Silver Update: Endgame Disconnect

BrotherJohnF discusses the growing divergence between paper and physical gold and silver and the rapidly approaching endgame in his latest Silver Update:  Endgame Disconnect:



  1. Good info.

  2. Hey 4oz – You got on there :)

  3. I’ve just checked BullionByPost in the UK.
    Says it all really.

  4. BootherJohnF is pumping BITCOIN scam … he has always been an advocate for PHYSICAL silver only , now he’s pumping an electronic ponzi scheme …. wow wow wow, the fakes always show their true face, sooner or later

  5. Atkinsons in the uk have stopped all silver coin sales as of Friday last week.
    Bullion by post in the UK also has shut down
    hi spec trading in the uk is still selling,
    Lucky i backed the 2 trucks up last week with a 20k silver snatch

    • Wow, Atkinsons too. Bairds are still selling (I think). I wanted to make a purchase at Atkinsons on Monday! Picked up some 2012 Britannias on sale last week though :) sweet.

    • As on posts I have made earlier, I deal direct with the refiners of Europe. I will see if I can get an order on Monday, just before the morning fix. Should be interesting to see what or if they give me a price. If I can get some, will post on here, to see if anyone is interested in a couple of bars.
      When I called Atkinsons on Friday, one lady there was in tears, I think Atkinsons are in trouble, I do hope the price goes up else there will be a lot of bullion shops in the UK going under.
      A good place for Bullion in the uk if anyone is interested is ATS Bullion, they are on the strand , London, they got a website, but not up on IT all that much.

  6. Paypal charges ALL sellers too much ..
    I used to buy silver  on ebay starting in 2002. I could get it with no mark-up and send checks or money orders and even buy guns w/out paper work!  Then came Meg Whitman and Pay Pal. Now, paypal takes 4 or 4.5% of your sale and Ebay 1.5%. Ad insertion fee, Then there is shipping and insurance. Sellers have it rough but buyers don’t. Selling  3 or more bucks above spot is mainly to offset the high fees. Last year I had to sell some Palladium on ebay and sold some gun PARTS on using paypal. They (paypal) asked me what I sold for 3k (in 2 separate sales) and I said “just gun parts”. They  froze my account for 3 months (with the 3k+ in it) Consequently I am done with ebay because they make it difficult for sellers to sell w/out using paypal. While sites like gunbroker will not get involved with or approve paypal transactions, just charge a % to sellers. -Todd

    Ufuk Toprak wrote
    “Insertion fee+final value sales fee+PayPal fee and PayPal fixed fee. The Ebay system charges 16% . But as it is a stock company and some managers want to tell their shareholders how great they are doing even in times of a world recession where super banks and companies are bailed out with taxpayers money eBay will not stop of turning the commcharges screw tighter and tighter. Last rip off is to charge commcharges even from the shipping costs of sellers. eBay will not stop unless some big sellers stop their eBay sales. We already have done it. ”

  7. @4oz your a superstar now. So go out and buy some rounds or better still some mining shares. LMAO

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