Russian troopsThe Ukranian crisis has gone from bad to worse this morning as Russian troops have fired warning shots at Ukraine soldiers in the Crimea as the Ukranian troops marched towards them. 
As the unbelievable video footage below depicts, we are a hairsbreadth away from escalation to all-out war.  


Euronews reports that thankfully the incident did not escalate further (yet):

Russian forces fired warning shots in to the air as ranks of unarmed Ukrainian soldiers marched towards them at Belbek air base in Crimea on Tuesday (March 4).


Russian troops backed by armoured personnel carriers took over Belbek military airport near the port of Sevastopol last Friday (February 28). Russia’s Black Sea fleet is based in Sevastopol.


On Tuesday a column of Ukrainian soldiers marched towards the Russian forces while chanting and carrying the Ukrainian flag. As they approached the line of armed Russian soldiers and military vehicles guarding the base, the Russian forces fired warning shots into the air and warned them not to approach any further.


Once the Ukrainian soldiers reached the line of Russian forces, the Ukrainian and Russian commanders spoke as armed Russian soldiers surrounded them. There were no incidents.


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  1. What else do you expect? 
    Like looking in the mirror at past bank$ter$ actions…

    KLUMMAC is the bad guy here, he’s trying to topple Putin’s Natural Gas Monopoly in Europa,
    and Putin is simply trying to defend. Ukraine is the pawn between the White King (Putin)
    and the Dark Queen (KLUMMAC) my oh my, how the roles have reversed!

  2. This is a very important piece of evidence to figure out who is behind all these events. I didn’t catch it when I first watched the clip. At 0:54 a guy from so called Ukrainian crowd shouts “America is with us.” Indeed, American intelligence forces are with them. So there you go guys.

  3. From all I am seeing and hearing, Putin is playing chess and doesn’t misplace a single peace. He lit up Obama’s bottom over Syrian, and he’s looking like a friggin messiah in Ukraine. Has international law behind him to protect the Russian soeaking population.
    UKR protesters look more and more like hired muscle. This time not islamists (go and find a mosk in Ukraine, or a single person of color in the streets of Kiev), but neo nazis. That’s how they roll there. Which says nothing about the general population of any ethnicity. 
    An elected currupt president is impeached by the previous corrupt admin which as their first act in power abolish anti-corruption laws, and free ther former leading procecuted and imprisoned over them. Sounds good, US/EU are doing great things there.
    Now what are the unelected powers offering as collaterial for the billions they are going to accept from the IMF/NATO clan, syphoning off perhaps 70% into their own pockets? National resources, naval treaties, etc, I reckon.
    And nearly all of the nation fell for it. They commited great crimes on independance square. Maidan was their symbol of pride. Now it’s like she is painting eternal swasticas and a dollar signs in the skies. How can the people recover from this? They are now really broken I am afraid. Waiting to hear who’ll be their slav masters. Russians, or globalists. 

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