silver updateBrotherJohnF is back with his latest public silver update:
Debt Destruction

  1. So, come on MACD already, this bread and margarine siege-diet is getting awfully old. The winter ground thaw is here and I’m ready for some ‘withdrawals’ from the smaller ‘accounts’ I have at BoME.

  2. wasn’t i watching this same chart two years ago?  for two long years i watch these vids & nothing, down down down.   the big picture, the big picture….. & i’m the laughing stock of my family & friends & the few people who actually fell into this silver story are now down by 1/2 & angry with ME !   how long have i been waiting for this rally ?   (yet, strangely, i still believe.) i know….. keep stacking.

    • That’s ridiculous. They either believe the story or they don’t. If they don’t, its doubtful they are still holding, or they would have abandoned their position. If they are still holding, then they know what is coming and are waiting patiently. 
      Your comment makes no sense. People get investment ideas all them time. What they do with their money is ultimately 100% their own decision. You speak of irrational, emotional people and want us on the forum to somehow validate that behavior.
      Either you are buying silver to bring down the socialist state, or you are just a poser.

  3. Who can make war against the beast? The question is really answering itself, no one. The final endtime Beast (Global System including the political, economic and religious) was appropriately named.  What the Banker run world government decides is reality, is reality, even if it is unreality. I am losing hope that the metals will be allowed to reflect their true value and if they should go up to where they do, then the Powers will make them illegal to own or put a crushing tax on them with severe penalties. The 99% who dumbly followed the fiat system will have no pity for the pathetic 1% who tried to use wisdom and who understood how it used to work. Because of their envy, the 99% will agree that the 1% should not be allowed to keep their investments since they are the cause of all of the problems. If the 99% are suffering, then the 1% should also suffer with them. Who can make war against the Beast? Only Yahushua Ha Moshiach – Jesus the Christ as some call Him, He shall make war against this Beast at his coming but until then, it looks very grim for the world going forward according to the prophets.

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