Silver Eagle Sales Shatter Record at 42.4 Million Oz in 2013!

USMintThe US Mint shut down production of 2013 Silver Eagles today as SilverDoctors’ readers are likely aware, but the 3 weeks early end to 2013 production failed to prevent an all-time sales record for the popular bullion coin.
Coming in at 42,401,000 oz, the Mint bested the previous annual sales record of 39.8 million oz set in 2011 by over 2.5 million oz, even with production shut down after only 926,000 oz were sold in December.
With nearly all of December’s sales pushed into 2014, don’t be surprised to see a new all-time monthly record set in January, as we project 6-8 million ASEs will be reported sold in January.


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Month One
( oz. / #coins )
January 7,498,000
February 3,368,500
March 3,356,500
April 4,087,000
May 3,458,500
June 3,275,000
July 4,406,500
August 3,625,000
September 3,013,000
October 3,087,000
November 2,300,000
December 926,000
Total 42,401,000

Contrast with 2011′s monthly sales totals:

Month One
( oz. / #coins )
January 6,422,000
February 3,240,000
March 2,767,000
April 2,819,000
May 3,653,500
June 3,402,000
July 2,968,000
August 3,679,500
September 4,460,500
October 3,064,000
November 1,384,000
December 2,009,000
Total 39,868,500

With only 824,500 ounces of gold sold in 2013, the silver/gold sales ratio for the entirety of 2013 is an astonishing 51.42 to 1!  Physical sales ratios of 50 to 1 of commodities naturally found in the earth’s crust currently at a 9 to 1 ratio is simply unsustainable over the long term.  We suspect 2014 will be the year that silver’s long awaited fundamentals finally take over paper futures market manipulations.

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  1. Please, one more big hammer down and I’m backing the truck up for a big withdrawal, I promise…

    • There will be. We will have a run up to the $26 region first (Late Jan 2014) Then one final smack down to a min of $17.76 and maybe under $15 before we take off for new highs.

  2. I’m sure zman will tell us inflation is “too low” and that’s why “demand is so weak”.

  3. ASE are not the only silver coins the mint sells. I would love to see the stats on ALL silver sales. I read at Gainesville Coins that they were selling 3 Walking Lliberty rounds to every ASE sold. It would be nice if all the private mint sales and retail sales could be reported.

    • @RRG:  You’re right!  That’s my message (to the stackers) to buy junk silver INSTEAD of ASEs.  And the big one:  BEWARE of the 2014 ASEs as they become available.  Why?  Because the gumment has given carte blanche to the Chinese to COUNTERFEIT any coins it wants. I think the Chicoms won’t be sitting on their asses when they can get 40+ million fakeroos into the system.   I won’t be buying ANY ASEs anymore.  IF one wants to dabble in ASEs in 2014, the only way you can be certain of your purchase is to have them tested. That is costly, and of course, if they are fakes, you lose, because there is no recourse.
      An interesting thing too, PCGS has opened an office in China.  Why?  Hmmmmmm.

    • You’re damn right rocketman. The canadian mint by q3 had sold something like 1.6 million more silver maples than they did all last year, and lord knows everything else has been selling well. Not to mention bars. Or the fact that India is set to import 5400 tonnes for the year in what a market that is just over 30k tonnes? Nevermind industrial, medical..

  4. So, if all markets are being supplied with silver, including the American Coinage, and the price is going down, does that mean that there is so much silver out there that they can practically give it away….for free?

    • It means that their plan to bomb the price backfired. The US mint obviously played games this year because of supply. To answer your question, we’ll find out. My personal suspicion is that we’ll see a supply shock and I pray I’m right.

  5. “Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practise to deceive! ” – Walter Scott 

  6. The United States is experiencing an “economic collapse” because major powers like China and Russia have decided not to use US dollar in trade, a political analyst says.

    “The American economy is just beginning to collapse. China, Russia and many other countries are moving away from using the US dollar in trade,” Linh Dinh said in an interview with Press TV on Tuesday.

    “So when the US dollar loses its status as reserve currency, life will get much harder here. But coming months will show how desperate this situation is, so the lies will be even more insulting to people who have to suffer daily in this situation,” he added.

    The analyst criticized American news media for not telling the truth about the economic situation.

    “The lying media put out news that the so-called recovery is picking up speed. The new lie is that the unemployment rate is down to 7 percent, but this is pure nonsense. In fact, only 47 percent of American adults have full time jobs, and 40 percent of US workers make less than $20,000 a year,” he said.

    “Many people make so little, they must rely on food stamps to buy groceries. Many go to church pantries. I know a family of four, with two jobs, who must do this. The father, with a full time job, must also sell blood occasionally,” Linh Dinh explained.

    He also compared Americans’ income with their monthly spending.

    “Even as the big banks receive bailouts and make record profits, they pay their bank tellers only $12 an hour, before tax, and a minimum wage worker only makes a ridiculous $8 an hour. Some even less. Meanwhile, prices go up, especially for food, rent and gas, but the inflation figure is also a lie,” he said.

    He noted that the US government “keeps on lying to deceive foreigners and the rich Americans who buy stocks. If there was a recovery, 47 million Americans wouldn’t be on food stamps, a record high, and 1.2 million American public school children wouldn’t be homeless.”

    “There are tent cities in every state now. Within a hundred miles of where I am, there are several tent cities where people live in the freezing cold and defecate into a bucket. Does that sound like life in the so-called greatest country on earth?” he asked.

    “Meanwhile, the richest Americans become even richer, and this is all thanks to a government that serves only the richest, while masking over their failures and betrayal of ordinary Americans by lying about it, daily,” he concluded.


  7. More and more people realize the inflation is imminent. Why FED has to taper soon, they very well know the string of inflation has been pushed too hard. It will be explosive, prepare for a 100:1 reverse split of your dollar bills.

    • Beyond inflation, an underpriced rare asset outside the banking system I feel is as much of a reason. Myself, and anyone I know stack to accumulate real wealth, not as an inflation hedge. You’re right of course but there’s more to the story.

    • “…but there’s more to the story.”
      There always is.  ;-)

  8. Unless the SHTF next year, it is likely that ASE sales will top 50M.  Anyone think that the US Gov will stop ASE production in order for that not to happen?

    • I guarantee you the US Mint halts production periodically to help ration the silver.   All the silver mines in the US don’t even produce that much silver!   But 2014 will still be a record year.   $20 silver is cheap.   $1000 will get you almost 50 ozs.  For most of 2011 and 2012 $1000 would get you only 20-25 ozs Ag.   It’s quite an advantage if you want to be a stacker and not a whiner.   Anyone who thinks a bunch of dollars will do better than a bunch of silver 2,5, or 10 years from now needs their head examined.  

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