Silver Update: Drug Money

BrotherJohnF’s latest Silver Update:
Drug Money


  1. So if they are not “monetary mavens” they can get thrown under the bus. 

    Mr Presidential Cuffs will once again say “We lost on it so it can’t have been fraud. It was just bad judgement. We’re SORRY”. See also: upcoming CFTC report on silver manipulation.



  2. Drug (and other) money laundering must indeed be a cornerstone of the fin system. Why do you think the US announces that the war on drugs and terrorism is to be fought more in Africa. This asymmetrical, paramilitary neo-colonial warfare is always paid for by CIA et al and washed through drug profits.

    I’m often amazed that so many people don’t get this simple reality.

    Why do you think iot’s commonly called “the shadow banking system”. Just because there’s no rules or regulations? Then they would call it the “Nirvana banking system”. They know fully well how all that dreck is financed and over-leveraged in the end.

    And Uncle Guanito wants his money or his gold, that’s for sure. See, uncle Guanito did not invest to hide his debts like all the stupid cities, universities, hospitals, etc, etc, did. And to leverage themselves further (while taking the CEO bonus and then a sabbatical to India). No, no, uncle Guanito invested his money to raise more capital. Guess where it’s gonna come from?



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