Silver Update: Chinese Century

ChinaBrotherJohnF discusses the rise of the Chinese Empire in his latest Silver Update:
Chinese Century

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  1. What in the hell is with BrotherJohnF and this adulation of China? First off, Shanghai (and Hong Kong) is REALLY more of a British phenomenon than Chinese and the interior of China ISN’T comparable to those cities (excepting the infamous ghost-cities). I can say this from vicarious observation. About a year ago, I bought a used camera from a thrift store that had a large CF chip module in it with a few hundred ‘tourist’ shots from a trip marked ‘China 2008′ and they were nearly ALL scenes of typical rustic Chinese living (which I’d want to preserve if I were Chinese, myself) that while traditionally ‘idyllic’, DID reveal a broadly healthy People, none of whom appeared to be in relative poverty, but NOTHING of the chrome and glass Bauhaus-inspired soulless monstrosities BJF apparently idolizes as ‘wonders of modernity’.

    This ‘pendulum swing’ BACK toward China is just that. It’s undoubtedly helped along by Western turpitude in adopting the Marxie 10 Planks framed up on its rotten 5th, but all that’s about to go out the window. There’s a REASON that dinnerware is CALLED ‘China’. It’s because there was an insatiable mania in the 18th and 19th century period for their crockery (and silks) which was LARGELY responsible for the HUGE DRAIN of silver from Europe and America (to a lesser extent), which THEN sparked the Opium Wars to get that silver BACK, regardless of the morally depraved method. But, the point is that China HAS been in this state of economic prominence ALREADY. This is nothing new or ‘amazing’. They’d been the lynchpin economy of Asia for thousands of years and so that’s simply re-emerging.

    Once this idiocy of Loan-at-Interest, banknote credit implodes and we return to RATIONAL economic structuring again, which will CRUSH all the stupid collectivist wet-dreaming … America and Europe will HAVE to return to self-sufficiency in low-cost manufacturing production and concentration on generating excesses of unique goods to restore REAL TANGIBLE trade. Once again, the different geographic regions will be led forward into their own regional cohesive ‘blocks’ and their interactions … this time, I pray … will be congenially carried out for everyone’s proper rewards from their industry and accommodation.

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