music stopsBrotherJohnF discusses silver’s technicals as well as the rapidly escalating fall-out from the Cyprus bail-in fiasco in his latest Silver Update:
Music Stops

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  1. Brother John is making an interesting call….that the music is about to stop. One can clearly claim there IS at least one DEAD CANARY in plain view.  At this very moment Silver is getting smacked, likely in advance of a tough day for UK Banks. 
    Thinking we are all about to personally get to see the strength of our own convictions…… 

    • 100% correct.  Just asked these people about silver on May 1 , 2011?  Did the TA work to see a move like that?  How come the charts didn’t predict a 6 dollar smash in 12 minutes?  All the indicators were showing a huge bullish tread and a blow off top past 50 bucks.  Where was Brother John to call this move?   TA is bullshit.  It cannot predict trends in a manipulated market.  Turd and Brother John need to go away. Here is Brother John’s video on May 1, 2011. Of course, nothing could predict a move like a 12% smash in minutes. He takes no responsibility in deceiving his viewers about his analysis. He does tell people to hurry and go to APMEX and buy some more at these lower prices at 44 bucks. Since silver got smashed, there is no possible way it would go lower. What a hack.

  2. I do not understand how can to use technical analysis, where there is no market, but there is only an illusion about the market?

    I always ask myself: Maybe these people believe in the fact that we have an objective gold market?
    Or they think that technical analysis can be successful at any illusions about the market?

    I wonder if we given them the chart, what was painted by hand drunken monkey?
    They will be also try to build their forecasts on the basis of technical analysis?

    • The 60 cents “raid is not actually a raid comparing to the previous ones. A real raid is when silver’s price is crushed by 5$ or more.

  3. I also forgot to add that all of these schemes are like musical chairs. Where the limited real physical resources are the chairs  and the unlimited paper wealth are the things that are looking for the chairs.

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