global vampiresBrotherJohnF is back with another public silver update, discussing the IMF’s 2014 economic outlook.
Silver Update: Global Vampires is below:

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  1. Dude this could be it silver been hugging the lows for quit awhile now. Meaning this is the final end price to have in check when the comex does default. An your friendly local government steps in to take total control. By freezing the price since there is no bidders. An I believe will hold this price till most of there dirty deeds are done. That is actually announcing that the NWO government is coming to your town. And another thing that is very scary is that all this gold is leaving the usa. Meaning someone knows something we don’t. That is the government could nationalize it again. Meaning they want the gold out of the usa because it will be worth a lot more then here. I believe march be the deadline for the market crash to take the comex down with it.

  2. I like the Subway foot long for $5 
    5 plus 12 is 17. 
    17 is the 8th prime number  
    17 plus 8 is 25.  25 is the square of 5   25 plus 5 is 30.
    $30 is the next price barrier for silver
    I predict silver will go to $30 in 2014.

  3. Stocks are having a terrible week.  Bankers are having strange urges and leaping from buildings.  If you watch the Dow today you will see a desperate attempt to close out the week in the black.  You will also see silver and gold being hammered down to a weekly loss, commensurate with the losses in equities.  I have been watching, and the correlation (to me) is as plain as the nose on your face.
    We’re getting close, awfully close. Over on ZH where the posters are educated in economics, they are saying if the Dow closes at another loss this afternoon, all hell breaks out next week.  The drama, the drama.  Maybe free markets weren’t such a bad idea?

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