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Buy a sleeve of Warbird, Love, and AG47, and get a limited edition copper Debt & Death round FREE!

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Just enter promo code FREECOPPER upon checkout or specify the promo code upon your telephone order.

  1. I haven’t received love yet but I hope it has a better finish than the war bird! The outside ring on my war birds were really bad. The Sunshine Mint needs to polish it’s stinking dies! I’ve seen better quality in low grade generic rounds!!

  2. SBSS still producing bad coins???!!!! oh no!!! not again? lamo … why would anyone in the right mind buy these SBSS trashy coins, they can’t even aim at the center of the blank, they must be using some old cluncky un-calibrated  press they picked up from the us mint for free

    • @silvaSchmiegel:  I saw one of Mr. Duanes videos and he was complaing about QC of his medallions from Mulligan. I know about the other problems that he had with Mr. Grey and the Mulligan Mint from those videos as well. That being said The medallions I bought and lost in a boating accident from Mulligan were shipped promptly and were in perfect condition! They are cool and I had no complaints at all. I saw nothing trashy about them. What are you taking about “trashy?

  3. SBSS are back at flooding the market with more freedom girls which they promised had limited mintage, check amagimetals … moral of the story, they will flood the market with all the new coins as well, so don’t believe the limited mintage lies and never pay more than $1 premium for all their coins, because they will always be available to anyone who want, no numismatic value whatsoever

    • @silvaSchmiegel…..
      Have you been living in a cave for the last 6 months?  Do you not realize that has been HIJACKED by Rob Gray of Mulligan Mint?  Don’t you realize that Chris Duane has been fighting a lawsuit battle with Gray over the FRAUD he perpetrated on his partners by using Ponzi silver from Republic Metals?  Don’t you know that Mulligan Mint is having its assets all SEIZED right now, and that Chris Duane’s just as pissed about them making more Freedom Girls as you are?
      Moral of the story: don’t comment on something when you have no idea what you’re talking about!  

  4. Molon labe is “come and take them”

    For more on the crappy sbss products, check out the kitco forum. 100′s of pages on shoddy quality, sharp edges and a few reports of plated rounds, I wouldn’t touch them with a 10 foot pole. Check out and robs version of the events that occurred. Even silver willy stated Duane directed MM to produce intentional misstrikes of D&D. They were producing them months after they said production stopped and probably still are.

    Considering MPM sells high quality 1oz rounds for $1 over, I would never buy anything else. Don’t listen to the know it alls here, they are just pushing a brokered product. Apmex sells for under spot and you can still find deals at pawn shops and flea markets. I just got a few 10oz bars at 150 each from a shop trying to dump them. I have been in this game for 20 years, don’t rush to buy at a premium.

    • Jiggysmb: Chris Duane was promised by Rob that they’d stop making those rounds til they were caught back up.  No one knew that Rob was fulfilling past orders with stolen silver from Republic Metals.  Republic Metals issued a lawsuit, that Rob tried to stall with an appeal to a federal court that was struck down.
      Republic Metals has now been given a writ of seizure to secure MM’s assets, and Rob now has just a few days left before Republic Metals has all of MM’s equipment seized by law enforcement to satisfy the 71,000 ounces of silver he stole from them.
      It’s one thing to see someone make a youtube video, but it’s another thing to actually READ THE COURT DOCUMENTS, right!?
      Read the documents and see for yourself….or stop slandering about things you clearly are in the dark about.

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