SBSS Releases Mock of Canadian Maple With Cannabis

Following the release of the Warbird that mocked the US Silver Eagle, SDBullion announces the release of the 7th coin in the SBSS series, Cannabis.

Cannabis Ad


SBSS large


  1. @the-doc….Seriously, tell me this is a joke.  Time to cut your ties with Chris Duane.  A nation of pot-heads is not a good outcome.  Global financial meltdown…”Who cares, man.”

    • UglyDog, do you really believe a natural plant should be prohibited for purely political reasons?  Study the medical and non medical attributes of marijuana and the scientific analysis of it as well.  Study the background on why it was prohibited.   You’re still stuck with one foot in “the matrix” (allegory of the cave)

    • I’m ok with cancer patients who are in terrible pain being prescribed the stuff, just as morphine, but most marijuana use is recreational, it harms brain function and the culture surrounding marijuana usage is very negative and anti-Christian (I’ve seen several pro-cannabis stores downtown, and the people there are not well-kept, sharp, family-focused productive individual… they’re neo-hippies, and just being around those people and stores gives off a creepy vibe). In the 60′s and 70′s the Hippie pot-smokers were ungodly and unChristian, and the modern pot-community is very ungodly and unchristian as well.
      Most pot-heads neither have AIDS (how did they get AIDS??? not being being chaste family-focused men and women, except for blood transfusion cases) nor do they have cancer.

    • @proverbs1616:
      I’m ok with patients who are in terrible pain with their back going drunk, just as morphine, but most alcohol use is recreational, it harms brain function and the culture surrounding binge drinking is very negative (I’ve seen several bars downtown, and the people there are not well-kept, sharp, family-focused productive individual… they’re alcoholics, and just being around those people and bars gives off a creepy vibe).
      This comment looks like dogmatic-fanatic-religiously driven.
      Read Molière! Open your mind! The only defendable view on cannabis is a purely scientific one. No argument based on culture,religion, self-experience and so on please.

    • Molière??
      Sure, I’m a big fan of French literature (and not the English translations where half the innuendos and “spirit” of the writing is lost, but the original French), but with all due respect, had the USA and Canada thrown the Bible out and relied on a French author’s writing to establish its laws and develop its culture, we’d have a degenerate set of nations filled with pornography, murders, thugs, drugs, crooked politicians, people who denigrate the military, homosexuality, perverted weirdos on blogs thinking they’re funny posting crass idiocy to get a chuckle out of their blog avatar buddies … oh wait, our nations didn’t used to be like that, because they WERE founded on Bible principles (even the minority Deists in power had to defer to the majority’s love of the Bible), and the more the Bible has been thrown out, the more messed up we’ve become.
      Mmmmm, we need more Molière, Camus, Zola, Dumas and Sartre, etc.

  2. Count me out,  man.  Those silver papers are too thick to roll a doobie. 

  3. I’m with “UglyDog” on this one,
    we may differ on end times views, but I agree 100% here.
    I am not a fan of the anarchist-spirit this gentleman (Mr. Duane) promotes.
    Denigrates the Queen, denigrates the beautiful silver Eagle, has a half-naked pregnant girl, and now denigrates the Maple and replaces it with marijuana. I wasn’t impressed with the first coins, but I figured no one has to buy something they find distasteful.
    I think the only one I find ok is the firearms one.
    What’s next? Opium to commemorate Britain’s golden triangle Opium ring? Cocaine to commemorate Columbia’s jungle cartels? Crack Cocaine and Heroin to commemorate the thugs in da hood?

    • Actually Opium to commemorate Britain’s golden triangle is an excellent idea because it reminds how badly the Occident treated the rest of the world.

  4. The critics of Duane’s latest release must not have payed very much attention to the video, if they even watched it at all.
    Duane is not advocating that we become a “nation of pot-heads”. How anyone can get that impression after watching the video is beyond me. Abusing anything, whether natural or man-made, can become a potential problem. On the other hand, many natural substances, including marijuana, do provide many positive benefits. (Note: I do not smoke it because my line of work forbids it, so my position here is anything but self-serving.)
    Much of the video gave an enlightening overview of the industrial uses of cannabis, and also brought to light some interesting points regarding the phony drug war and government propaganda campaigns against marijuana.
    If anything, the video had a decidedly anti-drug tone in regard to the use of alcohol and hard drugs. But it seems some people’s unbridled prejudices, whether in regard to cannabis, marijuana, or Duane himself, won’t allow them to view this subject with an open mind, so they lash out at what they have no desire to understand.

  5. We’ll buy those baby’s here in Canada and hotknife em’ like there goin’ out of circulation!
    The nation to the south is run by alcoholics….It’s all the same to me!!

  6. I expect that Rob Gray (the scamster of Mulligan Mint fame) will be sure to have his pathetic minions come out in full force against anything that Duane releases going forward. 

    I’m not insinuating that anyone who has commented on “Cannabis” thus far is of that ilk (wink, wink). But they’re out there nonetheless, ready to swarm like cockroaches at a feeding frenzy.

  7. So many ignorant comments on this thread I have to step in.  Cannabis is a MIRACLE PLANT. (Not “marijuana,” which is a govt propaganda slang term designed to elicit a negative racial connotation.)    CANNABIS CURES CANCER.   Laugh all you want.  Not smoking it, but consuming the concentrated cannabinoids in the resins/oil.   Cannabis also cures or controls dozens of other diseases and conditions.   Cannabis seed is a SUPERFOOD.   It has large amounts of ALL the amino acids as well as beneficial Omega fatty acids.   So that threatens Big Food and Monsanto.   Cannabis grows faster and easier than any plant you can imagine.   It can be grown for biodiesel that is far superior to corn or sugar ethanol.  So Big Oil hates it.  Cannabis can also be made into non-toxic plastics and chemicals that are superior to petrochemicals, so that’s another reason Big Oil and Big Chem hate it.   Cannabis can be made into very strong and lightweight building materials.   It also threatens the paper, timber, textiles, and cotton industries.    
    Cannabis is less toxic to your body than Tylenol or 99.9% of what Walgreens sells.   It cannot kill you in any amount.   I suspect these people commenting about the “hippy kids” don’t know these same hippy kids are a product of their environment, raised by TV and sick popular culture, and are probably abusing prescription pharmaceuticals, alcohol, Israeli made Exstasy, and all the other crap kids are experimenting with these days.   
    Proverbs, you are very judgemental and wanting to dictate what others can do, typical of religious zealots.   I will tolerate your beliefs in Jewish folklore and mythology designed to control people, maybe you should tolerate usage of a GOD-GIVEN plant that has THOUSANDS of beneficial uses that don’t harm you or your little world.   
    All the self-righteous folks with their petty non-factual prejudices should reflect on the fact that they or their kids might be killed by someone (or themselves) drinking and driving.   What is the number?  75,000 people DEAD every year from the LEGAL DRUG just in USA alone?   Cannabis deaths: approximately ZERO.  No one EVER had a hangover from cannabis, that’s because it’s non-toxic to the body.   Your body is designed to assimilate it.  That’s why your body is filled with cannabinoid receptors in your cells.  Cannabis has been proven to have NEUROPROTECTIVE EFFECTS.   It does not cause brain damage.   Don’t take my word for it.   Look this stuff up.   Don’t count on Big Pharma or govt to ever paint cannabis in a good light as it hurts their power and their pocketbooks immensely.
    I’ve NEVER met a “pothead” that is more messed up than any alcoholic, who are typically rude, obnoxious, aggressive, self-centered jerks with violent tendencies and shitty attitudes, and treat their famiilies and others like dirt.   But I still support people’s decision to drink large amounts of poison if they choose and suffer the consequences as long as they don’t drive or get in my face.   Did it ever occur to you that everyone who ever tried cannabis isn’t a “hippy kid” or social outcast or freak?   Sure some people who smoke pot are messed up.   Does that mean everyone who enjoys a few drinks is a dirty gutter drunk lowlife?  Of course not.  Stop with the silly generalizations.
    It’s very simple.   Cannabis is a plant that does everything BETTER than the status quo.  Better healthier food.  Better cleaner energy source.   Medicine that actually works and is perfectly safe.   Better environmentally friendly source of plastics, chemicals, building materials, paper, textiles, and much more.    It is a conspiracy.   Big Business and TPTB HATE cannabis.   That’s why they lock up millions of people for a harmless plant and yet Big Pharma and the Sickcare Industry kill millions with carte blanche.
    No more ignorant douchebag comments on this thread please.   Proverbs, please return to your Rapture websites, and Uglydog, please realize what a hypocrite you are when you have a scotch or beer, or take an opiate derivative next time you need a painkiller for an injury or surgery.
    Precious metals and cannabis actually have a lot in common.  Both are superior to the products they compete against.   Both are hated by TPTB.   Both would improve society at large because of their beneficial properties.   Both are “God-given” and not manmade.   Both are denigrated by ignorant people or people pushing their own agendas.   I’m not advocating for anyone to smoke a joint, but I’m not telling anyone not to either.  LOL   

  8. I am glad I waited to respond to this thread. Saddle, snakebite and slvrizgold said for me… only much better than I.
    I live on a farm up here in timber country, if I tried to grow hemp I’d probably get shot.

  9. Well said @sivrizgold although I’m no longer a partaker of the wacky baccy for many years,  I may be using it in my later years if I have to.

    • LOL. Charlie.  If we are heading to the place that a lot of us think we might be, we’ll ALL be using the wacky baccy just to keep at least half way sane.  Normally, I would depend on a good scotch but that may be very hard to come by during a SHTF situation.  I mean, just think about it.  What self-respecting Scot will export even a wee dram during times like that instead of saving it for his own kith and kin?

  10. Does anyone know how much it costs to produce a stamp for a silver coin, I would imagine it might be quite cheap in that the etching I would imagine is computerised.

  11. i just wish slave queen was on the back.
    Anyone who considers themselves awake but relegates cannabis to low end potheads really needs to give their head a shake. between the money wasted in the war on drugs, the money wasted on private for profit prisons, the rise of big pharma turning people into zombies and the loss of industry and many cash crops, there is 1 answer. even if you engineer the high out of it. grow up.
    p.s. in my nearly 40 years i have never smoked this once.

  12. Silvrz and others.  That was a wake up call for me.  Another item that the government hates and makes into a jail term must have substantive redeeming qualities.  On a side note, I have developed a great concern for the big pharma and doctor system that forces–compells—seduces us into its web.  Misdiagnoses cause 106,000 death annually in this country . Doctor FUBARs are legion and cause hundreds of thousands of deaths a year and don’t even get me started about hospitals and the other germ factories.
    I could get into the two major screw ups my FORMER AND WELL FIRED DOCTOR was in the process of causing with yours truly but won’t.  
    Less than 100 years ago laudanum, cocaine and MJ were OTC.  The idiocy of the Volsted Act is another massive government screw up that created far more problems than it solved, if it solved anything.  As a former user of tobacco, a slight user of pot in my mis-spent yoot (dangerous with its 10 year prison terms) and a dabbler in adult pharmaceuticals in my goofy 20′s,  I can say that the War on Drugs was fought and that drugs won.  Drugs appear to be the biggest means of urban pacification (the drug induced one)  but the social costs and militarization of the police forces is symptomatic of grave problems in our cities.
    According to some sources the US military is the largest importer of opium from Afghanistan and thus the wash of heroine in this country can be chalked up to that source. The major cartel in Mexico, Sinaloa I think, works closely with the CIA to bring thousands of tons of MJ and cocaine into this country. Both profit to the tune of 10 figures. Our TBTF banks are given a tap on the wrist for theri service in funnelling currency to that end.
    No wonder the US gov won’t legalize MJ.  It’s competition.  IMO, and limited as my opinion is, the states that allow medical MJ and legalization of same are poking it the eye of the DC PTB.  Drug wars now wage between the Fed and the states.  Once the war on drugs was declared by Nixon, the problems appear to have ramped up tremendously. That war has cost trillions and the cost in lives is incalculable.
    If there is a conclusion to be drawn here.
    What the government fears, taxes and makes illegal  is probably beneficial in some manner to the commonwealth and to the  Common Wealth of the people. 
    Silvrz  I did not know about the medical benefits of this plant.  thank you for the details.
    Not that I’m going to go out on a Cannabis quest. Right now I’m trying to sneak in a tad of Veganism without scaring my descending colon into contracture. Everything in its time.

  13. Neo  I went to Jason Hommels place in Grass valley to check it out 
    his dad told me that the cost to create the stamp art work and dies is about $1,600-2,000 for a two sided coin.  It is a hard cost that is spread over hundreds of thousands to millions of coins so the cost per coin is minimal. 
    Once the art work is done, making more dies is relatively small.
    Chris got himself into a jackpot with this other person. I’ve been there a few times myself. One thing that a person can do in this case is move on. Artistic minds and the entrepreneurial spirit can’t be stolen unless they allow themselves to be trapped in that situation. Getting all wrapped around the axle does not help the situation.

  14. Well,
    I’ll admit that potheads are laid back, but I disagree on the brain cell part… I know many former druggies and they don’t get violent, but their brains are not the quickest and though they’re smart guys, you can tell the marijuana (or whatever you want to call it, weed, grass etc.) didn’t help their brains.
    As for hemp, yes I am aware of the uses for hemp… fibre, oil, fabric etc.. I have even taken hemp seed oil, so relax (without a doobie, man) and don’t think I’m against proper uses of hemp.
    But the truth remains, if you walk down Yonge St. in Toronto, Vancouver, etc., or any area where the weed dudes hang out and have their stores with their bongs etc., there is an unhealthy spiritual presence there, and marijuana IS a gateway for stronger drugs.
    Also, marijuana messes with the mind and leads a person to open up his mind, which is what occultists, witch doctors and native spiritualists do in order to allow the “forces” or “spirits” to get in touch with them (demons in reality). It is dangerous to open one’s mind through marijuana, leading on to harder stuff like LSD, ecstasy, etc. etc.
    Sorry, I won’t agree with most on this one: hemp products ok (even though I find it is often New Agey tree-hugger types that hang out at health food stores and rant and rave about the power of crystals that are big into the hemp stuff, just saying…), but smoking dope??? nope. Dead set against, man.

  15. Oh, and btw,
    sure the government is involved in drug trade at some levels, but guess what, so are many other nasty forces.
    For example, in Israel, if you get weed or hash (most get hash seeing as the weed is weak), then you are directly supporting Hezbollah, because MOST drugs in Israel are smuggled through the northern border and comes from Hezbollah dealers, thus funding their operations (ah, the “Party of Allah” will resort to anything to further Allah’s cause). This would really annoy me when I’d see laid back people I knew roll a cigarette with hash there… I used to question them as to why on earth they’d want to fund Hezbollah, and they didn’t seem to care.
    Same for Latin America (where entire villages in the Argentina/Brasil/Paraguay area are Hezbollah strongholds with mosques etc., and they run huge drug operations to fund overseas terrorism [incidentally, many Israelis learn Spanish and spend time in South America ;) ]), and same goes with Al Qaeda… big bring ring operations to fund terror. And not to mention the Marxists in Colombia and Mexico that control the drugs there.
    Drugs are bad, and even if you legalize them, they’re a gateway for evil spiritual forces who take over and manipulate one’s mind as it becomes passive and “open”.

    I wonder how that made it through the proofreading process. Surly it’s meant to be ‘LEGALIZE NATURE’.

  17. I’m Dutch and I hate smoke and cannabis.
    I was in Amsterdam for the weekend, and can honestly report that those smoking there are primarily non-Dutch speakers.
    It being legal elsewhere gets potheads to visit us. Our own people have other stuff on their minds. Those into pot weren’t the most productive thinkings anyway.
    That said, why is fluoride still a legal additive in tooth paste?

    • @XC Skater: @XC Skater: This movie has finally been released on you tube. I think it will answer many of the fluoride questions. Many other questions too!

  18. XCS 
    good to hear from you  So right about Flouride  Here you are folks, have some rat poison with your water supply and tooth paste. Be sure to brush up and down for 2 minutes so that nice flouride is absorbed sublinqually. 
    Oh, andby the way, while were are on poisons, how about that saccharine and aspartame.  Don’t listen to thos 10,000,000 mice and rats.  Drink up and watch your brains explode.  Sheesh. 
    Some people are just plain old and simple dips****  And then there are those who smoke weed.
    how is the silver purchase situation in the low countries   are you finding some good buys?

    • @agxiik …I’ve never shared this before, but I am a fluoride expert.  And I totally agree it should NOT be added to municipal water supplies.  However, it is important to note that the fluoride in your toothpaste and the “fluoride” added to the municipal water supplies are not the same fluoride ion.  The fluoride in toothpaste is a pharmaceutical grade purified topical fluoride and is safe and effective.  The “fluoride” in the water is the waste product of the phosphate mining industry contaminated with various heavy metals and is ingested.  It is not safe.  However, it too is effective.  Critics almost always fail to separate the two fluoride ions.
      My biggest beef is that when the government puts “fluoride” in the municipal water they are literally forcing it down everyone’s throat.  Where is the personal liberty in that?  When I lobby the dental association that is the argument I use.  Most dentists tend to be conservative and are tired of gov’t intrusion into their practices and into their life.  Regardless whether it works or not it is extremely big-brotherish of the gov’t to put “fluoride” in everyone’s water especially when so many people for good reason do not want it.  There are other sources of fluoride i,e, toothpaste, drops, vitamins, that people can access if they want fluoride.
      Fluoride is a contaminate of phosphate mining and is burned off.  Evidence proved surrounding farms were being poisoned by the contaminated fluoride smoke.  Gov’t mandated scrubbers, but that was expensive.  Political compromise was that mines needed a way to make money off the scrubber sludge so the municipal water “fluoridation” industry was created.   Purpose was to offset the cost of the scrubbers for the mining industry.  Just another dirty political deal.

    Good old-time Fundamental preacher, starts off by singing a song and then preaches the way more American preachers need to preach.
    America needs more God-fearing REAL men like Lester Roloff and less Pot-promoters.

    Jesus= only true cure for Dope and Booze addicts!
    America Repent!

  21. @The Doc: I tried to buy 3 each AG47 & Cannabis today but with the 1 piece limit on the Cannabis I couldn’t. With shipping fees of 10 to 11$ it’s just out of my budget to buy them one at a time!!! That’s a drag. Why the limit? I was going to call the order in tomorrow but of course it’s just my luck the Ag price is going up now! That’s a drag too!

  22. @Proverbs1616: There are two kinds of people in this old world. Those who want to be left alone and those who won’t leave them alone. Jesus believed in leaving people to their lives and letting them live as they wanted. Wasn’t it boose in Jesus’ cup at the last super? Do you have any words from Jesus about he who is without sin? Is pride a sin? If Jesus were here now do you think he would repent?

  23. Ugly Dog  I am suitable impressed by your professional information.  It’s heartening to know we have such a deep field of highly informed people with expertise in some many subjects.  And just to say this about toothpaste, I guess I am disappointed that another conspiracy theor is blown to heck.  LOL.  
    The realities of the flouride scam are legion and it’s good to know this. From everything I’ve heard about flouride being inserted into the muni water supply, it’s nearly impossible to prevent it and once it’s a done deal, nearly impossible to remove.  It concerns me greatly that a rat poison can be forced down our throats by an industry that wants to make a buck on their waste products.  With that line of thinking, Chemtrails and GMO foods are easy to track.  The paradigm is simple
    If big corporations need to make a profit, no matter what the product, just bribe enough politicians to write laws, force the purveyors to sell the poison, provide lots of disinfo to the sheeples and  voila,  we have the problem solved.  Don’t worry that Gardacil causes serious  harm and death to its recipients and vaccines have mercury in them, all to frequently killing the infants when parents are forced to see their children innoculated, but what the heck, Big Pharma needs to recover the $500,000,000 invested in a new round of poisons
    Don’t me wrong, I am living proof that good medicine saves lives.  If it wasn’t for certain vaccines taken at an early age, I would not have survived.  But there is a new rumor that the polio vaccine of the 1950′s had a contaminant that is causing cancer 50 years later.  Maybe nothing to the story but some know first hand the miracle of polio vaccines.  Just sayin’  Not to knock all the things we take for granted but the insidious nature of some companies and their willingness to sell poison is well documented and flouride will go down in the history books 100 years from now as something as moronic is ‘bleeding’ was 200 years ago.

  24. RRG  Democide and its cousin Genocide resulted in 275,000,000 deaths from 1900-2000   Stalin, Hilter, Mao, Pol Pot and others culled more citizens than the entire population of the US as it stood 20 years ago.  TPTB have most certainly taken notice of this success and most likely had some hand in it.  Poisoning the food, air and water of a population is a time tested means to debilitate the people.  Warfare includes these tactics in their play book.
    If we are at war with these dark lords and others who would see us gone from this world, then war it is.  They are not immortal
    I would watch the whole movie if it was on HBO or the Dish but I don’t have time right now.  The gist of the movie is clear and I’m fairly clear of the intent of these folks as to our well being and place in their plans.  More of them. Less of us. and our wealth transferred to their pockets.  They are the ones than caused the phrase ‘He’d steal the pennies off a dad man’s eyes” to be so popular

  25. Good morning Doc.  I‘ve been reading up on Berkey filters   We have a small portable one for the go bag but that big one seems like a good investment. While we live a mile from one of the largest alpine lakes in the US, the muni water supplier just removed flouride from the system 5 years ago. 
    The EPA then forced this district to spend millions to strip out the prior water purification system  and install an untraviolet system and plus a few million more to make sure no swimmers were sucked into the system  Sheesh!
    But the Berkey filter can provide some good security against the unknown contaminants should we have a grid down failure.  Contaminants can be found in the purest of fresh water lakes.  We put several plans in place to make sure that if we had to draw water from the lake manually we’d be sure of safe water
    The quickest way to compromise one’s health is to consume water that is impure in any fashion.

    • Yeah, I keep an extra NITB(new in the box) Big Berkey complete with replacement parts and replacement filters with my prep supplies.  Takes less room that way.

  26. Ugly can you give us a laundry list of the parts etc that go with this filter.  Is there a good place to buy this filter
    I am coming up with a post that involves a bit of a unique way to survive away from the home and Berkey filter is part of it.  Are there different sizes that would suit family sizes and needs on the road.

    • @agxiik    Berkey makes some of the best gravity fed water filters available today.  Simple system as water drains from an upper reservoir through a set of ceramic filters into a lower dispensing tank.  They come in several sizes.  I recommend the Big Berkey for a family.  Output is 3.5 gal/hour.  Drop in a second set of filters and output doubles to a robust 7 gal/hour.  Cost is under 2 cents a gallon.  Tanks are stainless.  Spigot is your typical plastic offering, that’s why you’ll want a spare, but can be upgraded to a better one with a slick external water column that indicates the level of the water in the dispensing tank.
      Berkey Water Filters are available through multiple resellers, sometimes at a saving, or directly from the Berkey website.
      Propur makes a good product, too.  Both look very similar.  Can’t really say one’s better. 

  27. Ugly  I just went to the site  It looks pretty good.   The scratch and dent sale can save $30 or so.  We live 1 mile from lake tahoe so the water is pretty pure but contaminants could work their way into the water.   We have beavers in the local streams and you know how those little critters. I don’t drink water above those dams.  Beavers do things that can’t be mentioned on family site.
    This looks like the next acquistion on my prep list and takes a bit of a worry about fresh water.
    thank you for the details.

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