Silver Spike. Huh?

A silver spike of a $1 in the overnight trading session?  Image below.  Doc’s take on this coming soon.




  1. Gotta love those Algo’s. I can’t wait to see them go wild to either side. Algo drop to $5.00 and oz. and buy buy buy. Algo rise to $1,000.000 and sell sell sell. Nah!

  2. It would be nice to see some rapid movement this week.

  3. Must be a clitch on someones chart. Lol  It dropped just as fast, maybe someone had to buy a bunch to cover their paper. JPM at it again? Mmmmmmmmmmmm

  4. Silver spikes too much & I’ll
    live here—
  5. Good one 4 OZ. I’ll have to find a mountainous picture though. Not good to build your house on the sand ya know? LOL.

    10-4 that 427. But movement which way. The stacking way or the scare the S%$t out of JP Morgan way?
  6. It was one of the vermins that set the price down last year 6 bucks giving us the finger in green.

  7. Gold and USD spiked as well…

  8. LOL.LOL. Rolling in the floor Mathdaddy. A bird of green. I wonder though, who has the greener finger? The Buttnanke or Dimon and Co.?

  9. I think you are being nice 2 OZ.  I don’t think their fingers are green  ;).

  10. It WOULD really be nice to understand EXACTLY what happened here.

  11. Asian Hedge fund buying?

  12. +1 SilverRaider

  13. Whhheeeeeeeewww!. Sorry Mathdaddy. Just quit laughing. Stupid I know, but some things just strike my funny bone just right.

  14. I would love to know what happened and now it’s at a standstill. Maybe the elite said it was to soon to go up and took it back. Lol Come on Doc what’s your take on this did someones blood pressure spike?, it’s getting close to my bedtime. Lol

  15. Looks like a glitch on kitco’s chart. Very radical and no duration at all.
    I went to Netdania and it looks like a typical Sunday evening so far.
    It could be that Mathdaddy nailed it.
    Ima coin him.


  16. What is strange is both silver and gold charts show the spike.



    who is going to blow smoke up our A$$

    & call it a “TRADING GLICH” or someother

    lame A$$ excuse ( Fat fingers ect – a miss placed decimal point…. ect )


  18. Staking 2oz? Im always stacking thats why I havent been on the sit much today. Working on 50oz today! My guts telling to pull the trigger. hears a link to KING WORLD NEWS interview Broadcast with Eric Sprott /

  19. I don’t see that spike on the Netdania chart.

  20. Just someone testing the waters to see if anyone is paying attention in my opinion… Like a probing mission to the enemy line… See how far you can go before it gains attention then quick pull back to assess gathered info… This is just a sign of some games to come in the next few days I think…

  21. Looks like turbulence in a dynamic flow system which is characterized by chaotic and stochastic property changes…thats all.

  22. Good to see ya back Danno.

  23. Good interview with Sprott 427. He always seems so easy going in his interviews. I guess I would be too if I were a billionaire. LOL.

  24. Yep I like Sprott. Captan Danno is giving up classified information better not let him go behind enemy lines General 2oz

  25. I was asleep and i woke up when someone saying in my dream WTF is happening, silver spiking …and now i see this????WOW  :)
    maybe its a glitch but still amazing. …Now back to sleep :)

  26. Hay 2oz has a photo COOL 2oz BURGER. Are you sure that’s not an Obama burger?

  27. LMAO!! Good to be back ladies and germs,,,, I promise not to give up all the vital info general captain sir!!! Only what I can regain through the squeeze of the trigger from my SAW….. Hahaha

  28. On the NYLIFFE (1000oz contracts) and NYMEX (5000oz contracts), the highest price for May contracts is $31.31 and July contracts $31.39 in electronic trading which started at 6pm ET Sunday night.

    The same spike occured, according to Kitco, for silver, gold and the dollar index – however, a spike up in the dollar index should have caused a spike down in silver and gold, not up.  All in all quite mysterious.

  29. ???

  30. Spike not showing up on other platforms.  Looking like it was a kitco data error.

  31. Unlike other Sunday evening examples of odd spikes, we’re not seeing this spike at or other web sources I’ve checked.  Anyone see it somewhere other than Kitco?

    The Kitco chart spike is seen in gold too.  Here are image captures that will not dynamically update (fixed in time):

  32. Well, I guess it must be pretty exciting hanging out at Kitco!

  33. A beautiful sight indeed… it might only be me, but that to me looks like a ‘poisoned needle’ heading straight towards a bum or two at the likes of JP Morgan.

  34. I dream about the day we when we will say is that all silver spiked today as it normaly spikes much more than that must have been a quiet day.

    Keep on stacking
  35. WTF??????????????????? LOL and LMAO. I went to sleep last night and woke up to a mini cheeserburger. I’ll have to send you a good Avatar DOC. The cheeseburger is Hilarious but I’ve got a “LITTLE” something else in mind. What a trip. LOL.

  36. Just woke up and was all excited to see what happened. NOTHING! Just a few funny comments. At least it’s starting my day off with a SMILE. Stack, Stack, Stack.

  37. and now the spike is straight down  50 cents.  Nothing to see here, move along, amove along. Paper prices rules.  What BS

  38. Neat. Another avatar picture to choose from.

  39. Cheeseburger Cheeseburger Cheeseburger….. Manipulation…. Cheeseburger Cheeseburger, Milkshake…
    What can I say… The cheeseburgers are so small you need to have more than one!! LMAO

  40. How’s this for size? :-)

  41. Cheeseburger….Cheeseburger…Cheeseburger and a meal sized for 2 OZ. of silver when inflation takes off.

    If you guys are old enough to remember the black and white Popeye cartoons, the character “Whimpy” had the gov. figured out a long time ago. Living on credit (or just sponging) he would say “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a Hamburger today”.
  42. Good ole “Whimpy” sure did have it figured out back in the day…. It’s amazing some of the lessons in the older cartoons… Haha… Some of the way back bugs bunny were good for some lessons… Love it!!

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