Silver Update: ASE Sales From National Defense Silver Stockpile

silver stockpileBrotherJohnF discusses silver’s technicals, the US Mint ASE sales (currently running double the 2012 sales pace, and already nearing 20 million ounces sold in 2013) and examines the legislative history of the ASE sales program from the national defense stockpile in his latest Silver Update:
Silver Stockpile

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  1. WTF we are talking about freaken 1983 ……….yo ……..this is 2013 ……….wtf ……dont waste my time

    • @Da yooper
      Some are a little slow in educating them self on silver history. Maybe if they stop playing with these usles charts the education will begin. 

    • This info must be very relative as the (2) links to Wikipedia have already been taken down! It looks like Brother John may have stumbled onto something a little sensitive.  Pull his video up on youtube and follow the links yourself!

  2. Interesting. This segment sparked memories of that period and as I recall, the prevailing opinion in ordinary discussion was to have coin in hand rather than in the stockpike. I also remember that a huge quantity of that silver was previously used to construct equipment for the ‘Manhattan Project’. So, now, I’m left wondering if I should acquire a Geiger Counter to FURTHER examine my silver, since the containers I devised to ‘deposit’ them, don’t factor in detection by radioactivity!

  3. Ok anyone holding silver should know that when the Hunt brothers were running up the price of silver in 1979. Our government went into the US Strategic Stockpile and dumped silver into the market to bring down the price of silver the Hunt brothers managed to run up cornering the market. One should investigate why the Hunt brothers were buying up all the silver they could get there hands on. They were  stackers like us all the same reasons.
    That said prior to the laws passed to have our government mint ASE. They had a privet mint “Continental Coin” mint 1oz rounds, 1oz, 5oz,10oz, 100oz, Bars in 1980. These were all minted from US Strategic Stockpile silver from San Francisco and New York only for the 100oz bars.The start of manipulation of silver and my favorite silver to own. “San Francisco US Strategic Stockpile”
    By 1985 congress passed the law and started minting ASE in 1986. The law states they have to be minted with US mined silver. Well the US Stockpile fit the bill and what ever we could mine in the US. By 2001 the stockpile ran dry so congress passed laws to go on the open market to get there silver for the ASE program. 
    Im waiting for the day they pass the law that they can use 40% silver for the ASE, Or send your silver in to suport the war effort “Do your duty”

  4. This is a must watch to see why silver has strategic needs

  5. Rumor has it that Sunshine Mint is devoting all their silver resources to supplying the US Mint with silver. They are not taking retail or wholesale client orders at this time. This is not confirmed nor did I listen to the Bro Jo video.  The Sunshine story was part of another blog a few months ago.

  6. Very interesting; One of his best.

  7. Little did they realize the future uses of silver. As is normal with the government, they don’t know a good thing when is smacks them in the face. Selling silver from the National stock pile to help balance the budget????? How about just don’t spend what you don’t have (or in other words, get off the FED’s debt based ponzi scheme).


    • No one knocked on any doors asking for your gold in the 1930′s.

    • No, they didn’t.  
      In fact, only one person ever went to trial for not turning in his gold and for some reason the case was dropped before a verdict was rendered.  
      IIRC, where a lot of the gold grab hysteria came from was a few banks that collapsed had their assets audited by the newly created FDIC and those auditors found some gold in safety deposit boxes.  No doubt that gold was grabbed and the owners forced to accept paper money in exchange for it.

  9. NICE READ  DR.!

  10. What ever happened with the May 1 date?  Did Doc sell more that day?  Im interested because my LCS and other shops saw no increase.  Just trying to gauge the popularity of the movement with falling prices.

  11. This was a good listen, but again, throw it on the pile.. no more silver stockpiles, mining production going down, mining getting more expensive, investment demand up, industrial use up. YET, we have been getting the piss beaten out of us for years.
    Before any misguided haters tee off on me, yeah. I buy silver every paycheck.

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