Silver and Survival

Chris DuaneIn his latest video, Silver Bullet/ Silver Shield’s Chris Duane discusses how silver will play a critical role in surviving the coming collapse of the current fiat currency system.

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Freedom Girl


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Gold Eagle 2


  1. WTF?
    Spam, spam, and more spam.

  2. Chris Duane BS again? your marketing crap is wearing out Chris Duane .. “the warbird has helped change the consciousness of war?” seriously?!!! you think so Chris Duane? your coin impacted people’s consciousness? lmao 
    and by the way, last week of production my foot! just like the freedom girl, it was last week, than last month, then bringing it back to production, and now the 2 oz version is still coming
    stop the the rethoric and lies Chris Duane,  you lost credibility

  3. I turned this off within a minute… kinda not was I was expecting to see here….

  4. Chris Duane is an attention seeker, and trying to raise awareness.   No need for the bashing.   The guy is trying to put real money into the hands of the masses.   How can anyone find fault in this?   Sure, to say the Warbird is changing the consciousness of the masses is pure hyperbole, but the fact remains, people’s consciousness is changing rapidly because of people like him, and others in the truth and liberty movement.

  5. I would rather buy the 1-oz ‘Zombie’ silver rounds from Provident, than these ‘WarBirds.’
    Also – as the first of their series – these may even sell for a premium in the future.

    And finally, there is some humor in this caricature of Walking Liberty.

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