BrotherJohnF discusses the box that The Federal Reserve has painted itself into with QE∞ amidst MOPE that QE will end in the 2nd half of 2013 in his latest Silver Update:
Bernanke Boxed


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    A data-point Bernanke touched on was that of extended, abnormally suppressed interest rates as they effect conditions in pattern-structured retirement funding. Being lauded as the paramount ‘expert’ on the ‘Great Depression’, it’s well he has that in his ‘sights’.
    “Although historians do not advertise the fact, a lot of pension funds went bankrupt in the 1930’s, and the remaining ones had to scale back the amounts they had contracted to pay to their pensioners. Economists failed to offer an explanation for this universal phenomenon. Yet the explanation is clear: the accumulated capital of the pension funds was badly impaired, and in some cases completely wiped out, by the falling interest rate structure. Exactly the same causes are operating right now, (2010) and exactly the same effects will follow. The only difference is the larger scale of capital destruction in the present episode.” –Antal Fekete

  2. Yes, Pat, destruction of capital, capital holdings in pensions, equities, real estate, capital of entire national economies. The one idea Lindsey Williams iterated that was so new it had to be truthful was the overall plan…to create permanent personal, corporate, national debt so massive, so real, as to control the outcome and usher in plans for a world order that enthrones their darkness on the entire planet. They have the means but not the victory. I will pass out your writings on grand juries. Anti-Establishment is often met with murder, extortion, arrests against us from the Establishment…so be it.

    • @Thomas
      I put for your consideration, that REAL DEBT is NOT ‘insurmountable’ at all. It’s formidable appearance is a sheer illusion of numbers. All the fearsome images evaporate, however once the units of account are rendered to their physical expression.
      The government has published results of purchase-power decline (which I’ve posted in this forum a few times in the past) illustrating the American banknote’s true worth at (now) about two 1912 cents, or 7 grams of copper. If the entire ‘liquid’ float of these banknotes were so converted to their REAL expression, the present COMEX warehouse stocks of copper could cover the task AND pay off the entire national debt within a matter of weeks.
      Moreover, if these ‘coppers’ simply supplanted the banknotes seamlessly in the financial superstructure, all wages, prices and accounts would remain invisibly unchanged … yet, simultaneously … the economy would be put on a solid grounding WITHOUT INTEREST SERVICE HINDRANCE on its currency, depriving investment capital or precluding maximal savings.
      I’ve thought about this many years and incredulous as it at first seems, it actually is that simple to ‘erase’ all the ills in one fell swoop like clicking our heels and magically returning to ‘Kansas’. Certainly, the crappy bankrupt hair-brained schemes will all STILL implode, but their demise, in THAT environment, will be highly confined to the immediate ‘players’ as in times past under 100% specie.
      Toy with the notion. You’ll have fun with it the more you toss it around in your head.

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