silver precipiceThe situation in the Ukraine is potentially one of the greatest geopolitical risks since the end of the Cold War.
A senior adviser to Putin said this morning that if the United States were to impose sanctions on Russia over Ukraine, Moscow might be forced to drop the dollar as a reserve currency and refuse to pay off loans to U.S. banks.

From Goldcore:

Today’s AM fix was USD 1,339.50, EUR 973.90 and GBP 802.87 per  ounce.
Yesterday’s AM fix was USD 1,344.25, EUR 975.58 and GBP 803.50 per ounce.

Gold climbed $26.80 or 2.02% yesterday to $1,351.40/oz. Silver rose $0.26 or 1.23% at $21.43/oz.

U.S. Dollar Index, 1968-March 4, 2014 – (Bloomberg)

Gold dropped 0.8% today as equities bounced higher after reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin had ordered troops engaged in exercises in an area which borders Ukraine to return to their base.

Gold rallied to a four-month high yesterday after investors sold risk assets following Russia’s military intervention, which prompted the United States to look at a series of economic and diplomatic sanctions to isolate Moscow.

As ever, it is always difficult to be prescriptive and pinpoint price movements on specific events. It is arguable, that gold could have risen over 1.5% yesterday even if events in Ukraine were not leading to a deterioration in relations between Russia and the West.

This is because gold still has strong fundamentals which is leading to robust global demand – especially from China.

However, the situation in the Ukraine is potentially one of the greatest geopolitical risks since the end of the Cold War.

A senior adviser to Putin said this morning that if the United States were to impose sanctions on Russia over Ukraine, Moscow might be forced to drop the dollar as a reserve currency and refuse to pay off loans to U.S. banks.

As newswires reported the comments from Putin’s senior aide Glazyev, the USD Index fell marginally to session lows and broke below 80.00 before recovering.

Russia could reduce to zero its economic dependency on the United States if Washington agreed sanctions against Moscow over Ukraine, politician and economist Glazyev said, warning that the American financial system faced a “crash” if this happened.

Sergei Glazyev, a senior adviser to President Putin, added that if Washington froze the accounts of Russian businesses and individuals, Moscow will recommend to all holders of U.S. treasuries to sell their U.S. government debt.

Glazyev is often used by the authorities to stake out a hardline stance. He does not make policy but has the ear of Putin and would be aligned with the more hawkish elements in the Russian government and military.

“We would find a way not just to reduce our dependency on the United States to zero but to emerge from those sanctions with great benefits for ourselves,” said Kremlin economic aide Sergei Glazyev.

He told the RIA Novosti news agency Russia could stop using dollars for international transactions and create its own payment system using its “wonderful trade and economic relations with our partners in the East and South.”

Russian firms and banks would also not return loans from American financial institutions, he said.

“An attempt to announce sanctions would end in a crash for the financial system of the United States, which would cause the end of the domination of the United States in the global financial system,” he added.

Late Monday, U.S. President Barack Obama said the U.S. plans to impose penalties on Russia unless it withdraws its military forces, and on Tuesday, Russia reportedly called troops on military exercises back to their bases.

Glasyev’s comments were likely sanctioned by the Kremlin and by Putin himself. They would appear to be a warning to the U.S. regarding isolating Russia politically and imposing economic sanctions.

If diplomacy does not prevail, then trade wars and currency wars will ensue with attendant consequences for the already vulnerable financial system and global economy.


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    • Man, how often does it have to get repeated……
      Of course the digital comex paper price is going down when war is eminent.
      When WW3 is a fact, digital paper comex price will go to ZERO
      You don’t want paper in war, you want the real stuff.
      Please stop paying attention to the digital dictated virtual paper price of gold.
      Set yourself free.

    • @Uglydog: I believe it spikes downward because so much gold is just paper derivatives.  Anytime the stock market takes a whammy then all derivative start getting dumped on the market as sell orders are hit.  However, we usually see a nice pop in gold price on days when the market tanks but my guess is its just hot money being traded by supercomputers looking for a quick buck and safe haven.  Then once the news on Wall Street goes positive the hot money immediately runs out of the paper metals and back into paper stocks.   
      So it’s probably a 50/50 split where sometimes it is a raid but other times is just hot money and algorithms.

    • Recall the post here yesterday where Marshall “Rodney King” Swing postulated that a raid was in the works. It appears they may have tried to do it today – with predictably short lived results.
      Let them have their fun dear ugly dog, we will use their bones to make bread later.

    • findftp…You’re new here.  Welcome.  Thanks for the concern, but don’t worry about the Ugly Dog.  I went all in many years ago at $660 gold and $9 silver.  My point is it’s interesting how counter-intuitive the markets move.
      powerball…Yeah, and when the markets crash on Sept 14, 2015(I have tapped TPTB phones) the first move in paper gold will be down if paper gold is still around.

  1. Excerpt: “A senior adviser to Putin said this morning that … Russia … might … refuse to pay off loans to U.S. banks.”

    I wonder why? If the Russian government and banks want to divorce themselves from American banknotes, why not liquidate the loans and be done with the matter? That’s what we all strive to do in our personal lives. Some of us suffer decades of self-deprivation to accomplish that end. Unless, of course, we’ve borrowed with excessive abandon and have no hope of resolving the issue honestly. Hell, they have a printing press for ruble notes.

    Consequently, whether by its own greed or rapidly deteriorating external conditions, the Russian government is admitting its resignation to bankruptcy under a gossamer veil of political ‘justification’ to hoodwink gullible people in the predisposition of giving such excuses veracity. This circumstance only further enhances my viewpoint that the banknote scheme itself, once Debt Saturation is reached, deflates circulation at the rate of gross interest service, because the float is all principal, making new interest service borrowing indispensable … such that, in the absence of such new banknote creation (or bridging ‘QE’), the impossibility of liquidating debt is a mathematical certainty, as long as the banknote scheme is stupidly defended.

    • IMO, the Russian threat of the action may be as effective as the action itself in achieving their goals. That threat was an arrow aimed by eastern oligarchs at the heart of western oligarchs (central bankers). Or is it all theater for our consumption? With criminals on all sides, and reported by minions of those criminals, how can we know what is real about any of this?

    • There are two reasons for that. One is to make banks that made this loans publically bankrupt, which will obviously trigger the collapse. That’s on the financial side. On the moral side, those who create chaos should pay for it. If you come to someone else’s house and organize a fight between the members of the household, you are responsible for the damages. In this particular case you came to someone else’s house with a group of trained by you terrorists. There is one more reason, but I am not sure if we can count on it. Chinese and Russian leadership met a few days ago. You probably have heard Jim Willie’s explanation for a new trading system based on gold letter of credit. Maybe they are ready to take down the petro-dollar.
      I hope you guys realize that petro-dollar is what finances opium on your streets, terrorism around the world, chemtrails, GMO production and development, etc. You, just like the Russians and Ukrainians, live in the occupied country. The occupational forces print their currency in your country, make loans at will, and when they fail, you are on the hook to pay for these loans. The occupational forces dismantle you industry, put 42 million people on food stamps, liquidated the middle class, they let the illegals in with more rights than you have. The collapse of the petro-dollar will benefit America more than anybody else. It is not Putin, but you should be on the streets demanding the end of the petro-dollar.
      Here is a senator of the occupied country is asking the occupying forces if she is allowed to punish the bank, that belongs to the occupying forces for laundering drug money. The occupying forces refuse to honour her request.

    • @ PrometeyBezkrilov:
      Very well said, though you would be hard-pressed to get even many in the “liberty movement”, let alone the sheeple, to accept the points that you expressed.
      I was having this conversation with someone last night. My conspiratorial brain has me thinking that the inevitable collapse of the USSA’s financial system that is looming on the horizon may very well explain what has transpired in the Ukraine via Western meddling and destabilization. By that I mean is it too far-fetched to assume that the Western cabal instigated the situation in the Ukraine and are now attempting to hasten the collapse by engaging in subtle threats of economic actions against Russia (and China, by default)? Actions that they know will lead Russia and China to retaliate in like fashion, ultimately by dismantling the petrol-dollar? What better way to shine the light on the new boogiemen, transferring the blame of America’s grave predicament to others, rather than taking responsibility for it themselves?
      If the above scenario holds any water, it would be one way to let our “leaders” off the hook (or so they think) for an economic collapse of epic proportions that was sure to come anyway. But by engaging in an economic war that they know is doomed from the start, they could do what they’ve always done best: point fingers (and with a lot less explaining then they would have needed to do otherwise).

    • PrometeyBezkrilov … “I hope you guys realize that petro-dollar is what finances opium on your streets”

      My hope, Prometey, is for everyone to come to realize that … the banknote scheme of circulating credit  … is what fraudulently finances all evil hatched by all governments.

    • @UglyDog
      It is true that a lot of this drugs are targeting Russia, it is by design. But, don’t underestimate the bastards. As the economy goes down the tube and more people become unemployed in NA and EU, you would need to neutralize their unhappiness somehow, right? This is where the drugs come in. IT IS ALSO BY DESIGN. “The Committee of 300″ John L. Coleman. Really recommend to read if you haven’t yet.

    •  @PatFields
      “If the Russian government and banks want to divorce themselves from American banknotes, why not liquidate the loans and be done with the matter?”
      Perhaps they can’t.  What if these loans are denominated in USD?  Heh, maybe they should use UST bonds to repay those loans?  I am sure that the Chinese would be happy to sell them enough for that purpose at a significant discount… for gold.  ;-)

    • Ed_B … “Perhaps they can’t.  What if these loans are denominated in USD?”

      Yes, that’s the face of it, but a settlement In Equity isn’t limited to the exact object called for if equity lay in the offer. To arrive at ‘Justice’, a magistrate has very broad discretion limited by Reason. If the Russians offer rubles at a ‘FOREX average’ equivalence, I see no cause under that Process for rejection out of hand. Hell City Councils (econo-ghouls) in towns across the country routinely take old folks’ homes for piddling electric bills.

    • @PatFields
      “Yes, that’s the face of it, but a settlement In Equity isn’t limited to the exact object called for if equity lay in the offer.”
      So, maybe their contract is not specifically a “settlement in equity” but is more specific to US dollars?  If it is, then the Russians HAVE to provide US dollars to settle the contract.  Else, why even have a contract?  Without seeing the contract, however, we really cannot tell what the exact terms, conditions, and obligations of the parties are.
      “Hell City Councils (econo-ghouls) in towns across the country routinely take old folks’ homes for piddling electric bills.”
      Yes, that has happened… as well as for property tax bills, often with their “buddies” advised of the “sale” just in time to swoop in and grab valuable property for a few thou in back taxes.  The point here being that the property accepted to settle is worth MUCH more than the payment itself.  Somehow, rubles do not seem to be in that class as a payment vehicle but I could be wrong about that.

    • Ed_B … “Russians HAVE to provide US dollars to settle the contract.”

      Where they’re not prevented from access to ‘dollars’, that’s true, but not otherwise. A Rule of Equity is that it can’t proceed if Law can provide Remedy sought. However as “Impossibility excuses the law.” –Co. Litt. 29, the Parties can shift to Equity Process, or the Judge can order it on Cause … “A good judge decides according to justice and right, and prefers equity to strict law.” –Co. Litt. 24.

      And, as far as “rubles do not seem to be in that class as a payment vehicle”, it seems FOREX disagrees with that ‘class’ assessment, leaving only the numbers of them necessary to arrive at equation. Lending a little support to your position, though, in my own viewpoint from Common Law, one is as phony and worthless as the other, whatever any magistrate might deem or contesting Parties claim. I guess I’d wreck bedlam on those SOB’s if I were a Superior Justice, huh?

    • @PatFields
      “A Rule of Equity is that it can’t proceed if Law can provide Remedy sought.”
      A Rule of Putin could well be different.  He strikes me as a guy who pretty much makes his own rules and does not take orders easily.
      “And, as far as “rubles do not seem to be in that class as a payment vehicle”, it seems FOREX disagrees with that ‘class’ assessment, leaving only the numbers of them necessary to arrive at equation.”
      Well, golly, Pat, let’s take FOREX as the ultimate authority in this, shall we?  LOL!!   /sarc/off
      “I guess I’d wreck bedlam on those SOB’s if I were a Superior Justice, huh?”
      No doubt whatever, Pat.  With you on the bench, skulduggery would be set back at least 300 years, if not more.  :-)

    • @MaryB , @Ed_B , I politely disagree with you.  While Putin may not care about the majority of Russians who hold US dollars, there is certainly a very well-connected group of Russians who would have a LOT to lose – i.e. suitcases (if not pallet-fulls) of $100 bills.
      So, this will not happen.

    • @Mammoth
      That’s OK, Woolly.  Reasonable people can look at the same info and disagree about what will happen next.  Anyone in Russia who has any REAL power will likely be protected.  Putin could say, “OK, you just lost your assky on the US currency but I will give you shares in Gazprom that are worth double your losses.  Or, you could refuse this most generous offer and… make… me… V-E-R-Y… angry!”.  lol

  2. Im starting to think there is a far more sinister agenda behind Obummer’s actions in the Ukraine.I cant believe this administration is as mentally challenged as it appears to be.
    Maybe the agenda is to provide the Russians/Chinese to dump Us debt and cause a collapse.This would provide them with a perfect patsy for said collapse and deflect the real blame away from themselves.The ensuing economic and social  chaos in the UsA would provide the elites with opportunity to consolidate their power and control over the sheeple.The sheeple are dumb enough to fall for this.
    Maybe Im way too cynical or have a very vivid imagination .

    • I’d say it would be the aspirations more of the CIA / shadow government than obama but I assume you are generalizing.
      My admittedly pedestrian take on it is that this is just another example of the hidden hand of the globalists trying to isolate countries they see as threats or non compliant. This playbook has been used across the world and I think is really starting to wear thin with the international community. I am ashamed of my government, and most all western governments because they don’t represent us.
      Honestly we’ve become the bad guys. We’re seeing a pro russian counter revolution in the ukraine right now because at this point this was a fascist coup and it will end up installing billionaire oligarchs in the seat of power while the average uke gets their asses handed to them with austerity.

    • Canadian Dirtlump … “We’re seeing a pro russian counter revolution in the ukraine right now because at this point this was a fascist coup and it will end up installing billionaire oligarchs in the seat of power”

      As far as I know, after the collapse of the USSR, every scrap of viable productive capacity was taken over by KGB. Those ex-agents are now the country’s financial oligarchs … including Putin … living in grandiose luxury. So, this ‘pro-Russian revolution’ is as misguided as any ‘pro-Western’ variation. The correct course, inconceivable to the subliminal preconditioning of the majority, is to reject everything but essentially minimized government altogether.

      The World’s governments lust over the siren call of limitless funding they perceive in the banknote scheme at any hazard … including severe deprivations of any ‘non-government personnel’. The ‘Enemy of The Peoples’ isn’t one or another government, ‘East’ or ‘West’. That beast of prey is government itself.

    • @PatFields:  You just brought up a huge concern because if a collapse did happen somewhere in the Western World it could easily turn into a U.S.S.R. repeat where the gangs and KGB ruled the streets and businesses.  Here we obviously don’t have KGB but many similar enforcement groups.  Would they turn on the people should a collapse happen when they figured out how easily it would be to enrich themselves like the KGB did back in the 1990′s?  I hope that’s a question we never have to answer.

    • PowerBall … “I hope that’s a question we never have to answer.”

      Well, I’m sorry, but that is a problem we’re fated to resolve. We’ve been witnessing this government organizing its gangs of ruthless killers (‘Homeland Security) and subjugating LEOs to its ‘command structure’ by populating its ranks with immoral ‘jack-boot’ types.

      The banknote scheme is doomed to mathematically self-destruct, so the crisis is unavoidable. Wishing ‘we never have to’ face it, is overly optimistic. You’re far better served to plan according to logical outcomes bracketed by historic pattern.

    • Proverbs1616 … “Russia is MORE corrupt than the West”

      Don’t try to put words in my mouth. I didn’t say that, or even imply it. My position is that all government is inherently evil when left to its own devices.

      “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that precious jewel.” –Patrick Henry

      Cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.” –George Washington

      “In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” –Thomas Jefferson

    • @PatFields
      “The correct course, inconceivable to the subliminal preconditioning of the majority, is to reject everything but essentially minimized government altogether.”
      “That beast of prey is government itself.”
      YES!  Pat nails it… again!  National and planetary economies are struggling mightily these days because government of all kinds is MUCH larger than it needs to be.  It is literally sucking the life out of everyone and everything to support its massive bulk and gluttonous appetite for ever more spending.  It is sucking all the oxygen out of the market place, leaving virtually none for the sustenance and growth of the private sector.  The patient known as the economy is lying in bed, while the Gov types scratch their heads and stand on the oxygen tube, pretending to wonder why the patient is so ill.  Then, they make some minor and meaningless adjustment to the hospital equipment and make a lot of statements about how it will all soon be fixed.  It won’t.  And they know it.  But so do we… at least those of us who are AAA (Awake And Aware)… and we are taking appropriate personal action.  

    • @PowerBall >>>Would they turn on the people should a collapse happen when they figured out how easily it would be to enrich themselves like the KGB did back in the 1990′s?  I hope that’s a question we never have to answer.
      I believe this is exactly what already happened in 2008. The US Fractional Finance System DID collapse in 2008, and the TBTF and the Govt Prostitutes that call the TBTF their Clients bailed out their gambling on the Tax Payer Dime… and since then the industrial activity deflation and economic stagnation are a part of this oppression that already occurred in 2008.
      When the Bolsheviks took over it was wham-bam-thank-ya-mam, in the US I have noticed that TPTB have the Incremental Method down to a tea. The Russian Tsar and then the White Russians were brought down within a year or two with a simple Red Cross ‘Mission’ in 1917 that had more Bankers and Financiers than Surgeons or Nurses on the staff … the Surgeons and Nurses even revolted and quit the mission because the Bankers and Financiers were too busy funding the Bolsheviks and the Revolution with all the Aid $$$ they brought with them, the medics ran out of medical supplies and then quit in disgust… The US Constitution has been chipped away at gradually since the day it was implemented and has taken over 200 years to crack open, so;
      –2001 False Flag Terror and subsequent Oil-Opium and Petro-Dollar hot wars in MENA
      –2008 Financial Collapse and TBTF Full Fed take over of what remains of the Economy.
      –2014 Cold-War goes Warm->Hot??
      IMO this crisis has been engineered to recreate a WWII divide between Europe and Russia in order to 1st of all HARM BOTH ECONOMIES so that Hot Capital from Europe flows into US Treasury Bonds … The USD has to be placed above the Euro on a strength-by-strength basis and the best way to do this is to cause a Europe vs Russia war.
      Also the White House gets COVER for what??? FULL WAR POWERS!!!
      It will get cover to put Russian ethnicity in internment camps as potential Enemies of the State just like Japs in WWII, and as soon as the Executive Legislation is passed to open these camps and make them operational (FEMA, already built) they will be able to expand the meaning of ENEMY OF THE STATE; Patriots, Gun Owners, Tea Party, you name it, they will get power from the zombie hoard public to ensure Homeland Security in the face of the Red Terror.
      Anyone speaking against US Foreign Policy in any way shape or form will be labelled a supporter of the ‘ENEMY’!
      Just like after the Boston Bombing house-to-house police state activity, I can hear it now … ‘USA, USA, USA, USA, USA’ the cool-aid drinking zombies all screamed as they dragged my 911Truth butt into a cell to be beaten and given no trial.
      This is what Obama needs in order to pick up the Fasci, and Kerry and Haig are the henchmen of the final stage of the Fascist takeover of the West on BOTH sides of the Atlantic. Is Kerry not supporting the Ukrainian pupped Govt whose 2nd in command is a devout Ukrainian Fascist that does NAZI like salutes?
      This is what it has come to, the US Funds AlCIAda in Syria and Fascists in Ukraine in order to PROVOKE old conflicts in order to get what TBTF Banks and Superstate Mandarins require to further their own existence.
      ————————— ALL TOGETHER NOW ——————————–
      O thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
      in a queue at Wall Mart with food stamps in hand
      Blest with vict’ry and peace, may the Heav’n rescued land
      While our sons die in the East, for oil drenched sand.
      Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
      And this be our motto: “IN TREASURY BONDS WE TRUST.”
      And the star-spangled banner in triage shall wave 
      In tatters over the graves, of the once free and brave!

    • @PatFields
      I wasn’t claiming that you said Russia was more corrupt, I was saying that.
      Here is a question: Are your Governor, Congressman, Senator, Mayor, local business rep all former CIA/FBI officers? Have your business and your neighbouring fellow-business owners in town been forced to give dues to the local former-CIA mafia rcently for the privilege of not having your family killed off and shop burned down?
      If not, your nation (USA) is LESS corrupt than Russia my friend.

    • Proverbs1616 … “Are your Governor, Congressman, Senator, Mayor, local business rep all former CIA/FBI officers?”

      Don’t give me false alternatives either. Slavery under guns or banknotes … is slavery either way … and resistance to either brings out the inevitable horrors. The velvet glove only remains on while subjugation is tolerated. You preach acceptance of soft slavery. Well, I’m not interested.

    • “I am ashamed of my government, and most all western governments because they don’t represent us.”
      I agree that’s bad, CDL, but it doesn’t frost my cookies nearly as much as them pretending that they do!

  3. Something to peg the weird-o-meter.  Soros, the neocons at the State Department and Putin put their heads together.  Soros and his State Dept cronies finance the neo Nazi revolution in the UKR.  The west gets the western half. The east (Putin) gets the eastern half and the Crimean area.  UKR is chopped up nicely and neatly.  Everyone goes home happy with the arrangement. Two wolves are well fed.
    The 17 days of the Olympics provided ideal cover as all the top world leaders and oligarchs had a nice party while the ground work was laid for this ‘color coded revolution’   Putin is not all powerful and this faustian bargain might just satisfy his appetites for the time being but I think he agreed to the plan because it works well for his ambitions. The pipelines are still in his control. China smiles and nods.
    Soros trades the UKR currency for a billion in profit, shorts the Moscow stock market for another billion, the cause of the alliance between the eastern and western elites and oligarchs is furthered without too much bloodshed. The US dollar is not set to the trash heap just yet but the threat is real, as Jim Willie notes in his nuclear option post. China and Russia have made it clear that would be used if Putin sees interference to the plan. But what the heck, the fix was in months ago when Nuland, the State Department, Soros and his crew set this up with Putin and his people. Obama was playing golf in Hawaii.
     Everyone not in the game and the club is squeezed. Everyone in the club gains.  
    China and Russia, two of the three main land masses in Brave New World, are just two sides of the same oligarch coin. (maybe my geography is off but you get my drift.) 
    Oceania is played for the fool. Obama is played for the community organizer posturing fool that he is.  (but maybe the Oceania oligarchs are in on the plan.) It would be rich irony if the US/UK City of London was being chumped. Merkel cozies up to Russia for some cold comfort.
    Obama is just the hired help so don’t look to him and his people to know much in regard to these plans.
    His puppet position worked quite well, slick talking his bullshirt while the eastern world plays for keeps.
    Maybe he was in on the joke. Maybe not.
     Why would anyone consider him part of the club is beyond me but he does provide local color. Like Clinton said ‘He’d be serving coffee is Hillary was running the show
    He’ll be bought off with some colorful beads and flashy bling. It’d be just his style.

    • @AGXIIK
      “He’ll be bought off with some colorful beads and flashy bling. It’d be just his style.”
      Indeed so, Craig, and since his greed VASTLY exceeds his ability, it is likely to be quite  a large pile of beads & bling.

      Yes, Obama CAN serve coffee, just don’t ask him to make any. That would be useful and therefore something he’s not good at doing.

    • @AGXIIK
      I’m in three minds as to whether this unraveling ‘crisis’ is;
      1] Fully engineered with Russian consent in order to play the Great Game, and perhaps even force a collapse of USD WRC in order to start talks about a restructured new IMF World Currency that Russia has been invited to participate in.
      2] Engineered by the West as an obvious bluff that Russia itself also sees as a bluff and as an opportunity to consolidate power within Russia and East Ukraine & Crimea, thus bringing the Cold War heightened tension Ethos back onto the world forum so that BOTH countries can exert further State Power over their domestic populations and surrounding economic satellite countries (pseudo colonies with puppet governments)
      3] A legitimate stand off where Russia is being Bear Baited in order to act as an Antagonist in the last stage of the Western NWO push for Global Corporatist Neo-Liberal financial restructuring and sanctioning of those who haven’t yet joined the plan for the so called ‘New’ so called ‘World Order’.
      …. or… a bit of all 3 of the above, because these Block players don’t trust each other, so either side will never fully trust an agreement to engineer this situation as ‘controlled’, thus they will all be operating under ALL 3 of these scenarios simultaneously, as silly as that sounds, I believe true geo-politics is not cut-and-dry.
      Is the whole world truly a Stage? …or do the actors sometimes improvise and go ad-hock?

  4. Excellent article by Michael Snyder.

    I think it’s becoming fairly obvious that the US and its western puppet allies such as Britain, France etc are in no position to dictate terms to the Russians, Chinese or Iran anymore. These western countries are bankrupt and heavily dependent on either Chinese credit such as the USA is or oil and gas from Russia which the EU is. The US may threaten sanctions but they will be on their own. It appears that the EU is ruling out any trade or economic sanctions against Russia.

    “Europe would be pushed back into recession, Russia into financial meltdown. This is not the sort of self harm Europe is prepared to contemplate right now. Indeed, thanks to the indiscretion of a UK official, who was snapped going into Downing Street with his briefing documents on display for all the world to see, we know this to be the case. Trade and financial sanctions have already been ruled out.”

    The western powers committed a serious strategic mistake in 1991 when the Soviet Union fell. Instead of trying to mend fences with Russia in the 1990s and bring them into the European Union, the west decided to try and isolate them. The US(NATO) have inadvertantly pushed Russia and China together. There is no way that they will be able to defeat these two united countries. The so-called anglo-american NWO can forget any dreams of global hegemony. Surely these guys are not the NWO,  just a tired OLDWORLDORDER trying to cling on to power.

    • @59LesPaul
      A valid point of view, but don’t overplay the Love China has for Russia and vice-versa … these two cultural super pivots occupy the same continent after all, and the Chinese might decide that gaining territory in Eastern Russia/Siberia (resources) is more important than strapping themselves in an alliance to a country that is easily vilified in the Western Media.
      China has much more to lose if it starts a war with the West that was started based only on Russian vulnerabilities. China has MANY MORE US T Bonds than Russia, and at the moment it is able to buy Physical Gold and Silver and Oil with these currency reserves/equivalents at a discount rate (than would otherwise be because it is stuck with all these USDs because of the decades trade deficits and corporo neo-liberalism).
      China also needs time to build its Military up, especially its Navy, and if Russia is prematurely baited into a EU/NATO-Russia hot conflict then China may decide that sitting back is the best option … or it might remember the Opium Wars, and Boxer Rebellion, and that it has revenge to repay and go for broke …. but if it joined Russia NOW then the USDs it holds would be perhaps repudiated by the US.
      This is perhaps why the US/UK Axis is so virulently trying to bait Russia, because they know that the China-Russia relationship will take longer to cement, and Chinas USD reserves need longer to unwind, thus they can use China’s USD based PAST-Creditor status, and the US Super Debtor Status to their advantage to keep China out of this whilst they first finish off the Bear. Either way this are crazy, crazy times, and we are now playing with fire. I read about this in the Bible somewhere…
      “When all else fails, they take you to War!” - Gerald Celente

  5. OK, the thing is out on the open. There is a real possibility that Russians dump US dollar alltogether and crush it into oblivion. SO WHAT ARE THE CHINESE NOW SUPPOSE TO DO??? In that case they lose HUGE holdings in real terms. Wouldn’t be logical for them to pre-emptively dump their holdings first and try to save at least something?
    AND WHY THE HELL THE PRICE OF GOLD IS NOT RISING??? NOW IT SHOULD BE BOUGHT BY HUNDREDS OF TONS A DAY since we are starting the endgame… Somebody is gonna lose HUGE!

  6. Well, well. Putin showed his hand…and he is not ready. 
    The bankster’s have Putin by the equity market short hairs. Our equity markets are funded with the printing press, manipulated LIBOR rates, and a manipulated precious metal market. Putin’s equity markets are floated with western investments. LoL.
    The 11% crash in Russian equities spooked Vlad the Invader and showed me he is not ready to implement his BRIC breakaway. Showed me his weakness is in equities being financed with outside money while oil and gas revenues are being used to rebuild his military. 
    Winter is over in Europe taking away the “cutting the gas off” card.
    Ukraine’s autonomy is protected by treaties with Russia as a signatory. NATO has the legal right to slap the swag off the invaders faces. NATO won’t do that. 
    Putin showed me he and BRICS are in fact in cahoots to break out of the Rothchild Death Grip. Gold is their trump card. Certainly explains why India has changed their private gold policies, China’s buying spree. W-i-l-l  n-o-t  w-o-r-k. Gold is being suppressed for several reasons, one of which appeases China to purchase gold today so they buy UST’s tomorrow. The banksters threw the gold standard out the window never to come back.
    Equities are the new gold standard. Equities is the place to park wealth, hedge wealth, create wealth. Equities being the new gold is why Germany bought the NYSE.
    Economic sanctions are all that is needed to ruin Russia. Putin will stand down after Merkel comes up with a face saving way out. Russia has no choice.
    Bob Costas gets pink eye, equities go up. Russia invades the Crimea, equities go up, Yellen prints money, equities go up. Hint
    Crash the price of oil and gas and then you have finished off Russia, Brazil, Saudi, and China. Gold will not see 2000.00 for a very long time…worthless as a hedge against the paper jungle. You can now hedge equities with equities in either direction. 
    That is how I see the game as it is. Supports my move a year ago to get into equities and out of PM’s. Premiums on selling pm’s and google ad checks will prove to be a tough way to get rich quick. Create a product, get a patent, do a public offering is man’s best friend. Still, getting out of medicine was a no brainer, not getting into manufacturing medical devices was a big mistake. PM’s are m-a-n-i-p-u-l-a-t-e-d.

    • Dear Thomas, you live in captivity your illusions from propaganda of faux news. But illusions and propaganda, can not replace for you basic knowledge.

      You need to explore further the:
      “History of multiple stock market crash.”

    • Thomas … “Equities are the new gold standard.”

      Yeah right. Stock certificates are the ‘new gold’. Thomas, your sloppy propaganda for the Paper-Boyz is wasted in this forum. Your sponsor needs to send over someone a lot more sophisticated and devious. You’re too much an obvious amateur.

    • Sounds like you could be the SD Legal Department, Pat. I dropped your petition in a few key spots. I will paste my plea after this comment. Yes, they own the paper jungle. They created and can perpetuate it. They can never go back to a gold standard nor will they allow it to happen with BRICS. You won’t get rich with PM coins and tokens. Nice hobby, like stamp collecting. That said, you also do not know much about the Mysteries of Rome. Ash Wednesday is today. This is what the priest says when he makes the sign of the cross on your forehead with the ashes of the blessed palms from last years Palm Sunday, “remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return”. What all of this means is working folks like me are in paper up to our ashes. We are not going to change. Their paper jungle is also not going anywhere as long as we have electricity to instantly settle debts around the world. If there is no electricity, gold and silver will not come back, the Kingdom of Heaven will. In either case we and the paper and the planet will be in ashes. It is my ash I have to worry about, but I say this in gratitude for your ash. 
      “Personally, any grassroots effort to violently overthrow the government is treasonous in and of itself. Any “bottom up” revolt should be put down with extreme prejudice. Any moron who has sat through US History in grade school can see that. The rule of law trumps any revolt from the citizenry to overthrow the civilian government violently.
      What if the rule of law is tainted with corruption, smeared with foreign influences, put down incrementally from within by enemies against the rule of law, against the US Constitution?
      The people of the United States of America are the US Armed Services. The US Armed Services were born from our fight against tyranny when the Continental Congress passed a resolution authorizing the Continental Army. The Continental Army was disbanded in 1783. The Father of our Nation, General George Washington led the Continental Army as Commander in Chief. Our participation in the armed services is beholden to the highest calling, namely, the Oath of Commission or the Oath of Enlistment.
      Having remained unchanged from 1789 to 1884, in 1884 the Oath of Commission for officers was changed. The changes, proven by the blood spilled in our Civil War removed any obeyance to the President requiring sworn allegiance to the defense of the US Constitution. In 1959, President Eisenhower affirmed those changes as wise by not adding ” to observe and obey the orders of the President of the United States of America”. In other words, we the People can avoid the disasters of a corrupt civilian government through the patriotic genius of General George Washington, and General Eisenhower, the father of our country and the Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers respectively. The Oath of Commission of our military officers focuses their resolve to protect the US Constitution, not the orders from a President.
      This is the oath taken by enlisted military personnel:
      I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.
      This is the oath taken by commissioned officers:
      I, ______, having been appointed a (insert rank) in the U.S. Army under the conditions indicated in this document, do accept such appointment and do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter, so help me God.
      See the differences? Enlisted military personnel must follow the lawful orders of the President AND their officers according to the UCMJ. Commissioned Officers are NOT obligated to follow orders from the President. In fact, the Oath of Commission is designed to take down any President, for that matter, all three branches, if the US Constitution is violated grievously and with malice. Thank you President-General George Washington and President-General Eisenhower!
      There it is in plain English.
      Commissioned military officers are the firewall between all enemies against the United States. Military officers are the “We the People” with the highest calling. If Commissioned Officers turn away from the US Constitution such as co-conspiring with a corrupted civilian government to nullify by any means the dictums of the US Constitution then the People should act/are obligated to stand under arms in defense of the US Constitution.
      That said, the JCOS should initiate a “Seven Days in May” campaign against the unlawful civilian government any time such scenarios are the only method to preserve and protect the US Constitution. The wording of the oath’s allow the lawful arrests of the Executive, Legislative, and the Judicial branches of our government in any constitutional crisis such as we have today. I would suggest that evidence does exist to garner convictions in a military tribunal. Supported by a Defcon 1 and martial law with the UCMJ in effect until such time valid elections can be maintained, commissioned officers can preserve and protect the US Constitution. With the budget set till 2015, a debt ceiling set till 2015, I call on Commissioned Officers to act dutifully, lawfully, installing a new government within two election cycles beginning in 2016 with all states vetting their office holders through special elections in 2014-15. Commissioned officers shall vet candidates properly and all votes by validated US citizens be counted by paper ballot.”


    • Thomas … “remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return”. What all of this means is working folks like me are in paper up to our ashes. We are not going to change.”

      So, what’s a ‘working class hero’ doing in the stock market? I can say from my own experience in that situation, that savings in generic coinage has always been easily within my means (even when I was a restaurant worker during my late teens), but could never have raised the wherewithal for proper equities involvement under those conditions.

      While a military coup-d’-etat might eventually be unavoidable for restoration of originally conceived Constitutional governance, I strongly disagree that anything of the sort is close to … necessary … at present. Otherwise, I’d not have bothered composing the ‘Proclamation and Orders’.

      Having versed yourself in UCMJ, you ought to understand, Chain of Command and reasonable constraints under Rules of Engagement. In the present circumstances, then, given the relatively benign degree of conflict, it’s appropriate that Orders be more situationally corrective than suppressive.

    • @Thomas
      You are partially correct that Securitization of Finance, replaced the Gold Standard … by definition the swapping of IOU Bonds for IOU FRN’s between the Treasury and Fed allow the FED to use the T Bonds as their Base Reserves, thus Securities on Future Supply have replaced Gold. The Banks have since also adopted this rationale and have Securitized anything that isn’t nailed down into Debt Instruments and OVER SECURITIZED the entire economy to the point where the underlying industry and commerce that provides the currency supply through earnings on true Labor has been strangled by the accumulated Usury components attached to this fraudulent securitization. Basically Securitization is like Opium for Bankers, they are addicted to it and the addiction is the fundamental cause of their premature death in the future.
      The Purely Fiat Economy that was created for real in 1971 was actually a switch from a Gold Standard to an Oil Standard (backed by Military threat), and that NOW it has moved into an almost purely Paper Oriented Securitization phase (Petro-Dollar still counts but Securities have taken a bigger role) where people are hooked on the NUMBERS themselves because they are so great and so many people are now invested in the USD Numbers Game. Pension funds being invested in Securities also keeps the slaves LOVING THEIR SERVITUDE because they think the Carrot-on-the-stick is actually going to be there in the Future, which many will learn to be a lie.
      Where I disagree with you however is that this Paradigm would never have existed if the Gold Standard had not weaned people off of Solid PM Money onto a Fiat Fractional System, which was then purely detached from it’s Mother: Gold. Now that confidence in the USD Paper and equivalent USD denominated assets is waning, and we ARE experiencing a Dollar Crisis (albeit in slower motion than most prognosticators have predicted), WHAT MAKES YOU THINK that TPTB are not ready to resurrect a Gold Standard and a Debt RESTRUCTURE in order to keep the FRACTIONAL Debt System alive??? THEY live off of the proceeds of this ponzi and extraction scheme, so if the Chinese and Russians when they see the alternative – internal implosion of their huge angry masses – what makes you think that they also will not cooperate in creating a New Gold Standard?
      The only legitimate reason that they would NOT do this (at least on Western Terms) is that they truly do not trust Anglo-American Oligarchs, and are willing to face their own people before they give into Western Oligarchs. This could be what we are witnessing, or it could all be a stage play to fake super-power tension in order to make the new world debt currnecy that has been planned to look like an organic creation out of necessity rather than it having been purely engineered with all parties’ consent.
      A Gold Standard is VERY DIFFERENT to Solid Money (Especially solid Silver Money that bankers see as Enemy#1 as it empowers the smaller individual or smaller business to extricate themselves from a Debt Based Federal Parasite.
      I agree with you on the Kingdom of Heaven part though … when their system dies (which it is) after the chaos which will be MEGA, there will come a better future … but not before the PAIN!

    • WillNotBeASlave … “it could all be … fake super-power tension … planned to look like an organic creation … rather than … engineered … consent”

      That’s exactly what stands to reason (and voluminous historic precedent) in my mind. Governments intensely and viciously covet this credit-’money’ boondoggle; all burden of which is entirely heaped on the back of the … rest … of Humankind, whom they treat as their ‘farm animals’. So, there’s no ‘tinfoil hat’ element to speculating their general collusion under convincing appearance of enmity for its retrenchment on a temporary ‘gold standard’ ruse again.

      As you’d broached … the ‘bulls eye’ for Humankind’s only truly viable escape from their Plantation Scrip schemes is recapture of a fully metallic trade standard again … using its REAL, INHERENT limitations on government, banking and industrialists to put the accursed gluttons on a necessary diet.

      Ultimately, it renders down to … Liberty or Slavery… and always has, throughout time.

  7. I know Cnn is nothing but a propaganda machine but in the last couple of weeks Ive never read or listened to so much bullshit regarding the Ukraine Affair in my life.If The Majority of americans believe this bullshit were are in big trouble(and it appears they are that stupid).If the sock puppet and that slithering snake kerry keeps pushing Uncle Putin this is going to end really badly for everyone.These people are fucking with the wrong guy.It too bad the sheeple in the West are too dumb downed to see this affair for what it is and what it can ultimately degenerate into.
    The metals are not going to be of much use if you cant use them.

  8. According to this article  elements of NATO are already operating within the Ukraine.

    “According to veteran US intelligence sources”, the terrorist snipers in Ukraine come from the fascist militia known as UNA-UNSO (shown above) which works for NATO.

    UNA-UNSO, according to veteran US intelligence sources, is part of NATO’s ‘Gladio’ organization.

    UNA-UNSO was involved in the the Chechen War, the break up of Yugoslavia, and the 2008 war in Georgia.

    • @59LesPaul
      exactly … Operation Gladio never terminated. Watch for some kind of crisis event between Russian and Turkish ships (or a false flag of the same) … Turkey are the next player to enter this Crimea Deja-vu, it wouldn’t be 19th Century without Turkey, and if Sybyl Edmonds is correct, Turkey is actually the main cooperator in the Gladio program as they also have strong ties with the Central Asian Turkish Ethnic Countries, and the CIA has been funding Mosques all across Central Asia in order to attack China and Russia on their own border using alCIAda type ‘terror attacks’ against Russian and Chinese Secularism.
      Destabilization is the Game, ‘in the pursuance of Peace’ is the Name … the Orwellian 21st Century has fully arrived.

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