And now we have seen it all.
After being embarrassed earlier in the week in his live debate with Ron Paul, Paul Krugman has gone a step further and fallen off the deep end.
In an interview with CNN Money, Krugman argues that Bernanke and his friends at the Fed have not been goosing the economy with funny money STIMULUS also known as quantitative easing…they have been conducting AUSTERITY.
It’s a funny thing, what we’ve actually done is not stimulus, but austerity..The heart of it is that we really need to reverse this misguided austerity of the past couple of years

Krugman actually lets the D word slip during the interview, and argues that the US needs to reverse austerity measures and massively stimulate the economy to pull it out of depression.  But…but…Paul!  Timmah has already welcomed us to the recovery!!

Somewhere, Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson are nearing 9,000 RPM’s in their graves.  Full idiocy below:

  1. As many of us here have said

    IF they had given a bailout to THE TAXPAYERS

    instead of the banks

    the economy would be much better off

    FYI for you gutless bankers just think alot of homes would not have ended in forcloser

    credit cards would have payed things would have been bought & you would have ended up with

    the money in the end anyway & we wouldnt be in the perdictament we are now in


    the way you did this just destroyed the US economy

    way to go GREEDY MORONS

    ya killed the goose that laid the golden egg

    the US economy

    Stalin must be very proud of your actions


  2. Krugman is stuck in his economic models based on false assumptions.  Keep talking, Paul (K).  Historians will show that you are the poster boy for failed Keynesian economics and monetary policy when they write about what went wrong with the US.

  3. Is it me?  I have an engineering background.  Never formally studied economics in school, only now starting to dig deeper into many of the concepts… and i’m just blown away whenever I hear or read from Krugman.  And this guy won a Nobel?  Really?  He just seems to make zero sense every time he opens his mouth, is he stupid or just willfully parroting a line to keep the “sheeple” in line?

  4. Really dude?????? This village idiot just loves to hear shit spew from his pickle hider doesn’t he…. He needs a KING SIZE bitch slap from a passing C-5 Galaxy transporter under full thrust!!!!!
    Does he even listen to what spews from his mouth??
    Kids this is a perfect example of  “YOU JUST CAN’T FIX STUPID”!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Krugman’s Nobel for economics makes as much sense as Obama’s Nobel for Peace.    One idiot shoots  economic weapons of mass destruction.  The other guy shoots military WMDsI’m not sure who is as dangerous.

    Danno   Pickle Hider?  I like that one  Coined you

      I remember getting fired from Vlasic for putting Mr Happy in the pickle slicer.  She got fired too.  (Ron White Blue Collar Comedy Tour)

  6. Problem is

    educated fools are now running & gaming the system

    they have never run a business

    never made anything

    & are not responsible for anything when they #$%k up

    JUST because they have a degree means they know more than we do


    the courts are a joke

    SEC & CFTC are a joke

    let the games begin ……it is lampost & rope time

  7. Da Yooper. Nail on the head. The Shangihi silver (metals) exchange is OPEN. Education or not, they a trying desperately to kill the metals along with the MSM. In an old country sort of way “It Ain’t Working” ’cause the people are stacking phyzz along with central banks all across the world. I love it.

  8. Folks remember this regarding the Hong Kong Metals Exchange

    the Rothchilds are running the show …….remember !!!!

    Yo Doc any further news in regard to this???…eads.html#more

    Friday, February 17, 2012Nathaniel Rothschild Reads SilverDoctors!

    On July 27th 2011, SilverDoctors did a small amount of research and discovered that the Hong Kong Metals Exchange (HKMEx) was founded by none other than Nathaniel Rothschild of the House of Rothschild.

    While many in the precious metals community were celebrating the launch of the HKMEx as the end of the western banking cartel and the death of the COMEX last spring, The Doc was skeptical.

    For those who were not following SilverDoctors at the time, we discovered that the founding shareholder in the exchange was the En+ Group. A quick trip to the En+ Group Board of Directors’ page revealed that none other than Nathaniel Rothschild was Chairman of the Board.

    Thanks to a reader tip, we have discovered that the En+ Group has since completely removed all traces of its connection to Nathaniel Rothschild from its web page, AND NO LONGER PUBLICLY LISTS ITS CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD!

    The En+ Group’s board of directors web page as of July 27th, 2011:

    Board of Directors
    Board of Directors, En+ Group ltd.

    1. Nathaniel Rothschild, Chairman of the Board
    2. Vladislav Soloviev, Deputy Chairman of the Board
    3. Oleg Deripaska, President, director
    4. Artem Volynets, Director
    5. Andrey Zagorsky, Director
    6. Andrey Elinson, Director
    7. Victoria Petrova, Director
    8. Philippe Mailfait, Independent Director

    And the En+ Group’s Board of Directors page after the SilverDoctors piece:

    Board of Directors
    Board of Directors, En+ Group ltd.
    1. Oleg Deripaska, President, Director
    2. Artem Volynets, Director
    3. Vladislav Soloviev, Director
    4. Anton Vishnevskiy, Director
    5. Andrey Elinson, Director
    6. Victoria Petrova, Director
    7. Riccardo Orcel, Director
    8. Philippe Mailfait, Independent Director

    Apparently someone in the House of Rothschild (perhaps Nathaniel himself?) was not very pleased to see their founding interest in the HKMEx made public knowledge by an obscure precious metals blog.

  9. I know people on this site don’t like Krugman, fine. Let’s at least make him look bad using the TRUTH. Whoever wrote the intro to this clip either didn’t watch it or they are using Fox News rhetoric (lies) to make Kruggy look bad. He did NOT say the Federal Reserve stimulus was austerity, he said the state and local governments were carrying out austerity measures through cutbacks. In fact he said we do NOT need more stimulus, just reverse the cutbacks at the state and local level with some assistance from the federal government, not the Federal Reserve. He said QE3 should be just keeping the interest rates low. Let’s cut the rhetoric and hyperbole and focus on the facts. I am proud to be a member of a site that exposes the lies in the system. Let’s not add to the fog.

  10. Krugman is owned by the TBTF banks. He needs to be ostracized and marginalized since he is starting to babble now. The only reason he is such a “great economist” is because he is fed what he needs by the bankers to make him look good and then they use him to propagate the current financial MOPE. The man at the core is and idiot and he is a dangerous idiot to boot. I have tuned him out as a shill and a liar.

  11. Wowzzer! I finally get to post on the respond box without having to type my response on a note and then copy/paste into the box!

    I honestly don’t expect these guys to say any different. The decision was made to leave a gold standard and that decision must never ever be seriously revisited. It’d make the Civil War look like a couple hours on the paintball course.

  12. Actually Quantitative easing is austerity for the poor and the middle class who bear the brunt of the resulting inflation in food and energy prices. Basically we are footing the bill for their ongoing profligacy…

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