silver lionBrotherJohnF discusses silver’s technicals, last week’s FOMC smash, and a discussion on hard money advocates who shun silver in his latest public silver update:
Silver Cowards

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    • Silver investors have been crushed since May 2011.
      And I really dont understand your view on gold at all. Looks relatively cheap to me (much like silver).

    • @Bay of Pigs Gold was relatively cheap when it was in the $200/oz price range.  Central Banks around the globe plan to issue honest money after they’ve stolen as much as possible with their fiat ponzi schemes.  Their honest money will be Gold backed currency.  At least that’s my understanding of the situation at hand.  I’m not buying into the next phase of their plan as a matter of principle. Concisely this is the reason why I know longer make Gold acquisitions and instead opt for buying Silver. 

  1. Wow Silver is getting hammered recently but gold is holding firm, $1300 for AU is the bottom there I said it, I know it could go lower but it won’t !! (waits for the smash nervously) F*#K you Ben

  2. This is an interesting article to wake up to.  There are alot of variables that are going to lead up to the end game.  It is amazing to think that silver could be playing that big of a role in determining the outcome.  The two conclusions I see relating to each other are (1) silver is a player in the grand scheme of things. (2) the end of futures contracts will be a hard thing for TPTB to swallow. 
    No more naked shorting.  That is the only thing that is holding back the silver price.  I think we will see some major financial collapses when these shorts are forced to deliver. 
    If China can force the removal of the premiums on the price of gold, in order for their citizens to buy gold at market prices, maybe their next move will be to remove the sale of futures contracts from the market place.  

  3. Gold will never be aloud to “skyrocket” until the system collapse, think of it like this nobody can game the system except for those who administer it, they have all the insider info they know whats going to happen next so they can profit from it. It’s easy money combined with government power and control, do you really think the government care about debt? Of course they don’t,  they don’t owe anything, you do the tax payer! If only the american people would wake up and get organised so they could overthrow the tyrannical government and stop being slaves in the land of the free… It’s so ironic like something from Shakespeare. 

    • This is great insight Aurum.  The American people are asleep, brainwashed, lied to.  I was for most of my
      life until 2007 when I got that “something is not right” feeling which drove me into this Ag research mode
      and discovery.  I tell you it is a huge challenge for us now to help wake people up.  Most will not want to hear
      it though.  This is sad and frustrating to me.  If people would know the truth, I agree with you…the government as is would
      die a deserved fast death.  The problem is waking people up.  Never stop trying and this requires you to be tough
      to sheeple criticism.  Bottom line is I agree with you…it is going to take a collapse for the metals rise to take place.
      But rise in what??  Surely not the dollar which is already dead.  But a rise as a trade medium and store of value … Money.
      Do not allow the Banksters to tell you what silver is worth!! We all know here.  Yes it is a war … paper vs. real.  Someday this
      whole thing will be seen for what it is…a perfect con that the people refused to wake up to. 

  4. Brother John is getting down to the nitty gritty here, finally.  I remember a year or two back he was always trying to analyze price movements through charting lines and Fibonucci bullcrap, now he’s got the picture.
    Silver has very powerful enemies.  These guys know that some sort of hard currency is going to be required at some point.  They want that to be gold, something they have hoarded since time began.  Like I have always said, there is an awful lot of gold out there.
    It is the wealth of billionaires and potentates.  This group turned their backs on silver when it was being mined at a furious pace, anyone with a shovel and a claim could dig up their own money.  No good, bad little peons! Bad! And the market beatings, anti-silver legislation, and later the negative propaganda began.  But there was a fly in the ointment, and it is still there.
    Silver is consumed in manufacturing, gone forever.  The gold, well, not so much.
    Of the two metals, gold will be much easier to manipulate in the coming years, therefore gold=good, silver=bad.
    Keep stacking, keep the faith, in the end the world will be begging for scraps from your stacks, boys and girls.

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