SD Reader Report from Max Keiser’s SLA Event in NYC

SD reader Reddit Silverbugs was in attendance last night in NYC at Max Keiser’s SLA/ Exorcism of Blythe Masters event.
Reddit provides a full update for SD readers below:

Reverend Billy, a guy I’d never heard of before put on quite the exorcism of the “Blythe Witch”, full of cuss words & wild drama. Sadly, my camera ran out of memory due to Max putting on an extended monologue well in excess of an hour before the Rev Bill got up to do his thing, but I did manage to grab a few stills of the Rev slaying “Blythe Masters” with a silver amulet.

After another extended monologue & Q&A from the packed house, Max’s voice literally started to wear out before he called it a night. He was a great host & really a nice guy to speak with. I jumped on the J train with a nice whiskey buzz & a sense that this is the beginning of something awesome. The powers that be should fear Max. He’s a smart guy & mobilizing peop

le who are very passionate & aware of the fraud being committed against them by the speculators & Central Bankers of the world. He is actively polarizing everyone by exposing people like Jamie Dimon & Blythe Masters &while offering us a figurative & literal silver bullet to defeat the cartels & criminals that act with impunity. They should be very afraid.

While I was waiting for Max to show up, there was a large cardboard sign strewn across the front of the ground floor shop. It was a gift from anonymous, complete with a phone number & street address for Blythe Masters, politely asking pedestrians to give her a call & reminding her that they are legion, & never forget. Fortunately for Blythe, the property manager took notice & promptly removed the giant hand written sign as it was blocking the front door of the empty ground floor shop. He was sure to make it clear to me that he was not fond of those Occupy Wall Street types. If he only knew….

Steven /r/silverbugs


  1. Great photos nice work!!

  2. Excellent! Thanks very much for the report!

  3. Thank you for having me! It was nice to get out, having 11 month old twins keeps me from getting out & partying with the rock stars very often. Max was even nice enough to autograph a 10 ounce Academy bar I have.

  4. aaah soo jealous….Preach Preacha!

  5. Mr. Bernanke is speaking today…  Paper gold and paper silver prices are smashed down… What’s new?   Consistency is one of the hall-marks of today’s central bankers… and that may be the one thing that is leading them to their own down-fall (besides physical Silver, of course).

  6. Good report! Thanks…

    As usual Bernanker opens his shit lips and gets metals to slide down…. Silver down to 31.50 as we speak… GREAT JOB PICKLE SMOOCHER!!

  7. If the picture showing a silver coin was a caption contest:

    “Media: In breaking news, the US dollar is the best and most useful money!

    The guy: You see this? That’s silver and this is real money!

    Media: My eyes! It burns! So shiny!”

    Anyway, nice info!

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