Accumulating SD Ounces- The Most Asked About Feature of the New Site.


SD contributors can earn SD ounces (points) across the entire blog. Obviously, the Doc can’t afford to be passing out one ounce rounds to everyone on a daily basis. However, we guarantee no other blog will have the reward system we do when it is all said and done with.

1 Points – Becoming a Member

Blog Activity

1 Points – Blog Comment
1 Points – Blog Post

1 Points – New Group Forum Topic
1 Points – New Group Forum Post
5 Points – Avatar Uploaded

SD Ounce Bonus Exclusive Offer- Make a purchase of 100 ounces or more from SD Bullion and receive 100 SD Ounces when specifying your username at the time of purchase!!

*Watch the website daily as we will be posting additional SD ounce bonus offers on a regular basis.

* Point legend is subject to change without notice. For the most up-to-date point legend, please navigate to the “point legend” inside your profile page.


SD Store- Purchasing SD Apparel and Merchandise

The SD Store is where you can redeem your ounces earned throughout the site for SD merchandise and apparel or some cold hard PHYSICAL SILVER! Alternatively, you may also purchase from the SD Store with check or credit card. The items available for sale are expected to increase soon. If you can’t find something that meets your desires, please check back in a few weeks!

Orders for merchandise and apparel can be placed by calling the SD Bullion Hotline 614.300.1094 during normal business hours.

Click Here To Visit the SD Store