BrotherJohnF discusses silver’s technicals, the Japanese decision to devalue the Yen, China’s massive gold imports of nearly 900 tonnes in 2012, and the implementation of price controls in Argentina in his latest Silver Update:
Price Controls

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  1. Does anyone remember a few videos ago brotherjohnf said “It appears as though RIMM aka Blackberry has hit its bottom” and recommended getting into it? Last time I checked the historical prices of RIMM now BBRY it was at an all time high not an all time low. Could it be that he is pouting the stock for his own benefit? If this is a misunderstanding I think he should respond…

  2. That was a neat video and it had me thinking. What are your thoughts and ideas on how to use your stack to receive food and all the essentials? How can we be ahead of the game by using our stack WTSHTF? We need ideas, what are they?

  3. If this was a prize fight vid blog, Bro Jo would have knocked Mike Tyson out of the ring.  Abe is scourging the old guard with top bankers and officials given the courtesy of his boot.   China’s gold reserves are at least 10,000 tons.  On Harvey O’s channel Antal Fekete’s post about China’s silver reserves, the depth of which is uncountably deep, are using a covered call system to work silver prices while retaining the silver.  China will never let their silver go. 
    An enlightening post and worth a read.  If someone could review and put it in laymans language, this strategy might be the most important in the silver story today
    The politicians and central bankers are trying to find some new  and miraculous way to control  markets and people and  failing to do so again and again.  These failures  are tried on a daily basis;  on  world wide scale.  They are trying to execute these means of control in light of and in spite of  the clear fact that these exact and precisely attempts were tried 1,5 and 10 years ago and with the same result.  Failure, failure, failure time and again.  No genius solutions are forthcoming.  These idiot savants just don’t get it.  Which leads me to believe that even those dark powers lurking in old castles and huge mansions, pulling the strings of the little puppets, don’t understand human nature.  The intellectuals of the world isolate themselves from the real world and as things get worse, they withdraw even further from reality, afraid to confront their own ineptitude; afraid to see the reality of the human nature they attempt to control.  Instead, they fall back on only means to force their ignorance on we, the people.  Call out the Praetorian Guards!  Smash the resistance!  Stop the encroaching tide. 
    King Canute was one of the leaders we studied in my school in Canada.  We understood the nature of kings and their powerlessness.  The tide rolls on.  A study of King John is even more instructive.  The Magna Carta came from that.
    This cycle we’re in won’t conclude easily because the ‘leaders’ that purport to represent the will and wants of the people are finding that their creations are falling apart like a bunch of sand castles.  It’s gonna get f’ugly in Japan pretty soon. And Europe too.

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