In this week’s SD Weekly Metals & Markets, The Doc & Eric Dubin discuss:

  • The cartel’s epic failure to smash silver under $20 and gold under $1300
  • An update on shortages/delays and premiums in the wholesale physical silver market
  • Eurozone finance minsters’ claim the banksters’ $80 Trillion shadow banking system will be shut down as the unlimited asset rehypothecation is a systemic risk in a financial crisis

SD Weekly Metals & Markets is below:


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  1. rehypothecation=stealing from clients.  Talk of ending the practice has the exact same intention as Bernanke saying he’s going to end QE. It’s to move the market in the banksters favor and nothing more. 

  2. Make sure to do your research before trying any type of colloidal silver formulation. I’m actually quite suprised the Doc (“health professional”) would be pushing colloidal silver. I like the doc, but now it seems like he’ll sell anything to make a buck.

    • If you read the advertisement , this product that is on Doc’s website is not the same as the old colloidal silver. This is new development product:  The patented nano-silver particle is 100% eliminated from the body within 24 hours.  It is the only study conducted of it’s kind and eases the concern over residual silver particles building-up over time in the body.  This means that the ABL technology silver products cannot cause the blue man syndrome called argyria.  I’ve used this stuff whenever I get the first signs of the flu or cold and it stops the symptoms dead in its tracks within hours.

    • Talk about getting the blues from gold and silver’s recent performance!
      Seriously, click on the link below if you want to know what ACTUALLY happened to cause the man in the picture to turn blue.  (In a nutshell, he decided to IMPROPERLY make his own “colloidal silver” concoction at home.)
      Homemade colloidal silver is an entirely different ball of wax than what is sold on this site. There are risks to these colloidal silver generators sweeping the prepper community, so be aware.

    • Actually Marchas45 is correct, but Papa Smurf, Above, used home made colloidal Silver, and over dosed. 
      It was larger clumped Silver particles, not even considered true colloidal. 
      Look up ORME for a real eye-opener! 
      (I’m not making a recommendation for use of ORME)

  3. @canadianstacker

    The Doc does not offer any products he does not believe in.  He uses colloidal silver on a regular basis.  I was with The Doc in our brainwashing session in medical school.  Research prescription medication and how studies are conducted and let me know what you find out.  Big Pharma pays millions of dollars for groups and universities to conduct studies.  If the results turn out poor, guess what, Big Pharma is under no obligation to release the results (and the universities have to shut their mouths like it never happened).  At the end of the day, a drug based off studies and statistical significance or, in medical lingo, p,0.05.  Who knows if a drug would have ever been FDA approved if all studies were made available. 

    We went through 3 infectious disease courses, guess how much time we spent on colloidal silver?  One powerpoint slide of 30 seconds.  

    Nothing comes without risks in life, but we stand by using more natural ways to better you health.  Exercise and a good diet being the two most important.  We also have an intense interest in natural supplements.  ABL has spent millions of dollars in research including studies which show their particular silver particle is eliminated from the body fully in 24 hours.  We will be including additional studies on the Health store page and welcome your feedback.


  4. NEVER buy colloidal silver, make your own for pennies to the dollar, there are plenty of machines that cost few hundred dollars that will make you excellent quality colloidal silver … that bottle that cost $10.. you can make it for 10 cents  …. make my own and save you $$

  5. the cartel’s epic failure to smash silver under $20 and gold under $1300
    Who said the cartel wanted gold bellow 1300 and silver bellow 20? They succeeded in driving silver below 26, maybe that’s all they wanted … now you call it epic failure? lmao … what a bunch of clowns

  6. Colloidal silver is  relatively undiscovered as a health supplement   If you study up on it, you’ll find that people have used silver drinking cups and silverware for hundreds if not tousands of years.  The use of these implements imparts minute amounts of silver to the user, helpng protect them from disease. Silver coins were put in water casks to keep the water fresh on long ocean voyages.  “Born with a silver spoon in his mouth’s’ is a negative saying  but long before antibiotics and when infant mortality was sometimes 50% of more, the silver in a baby’s feeding spoon could mean the difference between life and death.  Yes, it was part of being wealthy that one could have silver but its no accident  that silverware was the traditional wedding gift, even if it was only a few place settings.  Those items were known to prevent disease.
    A colloidal machine is a first rate additiion to the standard prepper kit. When I have my knee rebuilt and hip replaced I used colloidalsilver from my machine.  As much as i distain antibiotics, they are showered on you in a hospital, a place you do not want to go if you don’t have to.  The regimens of antibiotics i had to take for these two surgeries screwed up the the internal flora and it took me 3 months to correct the problem. Colloidal silver was used to replace those pills once I got past the doctor and his prescriptions.
    PS  Doc is not selling colloidal silver from his medicine chest any more than he is selling his own silver. Passing on a note to a colloidal selling is reasonable and if the site makes a few pennies on a sale does not take away from the importance of this substance.  If you ever experience a grid down situation, and we see that in Moore OK right now, the 911 and EMTs are stressed beyond imagining in their attempts to save lives and keep people healthy.  Bad water, sewage contamination and lack of immediate medical help means colloindal silver could help you in an emergency situation or simply in a time when colds, flu and other viruses are plentiful.  BTW  he H7N9 virus that started a month ago in China is now air and human borne.  That should give anyone pause. Before someone starts loading up on antibiotics, know that colloidal silver has proven itself against even the resistant bacteria and the viruses for which there are no vaccines.  Just sayin’ 
    And this site is free for us to use so if the Doc sells something that helps support the site maintenance and upgrades, I am good with that.   No one is forcing use to use a product if we don’t to.

    • “Silver coins were put in water casks to keep the water fresh on long ocean voyages.”
      Roger that, AG.  I have a Brita filter in our kitchen that I use to filter our tap water.  Typically, algae will begin to grow in this water in 7-10 days, giving it a greenish tint.  To combat this, I added a 1/4 oz. 0.999 silver round.  Now, algae growth requires 4-6 weeks.  While not perfect, this is a large increase in the amount of time between filter-pitcher cleanings, so less work for me.  While this is not colloidal silver, there is no doubt that tiny traces of silver are dissolving in the water.  No doubt this kills bacteria in the water, removing the food supply that algae need to thrive.
      “The regimens of antibiotics i had to take for these two surgeries screwed up the the internal flora and it took me 3 months to correct the problem.”
      I had a similar problem.  My doc recommended an Iodine infusion in order to get a better x-ray image of a kidney stone I had.  Stuff makes the mouth taste like the inside of a tin can.  As with your antibiotics, this also does great damage to the natural intestinal flora.  This prevents normal digestion and leads to terrible gas pains, as well as absolutely wretched intestinal gas formation.  Best treatment for this is to eat one of those yogurt cups 2-3 times per day and nothing else for 1-2 days.
      On a final note, about 2 years ago I started getting eye infections about every 2-3 months.  I had never had an eye infection before so these were quite a rude shock.  These are the traditional “pink eye” that many have heard about.  Only in my case, there was nothing “pink” about it.  The infected eye would turn blood red, itch and burn awfully, and become terribly sensitive to light.  I could see perfectly well in a room that was almost completely dark but normal light would cause excruciating pain.  But… not to worry… there is a medication that can be bought that treats pink eye and does a really good job of it.  It costs about $10 and comes in a 10 ml glass bottle with a cone shaped plastic dropper nozzle built into it.  Putting 2-3 drops of this into the infected eye every 2-3 hours would completely cure this problem in 1-2 days.  Some very expensive antibiotic prescribed drops cost me $50 and do the same thing in about 3-4 days.  Left untreated, it takes 10-12 days for the infection to run its course.  This is not recommended, though, as it is possible for permanent eye damage to occur.  Bottom line is that this medication is cheap, over the counter, contains silver sulfate (as a “preservative”), and is very effective.  I do not know if colloidal silver would be as effective as this is.  It might be but when something as precious as our sight is concerned, the lower the risks taken, the better, IMO.  Since discovering this, I have added washing of my eyelids twice a day with a very dilute boric acid solution.  Since starting this regimen, I have not had a single eye infection.  I have had a few times when my eye was starting to become infected, I used the silver containing eye drops, and it cleared up in a few hours. The signs of a starting eye infection are unmistakable (slight eye itching & burning + a feeling like there is a small grain of sand in the eye), so I KNOW when one is starting and can begin treatment immediately.

  7. Well, I have to admit that other  side effect of colloidal silver from Chin would get me hitting the buy button. What worries me is if that’s China avatar or jsut a friend of silver.  Got MILF?  Can I have one?
    On another topic, there is a terrific article on Silver for the People that talks about Cargo Cults.  Most of us know about cargo cults in the South Pacific during and after WWII.  Richard Feynman coined the term Cargo Cult Economy.  I’ll coin one and call it Cargo Cult Keynesianism. 
     I wish I’d thought of Keynman’s phrase. It really rings true today.  It’s so apt.
     Referring to the Cargo Cults of WWII and the natives desperation to recreate Manna from the sky, Feynman was referrring to the ability of the goverment to print money, create debt, wage war and debase the FIAT,  thus showering the people with the excess product of their profligate ways.   The people of this country have been under the flight path of a government-created Marshall plan of wealth redistribution, debt escalation and false prosperity for 40 plus years. 
    Now that the planes are running out of gas, the government is desperate to continue the fiction of a burgeoning economy.  They’ve tried the Brave New World approach of soft socialism, debasement of personal responsibility and drugs.  Now they are being forced to resort to the 1984 effect.  
    In other words, ‘You will believe things are going well  or we will imprison you and kill you.’   This is happening on a world wide basis. 
    Scary s*** folks.   Keep your ‘Chin’ up and don’t buy into the government BS.

    • Chin: 4 posts on collodial silver, member since 0900 today. He is VP Product Development, SD Bullion? He obviously has some fiat tied into this product introduction or his job is on the line…lol.  I am waiting for debut of Doc’s Silver Arrow tips for my Mathews Crossbow, but I guess that is against his Hippocratic Oath? How about rolling out the Zircon encrusted silver tweezers for Xmas before September? You know, the ones that lock in to hold fishing line to tie off me Trout lures? I will give these guys a hand though, they inspired me to buy Creative Suite 6 Master Collection this week. First I modernize my web store then off to the races. Nothing like fiat to cure heavy metal fever.

  8. The people asked Moses how long they would suffer. Moses answered, “Ah just keep hangin’ in there,real soon” The people  asked, “How long is soon?” Moses replied, ” Go into the wild and wait, I’ll let you know. now stop asking!”

  9. As to the comment about PREMIUMS.  Like anything else, its SUPPLY and DEMAND.  Those LCS that have NO silver would sell it for peanuts if they had any, and those that DO have it, want 8 to 12 bucks over spot on Eagles, Maples, 90%, etc.  My advice is to buy it when you find it. The day the price is in calculator numbers is closer with each passing day.  Stack it people!

  10. Myself, my wife and my son all take colloidal silver for when we have infections, flus and stomach bugs. I will give this stuff a 100% guarantee for working on killing colds and bugs of any kind almost immediately.
    There have been several times the night before you can just tell you are about to be really sick with a lot of fever if I take a teaspoon of Colloidal silver and an oil of oregano pill along with me daily vitamind d3 pills then more times than not I feel completely back to normal the next day. If not and the cold kicks in I take around 2 spoonfulls of silver that day and it is going. Miracle drug and has a long history of being used as an antibiotic for hundreds of years.
    This is also why during the Plague or Black Death the more rich in society always made sure to eat from their sterling silver plates and forks and would lick them dry.

    • Id you are worried about heavy metals In any given 12 months I probably only take colloidal silver on 3 to 5 different occasions. Besides think of all the heavy metals you are getting if you use aluminum based deoderant and even in the air you breathe which is full of aluminum as well.

    • Cold cure: 4-5 grams of Vitamin C and 3-4 capsules of Cod Liver Oil at first symptoms…works well.
      Want to fix up that plaque build up in the arteries? 2 grams Turmeric daily. Start out at 500mg-1000mg a day…great stuff

    • “Besides think of all the heavy metals you are getting if you use aluminum based deoderant and even in the air you breathe which is full of aluminum as well.”
      Except that Aluminum is NOT a “heavy” metal.  Not saying that it is good for us, but that it is not classed as a heavy metal.  Most chemists consider “heavy metals” to be those that are higher in atomic weight than iron.  Not that there is a standard for this classification, though.

    Barrick was just slapped with a $16 million USD fine by the Chilean govt for Pascua Lama.  The shit just keeps piling up on this failed and illegal project.  They stole the property with forged documents, they’re destroying critical glaciers, they’re polluting the glacier melt, and they’re trying to screw everybody with this mine.
    This is why I hope Nevada revises their tax structure and charges Barrick with much higher tax rates than the constitutional (State constitution) rate of 5%….

  12. IMO the scum is satisfied with the current smash in silver to $20.24 and gold to near record low again. The scum have picked up PM at criminally low prices. I believe that they are in the process of going long and then crashing it down again. The big profits now appear to be in a volatile swing up and then back down. JS still may be partially right on the scum going long up to a point and then crashing it down at a certain point jusr as they did when it hit $1900. It could happen so fast that we must all be alert in order to take some quick profits to prepare better for when TSHTF. 

  13. Don’t know who Chin in but I like his friends.  I’ll going to nickname him “Pollo-peeper”   Cuz his chicks keep popping up and then disappearing. 
    Over on Harvey’s site there are a couple of articles of interest. 
    Christine LeGard, Pres of the IMF, is being charged with fraud and all kinds of other nasty financial crimes while she served as Sarkozy’s FinMin   Shifty business shifting 270million Euros to a friend in need is coming back to bit her.   10 yrs in the hoosegow might be her fate.   Resign she must.  Hopefully there is room on the synchonized swim team.    It seems that was her primary skill  before getting into the banker theft game.  Chin, please don’t put up any pictures of Christine as a swimmer, sans clothes or not.  Prunella doesn’t float my boat. In other news the EU is considering action on Banks used of clients assets as collateral.  I guess those Citroen DC2’s don’t go as far as they used to.

  14. Speaking of rehypothecation, I have decided that since this is so profitable, I will be doing it as well.  I will sell and then re-sell my house to maybe 100 different banks.  All of them will “own” it.  The house is worth about $400k but I will make it available to the 100 new owners for the special price of only $100k each.  This will net me a cool $10M and should be perfectly legal.  After all, if the pillars of our community can use this technique with fiat, gold, and silver, why not with real estate as well?  No longer will we have to suffer from only getting paid once for one item.  We can simply sell and resell it dozens of times, making HUGE profits at every sale.  Sound good?   What could possibly be wrong or illegal with this new form of real estate sales.  We might have to rename it UNreal estate, but what the hell?  Sorry banksters, 99 other banks also OWN my house now.  HA!

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