SBSS 25. The Silver Door Is Closing

Chris Duane continues the SBSS video series with Part 25: The Silver Door is Closing.
For those who missed the previous installments, click here for Part 24: The Big Silver Picture or Part 23: The World is Cornering the Elite

Silver Bullet/ Silver Shield Part 25: The Silver Door is Closing


  1. More good news. It seems that us silver bugs are going to be rewarded for our patience sooner than expected. 

  2. Great Video
    So much Paper out there, if it ever balances out the true Silver value would be staggering.
    no counter party risk on physical.

  3. I hope I have some more time to stack. My silver is my bank and the next few months I need to withdraw. Even when I do that I try to get the volume back ASAP. My feer is a huge jump in prices when my volume is low.

  4. totally understand that – for me, i’m “late to the game” (started stacking phyz this year) but I figure, better late than never, right? If I get 30 or 40 oz, that’s 30-40 oz more than ANYONE else I know ’cause none of them are worried about anything other than getting the kids off on a play date this weekend or who’s gonna be on the next season of DWtS.

  5. Another guy I love (figure of speech) Chris Duane This guy is so positive and I love the points he makes through history. Great learning experience, If I ever by chance got to be President he is one of the ones I would have working for me. (Smart Man) I wish the paper pushers would listen to this guy and get a cure for their addiction. LMAO  Stack! Stack! Stack!

    P.S. Blythe Masters your on your way out.

  6. Good stuff… Not real sure how quick we will really see a price move though… With the paper games that they play we can be put off coarse at anytime as we see regularly… We need the price to build a base as it increases… If we were to get a couple sharp spikes with no support base we could end up right back where we are or lower… I know none of us want that… Unless we were able to stack… But as we know when the price crashes supply tightens as shops can’t afford to sell at losses… None the less this was a good watch..

  7. If the derivative rules would have been put into play last week we may have seen $40 this year.  Unfortunately mr Dimon is very important to obamas reelection so derivatives will be part of the game until we get a new president.  However I don’t think Romney would be the one to end the game so let’s hope somehow Ronald gets his shiney day.

  8. Avatar of IndenturedServant says:

    Is there a web page with direct links to every video in this series? I’ve looked on youtube and Don’tTread but no luck. I’d like to send this series to my parents but they will never hunt for them.

    Yes I know, I could create one but if one already exists there is no need.

  9. I know of a lot of people who are going to miss out…too bad.

  10. “Indentured Servant”–Here is the Website You’re Looking For:

  11. Avatar of IndenturedServant says:

    Jake, I appreciate the link but I’ve been there and still cannot find links to each installment in the series. There is a TON of crap on that site so I could be overlooking it but I don’t see SBSS video links. (except for the odd one or two) Even on youtube, the SBSS vids seem to be posted by various youtube users as opposed to Chris Duanne or DontTreadOnMe.

  12. IS Be sure to pay a visit to and contact them via the online contact form. They should be able to point you to the origin of the videos.

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    Then There’s a bunch of these: SBSS Videos:

  14. Indentured Servant: I posted some of the Chris Duane Links

  15. Avatar of IndenturedServant says:

    Thanks for your help Jake, it is appreciated. With all the effort put into making these excellent videos and Chris Duane’s stated desire to “spread the word”, you would think there would be a clear link to each video on his site like Chris Martenson did with his Crash Course.

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