Ron Paul taking end-Fed bill before panel

While we don’t expect Congress to pass Ron Paul’s legislation to end the Federal Reserve anytime soon, the fact is that Ron Paul has already won by awakening the American people to the dangers of the fed, and its outright theft of the American people through inflation via the debasement of its fiat debt notes.

Panel to consider bill that would remove five members from FOMC

A House panel led by longtime Federal Reserve critic Rep. Ron Paul will take direct aim at the central bank next week when it considers a bill to abolish the powerful institution.

The legislation will be among a handful of bills that will be looked at on Tuesday by the congressional committee that could all spell significant change to — if not outright elimination of — the Federal Reserve.|

“More and more people are beginning to understand just how destructive the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy has been,” said Paul, a Texas Republican and chairman of the House Financial Services subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology, which has oversight authority over the Fed.

Paul, a Republican presidential hopeful this year, has consistently made abolishment or reform of the Fed a central plank in his sinking election platform, and introduced the bill to abolish the central bank that the panel will be discussing.
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  1. Go fightin’ Ron!

    Just sent another 3 oz. of fiat to RP2012!
  2. Ron has the establishment against him. While I don’t think he’ll get it passed it will increase the distrust in the FEd. Maybe someday.  Get on down with your own bad self Ron. You’ve got my vote.

  3. There can only be good that comes from shining more light into the “dark places”

  4. Good luck to you Ron Paul and Fellow Panelists but you are going to have a hard fight against the Federal Reserve Board and Federal Reserve Bank. They are not going to sit still and will lie and cheat like they have been doing for years to the American People to stop you.

    The Elite won’t let it happen without a lot of dirt being spread around and they have plenty of that which I call Shit. At least someone is standing up to them and it may and I pray to god it is Their Downfall.

    Good Luck.


  5. There are very few banks that have lasted 100 years. Ones that do are generally corrupt shells of their former selves.  B of A comes to mind.     The Fed is 98 this year and is unique amongst all banks   It was bad to the bone from the git go, formed by some really diabolical people who’s overlords have worked for 250 years to take America down a notch or two. It looks like the Fed has succeeded to that end.  Destroy this evil empire of lust and greed.

  6. The idea to end the FED is very honorable and noble, but I am of the opinion that it is a little too late. This of course don’t take away from the fact that Ron Paul seems to be an honorable man. I therefore wish him all the best, not only in ending the FED, but in becoming the next U.S. President.

  7. To me, the Fed is like a pile of Sh#t

    Once it is pointed out to the people in a way they can’t help but see, it makes it nearly impossible to feed it to people any longer.

  8. More and more folks are waking up to what Ron Paul is saying about the Fed. Would love to see this Bill pass – but – we all know – it won’t until major changes are made in Washington.

  9. HR 1098 would enable a free market contraint on Federal Reserve malfeasance.  Constrain the Fed!

  10. End the Fed – love you Ron!

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