are up.

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