Ron Paul Could Still WIN…While RNC Is Violating Rules By Already Backing Romney

RealityCheck discusses that Mitt Romney does not have enough delegates to secure the nomination, and that Romney and Rick Santorum have LOST 62 delegates since last week.
If those delegates 62 ‘bound’ delegates are in fact lost and not bound, the Republican Primary is only just beginning, and will likely be decided on the Convention Floor.

Perhaps someone can explain to us then why the Republican National Committee has violated its own Rule 11 by contributing funds to Mitt Romney prior to an official nominee being selected?


  1. “…Thats why they play the game!”   —Chris Berman

  2. The RNC, the media and the Obama campaign all consider Romney the nominee. RP will come from behind and will be a force to be reckoned with at the Convention. 

  3. Ron Paul 2012. 

  4. And the hilariousi part is, he’s been pretty open and telling about the plan from the very start.  And a$$hats like George Snuffalapalagous and others have been nothing but disrespectful to him throughout.  I have faith that they’ll still get thiers … hopefully soon.

  5. Ron Paul is still in it.
    This is Amazing
    maybe Bix is right?!
    I would love to think so.

  6. I have faith that they’ll still get thiers … hopefully soon.”

    Indeed.  There is an analogous situation.  When the libs tried to back-stab Clarence Thomas via Anita Hill and it didn’t work, the looks on their faces said it all… “We tried to screw him and we missed.  Now he will be on the US Supreme Court for many years, there isn’t a damned thing we can do about it, and he IS pissed!”  LOL!

  7. The only person in this race who actually stands for something, knows what the stakes are and is not interested in burnishing his resume is Dr Paul. I wouldn’t trust the rest of them to clean my BBQ grill.

  8. Ron Paul is playing the game and has been open and honest about it all along… Just the fact that none of the other potential candidates have paid any attention to RP’s strategy or RP himself  would be reason enough to disregard them for the Presidential position… And for the very same that is why Ron Paul should win the nomination, he thought ahead, developed a strategy, and is executing it… That is what is needed from a President, thinking about the problem at hand and coming up with a realistic solution… If you knew nothing else but that about Ron Paul that alone would be reason enough to give him support… It is proof that he isn’t a puppet and has the knowledge and experience to do it to it….
    It’s appalling that a political party can not even follow it’s rules… If this is already taking place how can you support and trust that the candidates involved?? It’s just more of the same corrupt crap with the RNC playing there games…
    Ron Paul 2012

  9. Why is the RNC violating its own rules to favor Obamney Romney? The republicans are not much different than the democrats. Both parties will achieve the same results only on a different timeline. The RNC knows their power to manipulate the public and keep their positions would be destroyed if Ron “the man” Paul is elected.

  10. The pachaderm reality show is beyond an outragous! It just shows that the elephant has no faith in the american people to make the right choice for the country which what it is supposed to be all about.

     I’m now convinced  that the only reason the two parties compete for the oval office is to see who will get the all the perks, the right to make their friends and family rich and to lord their will and control over the land. It has NOTHING to do with the people.

     If Ron Paul doesn’t win the Nom he should Go Indie. Better yet he should hold a national press conference tomorrow and tell the american public he is running independently because he can no longer represent the farce that is the republican party.  Then he should look right into the camera….right into the hearts and minds of every citizen and simply say in a Clint eastwood kinda way ” My fellow Americans, This is YOUR country…You know what to do”

    Hey….I heard that there will be a Spanish company overseeing the actual election and vote counting. What”s up with that? Any truth to it?

  11. Glad I wasn’t the only one that heard about the Spanish company counting the votes. A back door way of the US propping up another foreign gov. Outsource to the foreigns and tax the nationals. What a Croc.

  12. I was born a democrat, turned independent, wanted to participate so I registered republican. Voted for Ross and cannot find any alternatives.  Politcicans are all evil and corrupt.  They may not start out that way but absolute power corrupts absolutely. 

    Time for the nation to throw off the chains that bind them.  Ron Paul is a good start!

  13. I LOVE RON PAUL, but everyone needs to do a REALITY CHECK! Mitt Romney is the GOP nominee.

  14. It is time to open Pandora’s Box on Romney… 

  15. Love It ! Love It ! Love It ! Ron Paul steals 23 of 24 Delegates up here in Maine at the Convention and the ruling seats where mostly all kicked out and replaced with Ron Paul supporters after a big fiasco when votes weren’t counted in the elections and the ruling Republicans handed it to Rommney.

    The previous ruling Republicans are crying foul but heck the people have spoken and have taken back their votes that should have counted. Go Ron Paul.

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