Rick Santelli: “We can’t afford our bills any more… $100 Trillion dollars of unfunded liability… The FED doesn’t have a clue.”

The only CNBC commentator who does have a clue, Rick Santelli, gave another epic rant this morning concerning the fiscal cliff, Federal debt and unfunded liabilities, and the Fed Santelli, sounding like James Grant or Tyler Durden, stated the true fiscal cliff is the $100 Trillion in unfunded liabilities, and stated that The Fed doesn’t have a clue.

Santelli’s full rant below:

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  2. Rick is certainly a breath of fresh air at a musty, damp, dark place (CNBC)

  3. Love it, I was laughing my ass off. Lol

  4. Santelli just had a Cramer moment! He’s venting the frustration that we all feel with our incompetent government. 

  5. Thank you for being a straight shooter Rick.

  6. Don’t hold back. lol

  7. Oh Rick, see what you make cliff do:

  8. Has the fed ever had a clue beyond strip this country bare?

    • Actually, no.  That IS their mission, so never mind all the hand waving and hocus pocus misdirection about jobs and stable prices… neither of which is anywhere in sight these days.

  9. its refreshing to see real passion and belief

  10. and no spin

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