The Silver Bullet/ Silver Shield video series continues with Part 26: Who is Running Scared?

  1. As always, Chris Duane has a good post. Munger, Gates and associates are pissed because when they went into the silver, the gov. stepped in and they pussed out. They didn’t get in on the 500% gain they could have had. All I can say is too bad so sad. Now they want to discredit the PM’s so nobody else can show them up. Waggghhhhh! to you Warren Buffet (Bet ya 10-to 1 you all have some PM’s stacked and stashed).

  2. Good Lord!  That disgusting lich should be thankful that I wasn’t there with a hemp rope!
    I really like the part about “your civilization” – clearly implying that there is another “civilization” from which this undead monstrosity hails – possibly somewhere on Mars.
    Yo, Grand Moff Tarkin, our only “blessing” from you and your ilk will be when you and your ilk drop dead, you graceless sack(s) of shit.

  3. Charlie, Warren and Bill, the Three Wise Men.  We are Jerks, Physiological Sick, Suck it In and Cope Uncivilized People? Hell Dopey of the 7 Dwarfs is Smarter and more Liked than you. And thanks for the Blessing Charlie But No Thanks your not on My Pedestal, God Is and you are sure no God but a Sick Old Man. (*&#^%*(&^


    Thanks for a Great Update Chris


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