Silver Update: Eastern Prosperity vs. Western Poverty

BrotherJohnF’s latest Silver Update:
Eastern Prosperity vs. Western Poverty

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  1. For demographic reasons, the rising of eastern standard of living will never be comparable to the coming loss of standard of living in the west..

    • Sadly I must agree Luigi. The loss of prosperity in the West, especially the middle class, will not be transferred into the pockets of the poor in the East but rather the elites of both east and west.

  2. I believe China’s high speed rail is a good economic model.  You know why?  Because they said so.  I don’t know.  I saw a lot of empty seats on that train.  My computer is assembled in India.  I don’t have so much as a Chinese panda in my inventory.  China becoming a superpower is not a foregone conclusion.  Not if my wallet has anything to say about it.  

  3. When the EVENT finally happens these eastern nations will not be in any position to exploit the NEW POOR of the west. You don’t get something from nothing. Their export economies will turn inward “as all will” because international trade will come to a halt. They mostly export electronics which the west is literally saturated in such as computers, and cheap household items like brooms, which will have to begin to be manufactured in the west again. At slave wages of course. And there it is! TPTB have robbed and impoverished most of the world, there is no more blood to be squeezed there. The only new area to exploit, rob and destroy is us and so that is exactly what they are doing now.

  4. He does make the point of “instead of giving money to bankers, “THE GOVERNMENT” spent the money for the rail system” and then calls that capitalism. Where did the government get this money for the rail system? They taxed the s**t out of their citizens, that’s where. In a capitalist society the private sector would have built that system with privately invested capital. They would have done it cheaper and even better, if the market for it was real! Why doesn’t the west do this? He is right, We do not have a capitalist system any longer! Why are we not capitalists? The government is so corrupt we are not allowed to be capitalists, that’s why! If a group of investors wanted to launch a new train system they would be sued for decades in every jurisdiction, forced to produce mountains of paperwork and bribe countless politicians. Even if they used existing rails.

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