Rick Santelli Epic Rant – Taxing the Rich will not Offset the Deficit

CNBC’s Rick Santelli, who sounded the trumpet blast that started the Tea Party movement, uses math and actual numbers on another EPIC RANT to explain why taxing the rich will not generate sufficient income to offset the current U.S. government deficit.


  1. Hahaha!! LOVE IT!!! GO RICK!!!!

  2. Even if it’s a show, glad he can reach some and maybe get ‘em to think. CNBC sucks, but maybe we have one behind ememy lines there….

  3. I agree that CNBC sucks big ass!! Rick tells it like it is though… He doesn’t care if what is said ruffles some jack ass CEO’s feathers or some government “big wig” chicken suit… I’ve seen Rick so many times get right to the point and blast those who should be blasted… He speaks from his beliefs and speaks for the people… He knows how F’d up the “powers to be” are and how much worse they are making things… I love watching him in action…
     As said though above, “Even if it’s a show, glad he can reach some and maybe get ‘em to think.”

  4. You’ve just been Rick Rolled!

  5. Does anyone else wonder why is it that he still has a job? His role is obviously to be the lone dissenting voice on that network, but surely he is “guided” somewhat and told to stay within certain boundaries. I’m sure if Rick could totally speak his mind freely, his rants would probably be even more damning.

  6. Another pointless Santelli  rant… the proposed tax will not solve the deficit (who ever said it would?), continue to layoff teachers, cops, fire fighters, and workers, but please, please, do not take a dime from the 1% or the sky will surely fall. How about saving some real jobs and hiring back some unemployed working stiffs with the billions the tax would generate.

    What’s so wrong with that Rick… oh I get it, working stiffs don’t watch CNBC… some hero!

  7. Don’t hold back SRV, tell us how you really feel….

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