silver smashIn his latest Silver update: Silver Shocker, BrotherJohnF discusses Thursday’s market panic post the Fed “taper” forecast, with nearly every asset but the dollar massively in the red on the day, highlighted by silver down nearly 10% to $19.50.
At the current pace, silver will be at zero in just 10 days.

Is the pain almost over or is a massive financial panic just beginning?

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  1. “There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion.  The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as a result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved.” –Ludwig von Mises

    Funny thing about exponentiality is that the faster it expands, the faster it expands and the worse it gets, the worse it gets … until the whole facade crashes in on itself. While the frequency of reverberation (so to say) was at a narrow modulation, the rising pitch was barely discernible, but the factor of graduation is now so pronounced that … the glass is shattering.

    • My view of this, Pat, is that there is a fundamental time aspect here that is being ignored, certainly by TPTB, but also by many others.  The derivatives bets that the big banks have made is clearly not a sustainable system but it is also one of catastrophic financial disaster of epic proportions.  The time part of this is that the effort that must be made to thwart complete financial disaster is minimal very early on and then becomes exponentially greater.  At some point in all this, a line is crossed, beyond which there is no amount of effort that can be expended to bring about a successful resolution.  Considering how long all this has been going on and how bad the various problem aspects have gotten, we must be really close to that line, if we are not already past it.

    • That’s more true than you might know! Australia IS a corporation, complete with a CUSIP number … AND … an IRS Federal Employer’s Identity Number. So, one might ask, when did Australia become a Territory of the United States government?

    • It’s merely a division of the English Speaking Corporation, as is the US, of course.  We’re simply 1 level higher in the corporate hierarchy.

  2. These days every time Ron Paul makes some statements on gold and silver, gold and silver are smashed down. I like this good old man and the buying opportunities he presented:-)
    These days I never miss any such days when gold and silver is on sale. I called VBCE. They told me all the silver eagles are gone. They still have some gold maples and silver maples. Then they added “First come, first serve.”
    So I went there and bought one gold maple and 25 silver maples. While I’m waiting in line, two big, strong muscle guys left the shop, each carrying a 500 OZ monster box of silver maples! Those boxes looked heavy! Hope their car wasn’t parked far away.

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