Ron Paul to Launch News Channel to Combat Propaganda & MOPE

The First Look at Our Next Chapter - Watch and Sign UpThe mainstream media and big government have chipped away at our freedom of speech and the press. Meanwhile our government is more secretive than ever.  The NSA and IRS have crossed the line into our personal lives that the Founding Fathers could never have anticipated.
There are some in mainstream media who have been asleep at the switch. So we are taking on the challenge, because you deserve the truth.
Together we’ll change more than just the information people get about the world around them — we’ll change the future of the country we love so much.

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The Ron Paul Channel will be a platform for the uncensored, and sometimes ugly, truth that you won’t see anywhere else. We’ll feature the boldest, most fearless patriots and bring you the news and information everyone else is afraid to cover. We won’t play favorites. We will invite guests who have differing points of view and here’s an idea—we will engage in an honest conversation, or even debate, about the issues. We won’t be influenced by advertisers, and we won’t be censored. The Ron Paul Channel will be OUR channel! And the channel for the Truth.

If I know anything about the commitment of so many supporters of liberty like you, it’s this:

Together we’ll change more than just the information people get about the world around them — we’ll change the future of the country we love so much.

I sincerely hope all of you will join me in this patriotic experiment to change the media landscape.

Watch my video and sign up so you don’t miss the full launch of the Ron Paul Channel:

Dr. Ron Paul

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  1. Oh waow, I see myself glued to Gandalf News from now on.

  2. O! No! another Subscription Channel another Glenn Beck, what about Patriotism and Truth? do it for free and ask for Donations. Sheeeeeeeeeeee Keep Stacking

    • I was also disappointed to see a $10 per month fee, sad. That will simply reduce the viewership by 90%. I understand that it costs money to produce TV news but from the way donations rolled into Ron’s campaign, that would certainly cover the cost, while allowing those who can’t afford the fee, to watch and hear such matters of import.

  3. This country is getting closer to a civil war and I cant wait to put my ammo to good use slaughtering the fat pigs and their supporters

  4. Well Hell…. I already donated to R. Paul’s campaign for president, I’ve been targeted by the IRS subsequently this year, I suppose the NSA files already have me locked in as a civil liberties man, so why the Hell not?  There is probably already a fema cot with my name taped to it!

  5. Look guys! Look at the pretty red rainbow-like form silver is making as it tanks ever so gradually… Guess I have more time to buy. :)

  6. I guess it beats the crap out of $18 an oz but the cartel never sleeps, Shamus
    Speaking of sleeping, about  that FEMA cot?  Chaz wants some personal time with you.  Bring some extra D cells. There’s always a little LOVE in every revolution.
    Now scrub that visual. 
    Nasty, it is. 

    • Shamus001

      You fellows either go to bed too early or wake too late … you missed all the pretty fireworks between 2 and 4 this morning. Nice show! Charlie would have been doing a little jig over a pair of crossed cutlasses, watching the reflections from under his kiltie.

    • Believe you me @PatFields I didn’t miss it and I don’t need to do a Jig for I know where Silver is heading. IT’S UP  just like my wee man under me Kiltie. Keep Stacking

  7. Do you guys know what Ron Paul is missing?
    He needs to have a Panel with 2 hot chicks on each side of him. 1 old guy with a brain and 2 ex-MSM bimbos on the left and 2 smarty pants Austrian girls on the Right. Like The View but with some brains attending the party.
    Then as the inevitable fights ensue between the Bimbos and Austrians, Uncle Ron can sit in the middle and break up the fights, and be the voice of reason. It would be like a microcosm of the US Mind but utterly entertaining for the average guy who let’s face it, loves to see a pretty woman or two … Don’t tell me Russia Today doesn’t use that technique, do they actually have any guys in their employ???
    Uncle Ron can be the new Uncle Sam.. He could even dress up like Uncle Sam on 4th July episodes and his bumper/intro could include an Uncle Sam dressed Ron pointing his finger in the camera saying “WE WANT YOU” …… “TO WAKE THE *bleep* UP!!!”.
    It would be worth the subscription. Jenny McCarthy should dump The View and join Uncle Ron!!!

    • OK, Here goes … Every SANE Mans dream to make TV worth watching again!
      And it is the kind of format that could even wake up an MSM Corpse from their coma.

    • Damn,  that is a great idea WNBAS.  This WASFNNP mutt would stay up for that hour of power.  I love FOX for the smart hotties. Yes, there I admitted it.  Kimberly Gilfoyle is just fine.
      As for staying up for the silver pop, Pat, I have always thought sleep was the biggest waste of our limited time on this earth, with employee meetings a close second.  If it was in my power I would not sleep, period.  So the schedule is up at 5.30, log on SD, brew a bucket o’ coffee and dial up Imus and Varney.  Signing off at about 10.30 with a last peek at the blog rolls from, yep, SD and ZH and then off to bed.  Sleep is the curse of the OCD class.

    • @AGXIIK >>>I love FOX for the smart hotties.
      You sell out! LOL

    • Yes indeed RT uses that technique.
      Der Spiegel hits it on the nail here.
      RT = Kremlin Propaganda Front with with charming, intellectual and hormone-secreting visuals, with 98% truth laced with 2% agenda which sinks in and creates sympathy.
      Ideological zeal+hormonal rush = powerful stuff.
      Who gets mad and upset and discouraged about Russia and Putin’s corruption, strong arm-ism, etc. after watching Max Keiser et al.?
      I don’t. RT is designed to make you and I feel good about Russia and feel bad about the West.

    • @Proverbs1616 >>> RT is designed to make you and I feel good about Russia and feel bad about the West.
      Yeah but in a world where every other MSM whore channel is using the same technique I don’t hold it against them. It’s not like the Russians shouldn’t be given the chance at access to some ‘Government By Media’. Even if they are sowing 2% pre-Russia vectored propaganda into 98% truth, it is still 96% more truth than any Western Media will provide. I have a good BS detector so I can fish through the 2% and applaud the other 98% … and of course the females are pretty.

  8. I have seen various descriptions of MOPE when googled, but have not seen the one that seems to make the most sense on this site. Anyone out there want to offer up a definition of MOPE as it pertains to what we view here? 

  9. Guilty as charged WNBAS  I love intelligent eloquent beautiful women. 

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