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  1. I appreciate his work, but to calculate bogus like that only serves IMO as a disinfo. He could have ended up with much bigger number of oz’s by just saying that ” if every American buys an ounce of silver per year”. Do the math, that’s all it’s going to take!

    • What is bogus about suggesting that if American’s took 5% out of their annual deffered compensation plans and put it into silver it would be well over 300M ozs?    I can see someone liquidating a 401(k) or IRA and taking the penalty and loading up some silver.   The entire point is that the amount of potential sources of money that can chase silver are numerous, deep, and wide.   And the amount of silver in the silver market is insanely small relative to everything else.   
      Brother John can be a little too boring for me to watch regularly, and certainly when silver has been going sideways for 2 years it gets taxing, but once silver has broken out again he will be a great listen.   He does have good charts and material, I just don’t care for listening to someone read to me out loud.

    • Sorry for my bad english. What I ment to say, was that why make this thing so complicated while you can make the point that if an average person’s couple of hours salary is projected to phyzz, or $30, by every American, it would break the manipulation.

  2. I’ve seen this argument used so many times for other assets and it’s really a useless argument.  I’ve seen dumb comments like “but there’s 8 trillion on the side lines, what if only 10% of it went into the stock market.”  Well “what-if” it did?  Nobody can predict where any amount of money will be funneled so why even make the argument.  What if everyone decided to buy palladium with their 401k money?  What if everyone decided to buy copper with their 401k money?  Get the point…useless!

  3. i agree that sticking to the facts makes more sense than playing the what if game :) what if mexico backed their peso with silver? what if chocolate m&ms where seem as a monetary form of exchange?  what would that do to a bag of regular m&ms and would the peanut ones be worth more?waste of time. why if silver is really worth at least 50 to 100 dollar range can all the people in the world, rich or poor, buy all the physical silver they want for 30 plus dollars now for over 2 years?  economics 101 doesnt seem to apply to silver. seems like fish? 

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