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Silver Austerity


May 1st


  1. LetsLets not forget there are more conservatives running central banks, Wall St, and the world’s economies than liberals.  So while it might make you feel good to point the finger at the “tax and spend” Democtrats, take a look in the fucking mirror first.

    • Hi Mr. Boompi;
      One of the great virtues of this site is its respectful tone of discourse. I agree with your point that Wall St. welfare makes Main Streets governmental aid look like a nickle in a tin cup. Democrats and Republicans play the bankster games, thats why we buy silver

  2. For many of us here, this is NOT about politics.  It is ALL about math.  The fiat money scheme is mathematically unsustainable.  It is collapsing before our eyes.  We are among those whose eyes are open, so we are seeing it happen.  To a bankster, only the color of money matters.  For most of them, that color is green.  Those who know better see only the colors, gold and silver.  In the end, there will be two classes of people in the world.  Those who have REAL wealth and those who do not.  None of the current BS will matter.  Not politics.  Not race.  Not religion.  For what do these things matter to those who cannot survive?

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