empty-vaultIn a surprising change from its inventory build over the past few months, JP Morgan had the largest one-day withdrawal of gold ever Friday.  JP Morgan had 321,500 (exactly 10 metric tons) withdrawn from its Eligible category.

In just one day, JP Morgan lost 22% over its total gold stocks at the Comex.
It seems as if 2014 may be the year that the Financial System finally falls over the cliff.


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From the SRSRocco Report:

Total gold inventories at JP Morgan declined from 1,459,027 oz yesterday, to 1,137,527 oz.

Also, there was another 32,150 oz of gold withdrawn from Scotia Mocatta’s Eligible inventories.  This is quite interesting as the removals from both JP Morgan & Scotia Mocatta turn out to be exactly 10 metric tons (JP Morgan) and 1 metric ton (Scotia) for a total of 11 metric tons.

Furthermore, there are only 357,139 oz of gold in the Registered Inventories at the Comex.  February is going to be a big delivery month and it looks as if there may not be the available metal to satisfy delivery requests.

It seems as if 2014 may be the year that the Financial System finally falls over the cliff.

Comex Gold Inventories 12414

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    • Excused :)
      yes, it is about time, but the day of reckoning is going to be uncomfortable, because men with guns will be coming for everyone’s HARD assets. I am getting ready to saddle my ass, and take on the desert. The Stock Market Casino took a heavy hit on Friday, so we might be looking at a Monday Madness, followed by Told-them-so Tuesday, followed by a FDR style Wednesday Wake-up call to the asleep, followed by a Thursday Thrash-the-PM-bug-negativists demonization, followed by a little Friday Fascism.
      If it is not this week, it will be some week really soon, and it will all change so quickly that the average idiot ‘Citizen’ will not know what hit them. Maybe Obama gets more than two terms in this situation … maybe he is the last puppet CEO of USA Corp LTD this side of the Apocalypse, which is a shame, because the Females never got to enthrone their own Cult personality hero, so we will still go down in history as Misogynistic … I was really looking forward to Caroline Kennedy being the puppet in the last act, so that I could experience all of my so called friends mock me about my ‘conspiracy theorist’ tendencies … couldn’t possible be a conspiracy if Kennedy’s daughter ran the show right? … and so all of my female Republican friends could all swing Democrat just to show their double standards when it comes to sexism … if there is another election in amongst the chaos I shall just have to write in ‘Jesus Christ’ once again on the ballot, he never wins, but I have a feeling he still wins by default in the end.
      Oh look, I rambled a little … LOL

    • WillNotbeASlave. Agreed the next 48 hours of trading time and open markets will be worth keeping a close eye on. Apparently South Korea had a meeting today at 11am to discuss the state of emerging markets and their banks. It may all settle down by the end of the week but the rumblings are there and the fear meter is rising across the globe with civil unrest in the Ukraine, Argentina and Venezuela. Unemployment across Europe is still high. Somethings got to give… 

    • WillNotBeASlave … “Maybe Obama gets more than two terms in this situation … maybe he is the last puppet CEO of USA Corp LTD”
      Speaking of the Lying Marxie Kenyan Usurper Alien Cockroach … this was in my e-mail …

    • Sadly….we–the U.S.–we ARE the Red Coats….and have been for quite a while.
      Chaps my pooper that the very same greedy English bankers that Goeorge Washington & Ben Franklin fought against run/rule us today….

    • @PatFields
      Interesting video Pat. Wherever he was born, he was sent to us according to his willingness to follow orders from far above the presidency, and that would be further above than a cult group, as other presidents before him. If they wanted us to elect Spock from planet Vulcan, we would do that…………or the software controllers of the electronic voting machines would make it so. Not that I like Obummer, don’t get me wrong, but I haven’t liked or believed in a president since Kennedy, and he was somewhat marginal as well but at least he had America’s best interests at heart most of the time, it’s what got him killed. Skin color, place of birth, party lines, all matter not in a lawless and controlled world order. Only a revolutionary reset will put the world back on the right track, (if that will even work), and it will not be implemented by our “elected leaders”. One last note, Bush is a bona fide US citizen yet was also totally complicit with the agenda at hand.


      I think Spock would make a great president!!!!!

    • Pat  I’m shocked, shocked that profamity is going on in this establishment.
      Gimme my frickin’ winnings
      If JPM loses 10 tons of gold in a day,  it is part their plan. 
      They have solutions to fix that problem, even if it is a problem.
      Maybe they just don’t care what happens.  they can steal what they need when the time comes
      J Peirpont Morgan bailed the US out a couple of times a bit over 100 years ago. 
      I expect that Dimon has some of those legacy plans in his play book
      The Entire government is bought and paid for.
      The Fed is controlled by the banks and in serious trouble
      If Jim Willie is right the Fed will be stuck with $3 trillion in bonds with exploding interest rates, this will bankrupt the Fed and the IR swap markets—collapse ensues
      The TBTF banks have forced the goverment to accept the burden of their derivatives book.
      These banks will for the US Government and treasury to bail the out with our assets, including pensions and stocks (CEDE & Co)
      No Central bank has ever survived the implosion of their banknote schemes when those BS notes got out of control
      The Ghost of JPM is mentoring Dimon and his ilk as to what to do
      Just speculation on my part but I would say the Fed fails before JPM fails.

    • @AGXIIK JPM didn’t loose the gold, they had to ship it over to the Shanghai Exchange as the demand for gold was over the top over there and they had to release 75-79 tons of the shiny stuff to the public so they had to reinforce their coffers and what China wants they get. Keep Stacking

    • @SilverSlicker
      “I think Spock would make a great president!!!!!”
      That would be the logical conclusion to all this political madness.  ;-)

    • @AGXIIK
      “The TBTF banks have forced the goverment to accept the burden of their derivatives book.”
      Not that it matters a whole helluva lot.  If these idiotic derivatives really are $1400 trillion in amount, there simply isn’t enough money or wealth on this planet to pay off that amount of debt, no matter who it’s charged to.  It’s like the school bully saying, “AG, if you don’t give me $100, I am gonna beat the s**t outta you”, you have $1.29 in your pocket, and all your friends added together have less than $10 combined.  If the derivatives implode, which I believe they will, then all hell is gonna break loose in the financial markets no matter who is responsible for them.
      Speaking of JP Morgan (the man, not the bank), he also said that “Gold is money and all else is credit“.  Yeah, he was an SOB but he was not a stupid SOB.

    • @PatFields
      WOW. That video had my jaw on the ground, especially since that Cult is linked to a guy called John Godolphin Bennet who is connected with about every Spiritualist movement across the planet from Anthroposophy to Theosophy to Tantra etc…
      What is more important about J.G.Bennet (and I had run into him before when doing research about Operation Gladio), is that he is heavily connected to British Military Intelligence. He worked with the British Govt in Istanbul for many years after – which was ground zero for much of Gladio – he was multi-lingual, and Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo the man who founded the SUBUD CULT who is definitely related to Obama it seems, could not get his teachings off the ground until he visited London in 1957 and picked up followers from Bennets bag of nuts … then it seems to explode into 86 countries, but still has a rather small membership of 10-20k which can only mean that it gets special funding from somewhere … British Intelligence?
      Why would British Intelligence want their own multi-religious Chameleon Cult of multi-ethnic nationals in 86 countries, who do ‘spiritual exercises’ (MK Ultra anyone?), and can practice outwardly any religion they want whilst inwardly serving the hierarchy who believe they are ‘above religion’ and in contact with the ‘Higher Intelligence’ ??? Hmmm, an Intelligence Agency couldn’t utilize such an organization surely *<sarcasm>*
      Obama is British Intelligence, and I have said this for a while, this is just the cherry on the cake, thank you sincerely for the link. All roads always lead to London. In a Religious, Spiritualist, Political, and Economic sense, London has been the New Rome since the 1600′s, and when the Bank Of England was born, the Money Power came into its own, and the world has paid the price ever since. He who controls the FIAT and who controls the worlds Politics, Finance, and Religions using insiders, controls the World… until of course the common man becomes AWARE, and then TPTB become TPTW (The powers that were).

    • Yep, the EU is controlled by the US and UK … EU is meant to keep Russia away from Germany, and the Eastern Block in with the EU whilst the EU is kept in a Fiscal Coma long enough to keep the US and UK economies afloat as there is nowhere else in the Western world for potential ‘escape capital’ to escape to.
      Ukraine will turn into the next Syria, and DC and London are just licking their lips waiting for the moment that Russia reacts militarily … then they will move to oust them from the Security Council and to declare an embargo on Russia until it allows Ukraine to join the EUSSR-Titanic.
      Ukrainians don’t want to be in the sphere of Russia because of the fear of the historical USSR, even though the alternative is to join the EUSSR (European Union of Socialist Statist Repression) … it’s just too Orwellian. Ukrainians have rocks in their heads, they are all scrambling for a Titanic ticket after the ice berg was hit.

  1. The very notion of “the West” no longer exists.
    “The West” was killed and does not exist now.
    Now there is only the United States and the vassals of the United States, which together are now referred to by the word “West”.

    Once the U.S. will finish to devour all his enemies, they will begin to devour and turn into their slaves, their former allies from the camp of so-called “Western countries”.

    U.S. will start devour their former allies from the weaker countries and after ending more stronger countries.
    Germany will be the last on the list of U.S. slaves from the “Western countries” .

  2. Well, We are into a new year now and time for a recap. Same stories are coming out about diminishing gold/silver inventories(implying shortages) yet prices are 30 and 60 percent below summer of 2011 pricing, respectively. Meanwhile, the S+P is up some 60percent from that same time period. Hope you guys end up being right this year, because anyone who bought pm’s back then has lost half their effective wealth vs had they stayed in the market. We shall see but no one I know is going to get into PM’s now and these type guys are the only ones left in this country(that have any money left) to invest in pm’s. As of right now, the bad guys have won as much as I hate to admit it. Cheers.

    • @Silvermail Wow are you like a radical islamic militant propaganda machine or what?  U.S. Devouring the world?  Certainly we run many things, but in all honesty I have to point out that were the only country in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD that helps rebuild it’s enemies once it has destroyed them.  We’re the only super power that actually CARES what the world thinks of it. And while we go bankrupt at home, (certainly we export inflation) we spend BILLIONS in foreign aid.  Is your country not getting it’s fair “payoff”?  Perhaps it should stop trying to plant road side bombs for our convoys and it will get it’s hand out like the rest.
      No country is perfect, least of all my own, but when I reflect on history’s world powers, I STILL cannot find any country as kind as the U.S. Did we just TAKE Iraq? Lebenon? Are there U.S. citizens planting 100 acre ranches armed to the teeth with guns? Sure would stabilize that region, and cost next to nothing to let the WEST pioneer those regions, and before you know it, little taliban trucks with militants would not be rolling through towns, because gun toting Americans would pick em off 1000 meters before they made their approach.
      See? The U.S. has come a long way from 200 years ago. You still get to keep your land after we crush the threat. Sadly, you are all slaves and cannot own your own firearms to keep out thugs in your land.  THATS WHERE YOU FAIL. Without the right to bear arms, any man is little better than a slave. 
      So yes our foreign policy is screwed up, but were not Rome, taking slaves? Were not Persia taking slaves? Were not Communist making slaves, so cheer up!!! ;)

    • I am not so sure.  I have been saying for almost a year that something interesting is going on, but not all is as it seems, see my longer response below.

  3. & Shamus you reference the facade, not the figure. Wouldn’t that be super duper though. & the next time a pig is stepping on your neck maybe you will answer your own question. Or maybe you’ll nut up and take the beatings & murder wrap, pretty tough call in that moment.

  4. PatFields  I did not give you permission to scare the Williy Wonka out of me with that video. 
    The rabbit hole of KLUMMAC (and I thank you again for allowing me to borrow your most apt description of this piece of work) makes me wonder if he even knows the extent of the rabbit hole.  If he does and works to further the ends of his handlers, we have a very serious problem. If he is just a low rent intellectualoid with no shred of moral fiber, we are even worse off. The president does have the bully pulpit and can use it to counter real threats to this country.  When the pulpit is used by a dope smoking bully, we are an very shaky ground.

    • Yep… especially when congress does not cooperate and he has to “go it alone to get anything done”.  If that isn’t THE slippery slope to tyranny, I do not know what would be.

  5. So JPM delivered some gold. Much as I despise them, they located some gold and shipped it out. The gold coming from the ‘eligible’ category is the only odd factor here, but they do these huge ‘adjustments’ all the time, moving tonnage between themselves and their depositors.
    I can’t swear to it, but it seems they hadn’t completed their December tickets as of the 1st of the month. Maybe they just made good on those. 
    I’d like to see them go down in flames (I’d love it) but we have to remember this is the us.gov’s banker here.  They have the powuh!
    I imagine they will pull through, seeing as they can conjure digital fiat with the press of a button.

    • Actually they were a stopper of 95% of the contracts in December, a very large amount around 6,000 contracts.  This gold left from eligible so while the gold was in JPs warehouse, they were probably just storing on behalf of a customer.

  6. There are a few comments here and this is an interesting occurrence, however I thought it deserves some deeper thought, happy for some responses.
    When this inventory initially appeared in JPs vault there was an uproar that it couldn’t possibly have actually happened and therefore the comex numbers were flawed due to the “too perfect” numbers in the reports.  It is clear that it was kilo bars that were deposited after calmer heads prevailed, and admittedly, not very many knew about the option to deliver 3 kilobars vs. a singular 100 oz bar.  This rule is the key to why we are even talking about this!  If that rule didn’t exist, the bars would not be eligible, and even if they actually went to the same vault, we the public never would have known about them.  Similarly, there could be 400oz london bars sitting in the NY warehouses, but these can’t be used for delivery and therefore can’t be classed as eligible or registered, and therefore their existence or lack thereof is opaque to the average joe such as myself and I believe most everyone else here.
    That is a long aside…
    So since we know the kilobars entered the vaults in NY, the prudent question is to ask “why?”

    Kilobars are a big hit in the Asian markets and it is a fair assumption to believe that the ultimate destination would be to the East, so the first question we uncover is why does this gold stop in NY?  

    Further, kilo bars for that market are much more pure than the 99.5 required by the comex contract.  There is obviously a higher cost to produce a kilo bar to exacting weight and purity vs a comex bar of 100oz +/- 5% at minimum 99.5% purity.  So the second question, why spend more money when you could spend less?

    At the time these kilobars appeared in the eligible category in the comex report we had all been reading about (what was believed to be temporary, and what in fact turned out to be temporary) reduced demand in the Asian markets.  Reduced demand means reduced premiums which means reduced profit for the refiner who made the kilobars.  The conclusion I reach, which may not be accurate, but I think can be logically justified is as follows.  These kilobars were directed to NY to weather the storm of reduced premiums… in other words to be stored temporarily until better prices prevailed (and note the producers of these kinds of quantities will most assuredly be hedged and therefore ambivalent as to direction of the paper price, they just want a higher premium).  If that is correct, these bars were never intended to be delivered on comex or even a part of the comex game.  The only reason we even know about them is they simply appeared in the inventory reports because of the rule allowing kilobars to be eligible! 

    (note that supporting this argument is that these inventories were not ever registered, meaning never made available for a long holder of a comex conteact).

    Again, it is my contention that these bars were never intended to be a part of the “game” and so this disappearance was an inevitable outcome.  Having them disappear in such a fantastic way is a bit startling, but maybe not terribly surprising (though I am sure I will find many who take exception with that).

    I do think it is important to watch what happens to the inventories in the February expiration and watch the players.  In my preparing for that it is maybe not all that significant, but but certainly interesting to note that the JP Morgan house account (i.e their prop desk) has appeared as an issuer in the Jan contract, about 1/3 of all contracts issued.  Certainly a minuscule number, but I find this interesting as it is the opposite play after being a major player on the other side in december (as mentioned above).  
    Two things are certain, first is nothing is exactly as it seems, and the  second is that just I think I may have a good read on what is happening, something is bound to change.

  7. EdB 
    The deal with the derivatives is one of finding the cash if one segment crashes.  The story I heard was that the $11 billion in Detroit public pensions is being taken by those who have the super priority bond protection, the IR swap derivatives guarantying the Detroit bonds that cannot be paid.  That money is being taken to pay them.  The entire fund for retirees health insurance was/is being taken. If the City of London is part of those derivative holdes than that entity is being bailed out by the retirees. If this confiscation is the map for future bailouts of thebond holders in a dozen cities and states that are on the edge of bankruptcy, the whole plan to gut cities and states of their wealth, transfering it to the banksters is proceeding well. 
    The $1.4 quadrillion in derivatives will be paid somehow. The theme that the City of London has financial control of the west will make the looting mandatory.  It may come from systematic confiscation of all pensions and stocks via the CEDE and CO ownerhsip of same, a Force Majeure or one of the Nationalization plans signed as an EO by KLUMMAC. The NDRP is the overarching EO that will be used to take ANY asset needed to bail out the City State Washington DC–and according to those informed of this, a stepchild of The City of London.

    If KLUMMAC is a product of this strange cult Pat Fields posted above, oriented to the City of London and administered by KLUMMACs handlers, it makes for an interesting conversation.  If KLUMMAC is Christian he certainly chases the Moon God Muslims like an 18 year old chases the coeds.   If he’s muslim, he sure makes their crazy  given his way he handles the muslim countries.   His religion preferences, like his sexual preferences, is vague and provokes many opinions.
    That he makes his opinion known that he really dislikes the UK and the British, in some solidarity to his father, the Anti Colonialist spear thrower (someone he only met as a child) makes for good conversation too. KLUMMACs whole life is a story book confection noted in the ghost written books Dreams From my Father and the old POS word babble his cronies wrote for him.
    If he is a product of the City of London his professed dislike of the English is just a pose designed to divert attention from the City of London. Sending back the bust of Churchill was a novel misdirection IMO.  If he is that controlled and manipulated then anything he says or does is to be completely suspect. Calling him an empty suit would be an understatement. His coomon speech themes are telling. He is a superficial one-trick-pony piece of work.
    If the CIty of London is that powerful we are certainly up against a massive enemy.  I wonder if we have the stones to counter them in the long game.

    • @AGXIIK >>>It may come from systematic confiscation of all pensions and stocks via the CEDE and CO ownerhsip of same, a Force Majeure or one of the Nationalization plans signed as an EO by KLUMMAC.
      I would say All Of The Above!
      Why take a fraction when you can take the whole thing … and it would be done this way to claim ‘fairness’ … ie, making everyone pay ‘equally’ as security, and then the remaining spoils/scraps to be administered out at the pleasure of the Executive … managed by the Fed, but dictated through Legislation that pours from the God Head (Ummm, sorry, the ‘Executive’ … which is controlled by the Synarchy). When I looked into CEDE & CO and realized what this was I was literally flabbergasted … I spent 3 days solely dedicated to reading info on it and checking reference, and couldn’t believe it. Cession = ‘To assign ownership to another party’, it couldn’t be more brash and hidden-in-plain-view than that.
      As for the Churchill Bust, that whole thing was subterfuge meant to make it look like the US is still friends but there is ‘tension’ … a classic case of an engineered media event to fake antipathy at just the moment that the UK and US were ganging up in the Security Council to get a war in Syria … thus they were being blamed for being a Team, but if the relationship looks rocky then it just helps the media portray it as two benevolent countries only getting involved because of their desire simply for ‘peace & democracy’ in Syria.
      John Kerry sure healed any wound with his unveiling of the same bust in the Capitol … he did everything except Kiss the bust … a nice deep tongue was what was on his mind, but he maybe contained his passion LOL.
      Skull and Bones Kerry and Skull and Bones Bush represent the truth behind the two party facade, and Samuel Russell (Cousin of William Huntington Russel; co-founder of Bones with Taft) the Opium smuggler par excellence that endowed the Skull & Bones fraternal network, did all of his banking through The City of London using British Credit Facilities (thus laundering it through to the US and not paying taxes etc… or any of his true business volume being revealed in US records), and worked on contracts in smuggling for the British East India Company … Skull & Bones and Yale in general were the seed school for the early CIA, and now many fraternities throughout the US work for the same people as the Bonesmen do without knowing who their Patronage in the business, political and legal world is truly serving … it serves the NYC-London cartel which is truly Internationalist, but based on Britain having one Sixth the population of the US, it is greatly disproportionately stacked with British Capitalists. The British Tax Haven Network using Crown Dependencies is a very large part of this network, and reports of how much USD$credit Capital they all launder/channel are vastly under stated, because they Shadow Bank all their funds using The City as Middle Man, and The City is totally Insulated under British Law and immune from British Parliament and of course also any US Law as it is out of jurisdiction, but handles too much US ‘Euro-Dollars’ through its banking services infrastructure to be messed with; it is the Biggest handler of USD in the world international market, eclipsing any other; it is Forex Central. I could go on all day, but I would just be repeating my previous postings, but I feel the need to point out the Elephant in the room that most people completely disregard; The Square Mile.
      Obama is simply a Cult produced Puppet, and this SUBUD Cult seriously was absolutely NOTHING, until it’s leader went to see British Intelligence J.G.Bennet in London in the 1950′s, and then it suddenly explodes throughout the world into Spiritualist Circles, first taking root in the US, UK, and Australia and Canada … then it is used to push a gaggle of anglo-spiritualists (which would have been thick with outright professional spies posing as kooks) through the international pipeline and into the foreign groups being constructed. Obama is the President that was always going to serve his terms when International Relations and the US Treasury Standard would become strained inevitably, so an Indonesian/Hawaiian/Kenyan/Muslim-Christian was the perfect Skin to lay on the Puppet. 100% hand picked and trained for a specific role just like a Hollywood actor.
      This is Military Intelligence 101, this is the kind of foothold into foreign social networks that make conventional infiltration look old school. Where Freemasonry cannot be corrupted and used, Spiritualism and New Age occult groups pick up the slack, and based on Asia‘s highly impenetrable cultural dynamics, corrupted Freemasonry simply does not work as well as New Age guruism. Theosophy was used much the same in the early 1900′s when the British were trying to do everything they could to maintain India, but it failed because conventional religion did not let down the barriers necessary to allow a synthetic religion run by a cult network in through the front door like a Trojan Horse… SUBUD just looks like another attempted infiltration run by London Capital … which is actually hot$USD, so the US is probably the real  creditor to maintain this network, but in the world of the CIA and MI6, they all serve the same master, and so does the Fed, so there’s not much difference anymore. The only true vestige of the American Revolution is the 2nd Amendment; Bankers and Lords hate armed Serfs, always have and always will.

  8. willnotbeaslave 
    you had 3 days to study CECE and Co? Wow. I’d give body parts to have 3 hours to study this subject
       Seceed and secession are the right words. Civil War comes to mind
      Any paper market product can be ceeded to the elites with the click of a mouse.
    How convenient.  And how convenient was the Sandy Hook hurricane that flooded the DDTS? vaults 
    All those paper stock certificates damaged by the floods?
      Nothing to see here. And not a word on this subject for over a year.

    And the Second Amendment. This is the only amendment that relies on solid metal as its bulwark against total serfdom of this country
    Without this amendment we are nothing but comfortable well fed pig slaves.
    I’d take the honorable well fed and well armed Porky Pig in my platoon any day.
    Petunia is welcome to ride along too if she can run the 30 cal.

    • @AGXIIK >>>you had 3 days to study CECE and Co? Wow. I’d give body parts to have 3 hours to study this subject.
      Contract work and prudent savings (REAL methods of saving) is a strategy I employed to save body parts LOL.
      >>> And how convenient was the Sandy Hook hurricane that flooded the DDTS? vaults All those paper stock certificates damaged by the floods? Nothing to see here. And not a word on this subject for over a year.
      YES … good point, those vaults were where the DTC (CEDE & CO) kept all of the remaining certificates (many recent issuances NEVER had certificates apparently)
      You are correct, TPTB and the Media are quiet as church mice about the Certificates and the existence of Cede&Co. IMO, this is obviously because it represents one of the final stages of the death of capitalism … nobody actually owns their properties anymore as far as the System is concerned … Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret!

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