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  1. Gold and Silver won’t save you when your number is up.  It’s proven to be quite handy among the living.  I invented my own religion. I change the doctrine continuously to fit my needs and for the sake of convenience. It works for me.

  2. I listened until the KJVO pitch. I have yet to meet a KJVO who wasn’t a jerk about it. I use interlinears and read the originals, and there is nothing wrong with “modern” English Bibles. And the KJV is NOT perfect, just as the translators explained in the preface of the 1611 original… which no KJVO even reads (it’s usually a revision from the 1700s or 1800s).
    Of course, the quote about throwing silver into the streets requires its context, as does any other passage of scripture. The point there is that those who thought their riches could cover their sins were gravely mistaken, not that PMs have no value when the time of God’s wrath is not upon us. Nobody stacking PMs is doing it to hide their sins but to be prudent as they see economic collapse approaching; this is a sound principle found in the Proverbs.

  3. But what really the Bible and Jesus comes here?
    Who really can continue to believe this insanity ?
    I used 30 years of my life to research and try to understand truth about religions. To discover that everything about Jesus and Christian religion have been completely build and written by some guys 180 years after his so-called death, and therefore used by the Roman Empire to control the peoples. What you say about the Cartel and the Banksters is the same story that have been used by some powerful dictators thousand years ago. They built religions to control people, due to their lack of education and ignorance it’s was the easiest way. Now, the same dictators use money. The goal is the same.
    Do your own research. With open eyes and high (fair) view. And, most important, with an historical point of view. It’s easy now with internet. Nobody spoke about Jesus and this joke during the 180 years following his so-called death. Including famous comptemporary historians during his supposed life : Pline L’Ancien (23 – 79), Perse (34 – 62), Martial (40 – 104), Sénèque (-4 – 65), Tacite (55 – 120), Pline le Jeune (62 – 114), Suétone (69 – 125), Plutarque (46 – 120), Juvénal (60 à 140). Strange no ? And for the others religions, it’s the same story, copy one from another one. The story of Jesus came from Egypt mythology and from Persian mythology, these 2 came from Hindus mythology (6000 BC) : Adonis, Bali, Crite , Hésus, Horus, Osiris, Sérapis, Krishna, Mikado, Mithra, Odin, Prométhée, Zarathustra, Zoar : differents names and time, but same guy, same story .

    The Coran, the Bible, the Torrah are counterfeit/distorted copies of old stories.
    If you have a brain, use it.
    I wrote a book about this (in French). If you like I can share it freely.

    Note : As a pure libertarian, I respect the religious freedom. Hope you see no offense here. My point of view is that religions, like sexuality, is a private affair, that have not to be exposed to the public area.

    • “It’s easy now with internet.”
      Yes, the internet is such a reliable source of information. It has never been easier to distort ANY truth since the advent of the internet and you’re proof of that. Every cockameme idea gets brought to the public forum for the sheeple to graze on like it was the manna of life.

      BTW, you conveniently left out Joshephus (37-100AD) who was a celebrated Roman historian and who wrote extensively about the Jewish antiquities and New Testament era events. He actually filled in a considerable amount of details that were mentioned but not elaborated upon in the Gospels. You can’t list first century historians without including his name lest you be obvious about your bias AGAINST the Gospel.
      NOTE: It’s too bad you don’t have the same attitude towards opinions. Then maybe we wouldn’t be burdened with yours.

  4. Sorry Max but you couldn’t be more mistaken. The bible is the ONLY book EVER written that predicted future events(citing names and places specifically) that have come to pass EXACTLY as it was written. These events were often times predicted hundreds of years in advance to them taking place. No Nostradamus crap-Real events and places that can be verified in the historical record. I’m not going to waste my time in citing the specific scriptures, as folks like yourself will never be convinced of what I have just stated, but it’s there if you want to take the effort to research what I have said. Hope you decide to investigate. Best regards.      

  5. Ezekiel 7:19 seems to be misunderstood.  Maybe because there are some who don’t like silver as a competing money to paper currency is how I read the misquote.
    When you read it in context, the scripture of “throwing silver into the streets”, it has reference to Judah and their adverse judgement from God.  Once in favor of God, they fell out of grace because of idolatry and corruptness of the people.  So when the Babylonians come to conquer Judah, they CANNOT be bribed!  Because they cannot bribe themselves from destruction, Israelities, they throw their money, silver and or gold into the streets, realizing that their ill-gotten gains will not save them.
    So it has nothing to do with silver, it has everything to do with not having God’s favor.
    (Ecclesiastes 7:12) 12 For wisdom is for a protection [the same as] money is for a protection; but the advantage of knowledge is that wisdom itself preserves alive its owners.

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