willie In the first of two EXPLOSIVE interviews with SD,  Hat Trick Letter editor Jim Willie gave some of his BOLDEST & MOST SHOCKING PREDICTIONS EVER for SD listeners:

  • Willie dissects the Holy Grail Gazprom gas deal, which he states is an OPEN DOOR for the dumping of Treasury bonds in exchange for energy
  • Russia Liquidating T-bonds through Euroclear in Belgium to acquire gold
  • Big Surprise Coming for London Boys: Frankfurt to Become Financial Hub For All of Europe & Asia– Willie reveals insider details
  • Large sovereigns (Russia, China, India, Saudi Arabia) now working together to source massive gold reserves for gold-backed USD replacement
  • China & Russia Have Accumulated Over 40,000 Tons of Gold Reserves for USD Replacement!!

Jim Willie’s Full MUST LISTEN interview with The Doc is below:



The Doc asked Jim for details on the Eurasian Trade Zone:

  • Energy pipelines serve as skeleton and corral, a commitment of important supply
  • Also like a captured zone dependent upon Russian energy supply
  • Long-term energy deals and commitments will form the glue
  • Greatest success has been the growing list of BRICS Assoc nations signing up
  • Payments for energy will be in Chinese Yuan and Russian Ruble
  • Funds in actual payment in huge amounts of USTreasury Bonds (aka Indirect Exchange)
  • Uniform inspection protocol, electricity & computer standards, approved company lists

  • Strange effect of luring Chinese RMB trade will work to avert Russian sanctions
  • Cannot piss off Chinese without causing Russian energy cutoff
  • Competition brewing for RMB Hub centers in London and Frankfurt
  • Obstructions of South Stream will soon result in test case partial cutoffs (like to Italy)
  • Watch Germany for key developments
  • Frankfurt has 40 new funding and investment deals, the new capital formation mass
  • Frankfurt will become the new financial hub for all of Europe and Asia!


The Doc then asked Willie to elaborate on his theory of the Belgium Bulge of USTreasury Bonds, as potential evidence of a massive gold sourcing by the BRICS: 


  • Russian USTBond dumping is obvious, maybe some from China also
  • List of other nations in bond dumps is long, & includes India, Saudis, Iran
  • Other explanation is PIIGS nations movement of USTB ahead of Basel III obstacles
  • JPMorgan knows how to conceal USTBond purchases by central banks (hmmm!)
  • Large sovereign(s) are protecting a massive futures contract like on COMEX & LBMA
  • Suspected sovereigns (Russia, China, India, Saudi, Japan, even Iran)

  • Could include a collateralized grab of GLD fund also, but much smaller factor
  • Margin call activity seems evident, producing more collateral every month
  • Larger contract put in place, requiring more collateral toward growing gold source
  • Has the look, feel, smell, and earmarks of gigantic BRICS Gold Central Bank source
  • $1bn buys 25 tons gold, so $400bn buys 10,000 tons gold
  • Figure only part of $400bn to be linked to gold sourcing, but leverage active also
  • Visible with EuroClear in Belgium could be duplicated as ClearStream in Germany
  • Might be another Teutonic Bulge but better hidden in Germany

  • We could be witnessing also the dissolution of the entire IMF pledge scheme
  • Possible conversion of IMF pledges into Gold source
  • The IMF is dead but not yet buried, fund depleted, just a bank asset seizure tool
  • The IMF super sovereign basket going nowhere, with no lead support or initiative
  • Jackass suspects official BRICS Development Bank is to be a hidden gold central bank.


Check back this weekend for a special Metals & Markets with Ron Paul, an exclusive interview with Eric Sprott, as well as the second interview with Jim Willie, which features the most shocking claim The Golden Jackass has ever made in his illustrious market forecasting career!


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    • Sorry guys and I love this site but this interview is old. As in several months old. WTF! 
      I can’t believe Silver Doctors would neglect to disclose that this interview is several months old. WTF! Guys. I am disappointed.

    • @Blue The information was fresh for me.  It’s difficult to keep up with everyone.  Mr. Willie, Celente, Maloney,Sprott, Rule etc…all like to give copious long winded interviews.  It’s difficult to keep up with current events working pets etc…the interview may be a little aged as you say but the information was fresh for me.  

    • Here’s an idea … how about regular transfers between countries of Bullion, and an Online Exchange System that every country participates in auditing and every country builds a dedicated secure server network to backup and service it???
      Any country to run out of Bullion because their elPresidente was estupido enough to run massive deficits can get lynched by angry citizens like the way it used to be. The only reason elPresidente’s have gotten away with not getting lynched for this long is because of Central Banks, and legacy systems like the IMF.
      Lynching is Natures way of keeping ‘leaders’ honest (by fear).
      “When the Govt Fears the People, Liberty flourishes. When the people fear the Govt, Tyranny reigns.” – Common Sense 101.

    • ““When the Govt Fears the People, Liberty flourishes. When the people fear the Govt, Tyranny reigns.” –Common Sense 101.”
      Indeed.  Thomas Jefferson thought that in virtually those same words.

  1. What’s this “bombshell”?
    This is all the same stuff that was on the Finance and Liberty interview the other day.
    I can only take the Willie screaming once a month and then only if it’s new news.

  2. If the ‘Eastern Coalition’ was pronouncing firm plans of intention to guide the world back to the Honest Weight and Measure of the Metallic Monetary Scheme again, I could tolerate all this talk of threatening critical product supply cut offs for political coercion, as a temporary expedient to counteract the excessive influence of American Banknote. But, that isn’t the case. Russia and China appear rather intent to force … their … banknotes on the world … in place … of it. So, that’s merely supplanting one tyranny with another! Banknotes are banknotes. They ALL steal the Labor of our world’s Peoples, leaving them to pay the whole ever-ballooning cost in eternal debt-servitude.

    So, why the frick does Mr. Willie find this enchantingly delightful? Whose cause does he REALLY champion? Apparently not that of ordinary Peoples.

    • Pat, I think you are making the assumption that this is what Jim Willie wants.  After listening to almost every Willie interview for the past 4+ years and reading his newsletter, his goal is to inform us where the world is heading, whether he likes it or not, whether you and I like it or not.  We have no control over what type of monetary policy is in place in the world, the only thing we can do is to learn as much as possible and position ourselves wisely.  I understand your frustration, that being said, there is no need to get upset or accuse Willie of championing a new monetary system where China and Russia use Gold as a trade settlement when we don’t have a choice in the matter, we cannot force the paper ponzi scheme of forced banknotes to be eradicated.  So… do you want the current system of Fiat money where EVERYTHING is manipulated, or do you want a new system where Gold and Silver play a role??
      We do not have any other options…. no point in getting upset over something you cannot control.  Learn, plan, prepare and worry about things that only YOU have control over.
      Unfortunately, as you mentioned, banknotes are banknotes, regardless of who issues them.  At least with gold integrated into settling global trade contracts, or backing a currency, the value of that gold (and other metals) will only increase therefore helping those who were smart enough to stack while the metals are at record discount prices.  

    • Mr Willie  is not in the  business of championing a solution to the current  state of affairs , but he is in the business of explaining the dynamics of said circumstances, and therefore his cause is to accumulate and distribute information, and seeing that it is the effect the solute has on the solvent which makes a solution ,he is perhaps doing a lot more to help your cause than you give him credit for.          

    • We Need Critical Thinking People!  Evidence is right in our faces, yet we still allow this sick behavior to continue!  We will find out how to die by their actions, but we do nothing until we are dead.  Wake Up People!  What do others suggest?

  3. Eboy75   Thanks for posting this article written by Holter.  More than anyone else, Holter appears to have filtered much data and concluded that China’s shadow banking  unwinding andmultiple pledging of and  rehypothecating  of potentially millions of tons of iron, copper, zinc and other base metals will prove to be China’s banking system Waterloo.  If not a complete destruction, it will reverberate outwards to our shores.  The saying ‘the first one out the door gets the best deal’ means the unwinding will start slowly and then race forward. 
    If the base metal commodities drop in price by 30-50%, this will be a huge shock. If the banks holding these assets as collateral find they were pledged 5 to 10 times over, this could mean a 15 to 20 fold reduction in value with the bank’s capital base.   Over the last 30 years I’ve seen banks leverage their capital 1000% and end up loaning on collateral that dropped by 50-90% in the space of months.  Those banks vaporized in literally one day. Tits up is tits up no matter the language spoken.

    The Chinese are in for a major reset and restructuring. As base metals, particularly copper, drop due to the forced liquidation, the stocks of gold and silver should hold the line and increase in value.  
    As the tide recedes we will see who is naked and who is wearing shorts.  Excuse the pun
    Real money, real value will be seen as the savior of China and other countries which stacked precious metals. We preppers and stackers know that certain things will become valueless and others will have value beyond calculations.
     China knows what’s coming. They may not know the day when things go toes up but they are working to give themselves some stability to assure their survival post-reset.
    They know their USD and foreign currency reserves from the western world will drop in value, perhaps even going to zero in a world wide crash. They know their banking system has gotten out of control and that a day of reckoning is at hand.  They know that their banksters are a a bunch of greedy bastards.
    Those poeple will be arrested and executed as criminals
     Even if those USD reserves drop by 50% the Chinese will offload them to a buyer who does not know they what they are buying into.  That is just a game of monetary musical chairs of depreciating USD obligations.  The Chinese will take the loss, considering that investment loss to be worthwhile as a sunk cost since it accomplished much to help them buy gold, silver, economic investments, land and commodities using  the USD as Monopoly money via the indirect swaps that are being forced into Belgium and other landing spots of bonds being repatriated by the Chinese (and Russians).
    They will have a market for these UST bonds and will continue to work them as a trading platform until that fails.  That trading platform is becoming increasingly shaky as their banking system unwinds these bad collateral positions. They might have to liquidate USTs to gain liquidity to save their banks and industries. The PBOC will work hard to bail out their overleveraged industries and banks where they can.
    But what the heck, we’ve seen this plenty of times before.  Just stack, sit tight and watch the movie. It is about to get really interesting.  Cheers Y’all

    • @AGXIIK
      As for connecting the dots, the timing IS certainly coincidental.  😉  What I find interesting is that, in the end, Draghi needs to weaken the Euro… and yet, the markets are voting in the opposite direction.  By avoiding the QE ‘poison pill’ now, Europe can stay on the sidelines as this financial tsunami epicenter in China begins to radiate outward.  You are correct about the possible instantaneous destruction of the bank capital bases if that collateralization erodes seriously.  And if so, the blowback will go worldwide.  And, if that does happen, Draghi may be happy he’s still got a QE arrow left in his quiver… As I see it, this NIRP-Ball is basically another ‘jawboning’ delay tactic, put in place because he HAD to do something… but with events unfolding as fast as they are worldwide, he really didn’t have a PRO-ACTIVE play… better to sit on the sidelines and wait. After all, his specialty seems to be to suspend animation by dazzling with BS… “we’ll do whatever it takes…”
      China will survive this whole thing quite intact.  The major impact will be felt in the paper fiat sled, which is already on the downslope world wide.  If this Chinese thing reaches a tipping point, it will throw a lot of slippery stuff under the fiat sled tracks…  in which case, popcorn and a cinched seatbelt may be your best friends…   LOL!

    • The Euro has gold as a tier one asset – I think Draghi knows what he is doing. What is coming will be disorderly, but China/Russia and Europe (ECB) are positioning themselves accordingly – freegold theorists hold the Euro as the next currency of strength. I proffer no comments to these thoughts.
      China and Russia are doing so many deals now. it’s astonishing. Timelines are uncertain but for sure, we are much closer than even a few weeks ago…..this is moving quickly but unseen (except by stackers lol).
      The sheep have their eye lids stapled together, even some of my more astute friends are unable to join the dots. Poor them when the time comes!

    • @Sovereign Economist
      “After all, his specialty seems to be to suspend animation by dazzling with BS… “we’ll do whatever it takes…””
      Well, SE, you KNOW what they say:  “If you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, blind them with your BS!”.  😉
      “China will survive this whole thing quite intact.”
      Indeed they will.  20-25,000 tons of gold will do that for a nation, while others are sinking into a sea of debt and drowning in it.
      “… in which case, popcorn and a cinched seatbelt may be your best friends…   LOL!”
      Yep, that and a tightly clenched sphincter… because IT IS going to hit the fan… BIG-TIME!

  4. The WEST = clueless. That includes the sources the readers read here. J Willie could not be more accurate. If you think China is about to blow, you are obviously CLUELESS. Yea, they really do have big issues with the shadow banking system etc. But hey all I hear from the US/EU side is this blowing and that blowing with constant BS from the main stream propaganda. Whereas when I read Eastern new sources they continue to state deals here, deals there and deal just about everywhere. Just to make my point, here is a news bit that you won’t see plastered everywhere.
    Europe is a very sizable Natgas market so excluding the USD is an earthquake event, but hey it doesn’t matter to the Western media. Enjoy your BS from the G7. BTW – J Willie said this would happen last month.
    All you trashing Willie = CLUELESS MORONS as he would state. I concur. IDIOTS!

    • @digi
      I am inclined to agree with you.  People tend to get stuck on the details in Willie’s presentation.  But, if you listen with a broader ear, the sea-change in the world’s geopolitical inertia is unmistakeable.  And he’s got that pretty well dialed in, as far as I can see…
      What’s interesting is that what he’s laying out is a situation in which the globalist powerbases are virtually destroyed.  It stands to reason that this powerful cabal won’t just sit still and let their destruction come over them unchallenged.  So they will resist and fight back.  This adds to the perceived ‘chaos’ in which predictions and forecasts incorporating any reference to a clock or a calendar are a waste of time.  This is like the precious metals manipulations.  For a long time, we all expected metals to go to highs… without stopping to realize what such an eventuality would mean for TPTB.  OF COURSE, they were COMPELLED by SURVIVAL to intervene.  So, for the past couple of years now, we’ve steamed in impatience over the delay of the inevitable.  What makes ANYONE think these evil criminals are not scheming as we speak, to derail the future they face???  They won’t go down without a fight.  So, in the meantime, we just sit tight and try to avoid the incoming….
      …One day… the smoke will clear and the dust will settle.
      We just need to make sure WE make it to that day.

    • For those of you trashing Willie’s perspective, here are… COUNT THEM… THREE…  stories in the news TODAY which he’s talked about for the last 60 days. 

      Plus… the one @digi linked to above:
      The very fact that these stories are starting to pop in non-Willie allied press might be significant.  What he’s saying is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE if you step back and look at things objectively.  Sure, discernment is important.  But closemindedness is a real liability when dealing with today’s geopolitics… especially when the lunatics are running the asylum… LOL!

    • @Sovereign Economist
      “What makes ANYONE think these evil criminals are not scheming as we speak, to derail the future they face???”
      What would make anyone think that we don’t know that this is EXACTLY what they are doing?  All of the comments we read on here indicate that this is happening.  No one is suggesting that they are just going to meekly give up.  Far from it.  Yes, their days are numbered but they are trying desperately to stretch out THE END for as long as they possibly can, regardless of the terrible consequences this has on everyone else.  As true psychopaths, they do not care about anyone but themselves.  What WILL be fascinating to watch is how these people treat each other as the Titanic of their plans begins to list more and more.
      Agree 100% on us surviving to see better days after the SHTF and things begin to recover.

  5. Here is a funny story
    every morning my wife will scoop the cat litter boxes and put the kitty equivalent of Almond Rocca in a platic sack.  She’ll snitch one of the silver coins I have in my pants pocket and walk to my desk.  She proffers my coin and a sack of cat crap and asks’ Which you do want’
    I am not sure what she expects me to say.  We’re both totally committed to precious metals so maybe she thinks that someday I’ll have lost my mind and say    “Gimme that bag of cat crap’  
    She also knows it gives me great concern that she has purloined one of my silver coins.
    It’s all in good fun around the AG household but it got me to thinking how gullible countries are today.
    But what about the Chinese and Russians.  
    We keep sending them DIGIFIAT disguised as real money, all wrapped up in plastic bags and smelling like shit.  
    When do you think they’ll stop accepting crap wrapped in paper?  I’m not certain but I think that time is coming soon.
    Cuz’ when they do we, the western world, is gonna be in a mess of hurt

    • Your wife wouldn’t happen to serve Kool-Aid would she???
      …or leave the TV on in the background???
      Flouride to the left of us, GMO to the right
      Here I am stuck in the middle with poo!

    • @AGXIIK
      Damn it, AG… that WAS funny!  LOL
      But… remind me to skip any almond roca party favors when next we visit you folks.  I know that you’d like to get rid of this cat crap but disguising it as a snack might be going a bit far.  Save it for the politicians.  They are so used to s**t that they probably would not notice.  😉

    • @AGXIIK tell Mrs AG to send that Cat Crap to the Federal Reserve and tell them you are donating some reserves to keep them liquid!
      I heard Janet Yellen likes cat crap, keeps the facial skin nice and taut and looking so youthful … LOL.

  6. Here is what Putin has to to say:
    I love listening to this man.  Putin has a refreshing eloquence that does not sound the least bit bloodthirsty and warmongering.  Sure he was a gangster, but I reckon he’s a reformed gangster.
    And I think we can thank our lucky stars for a leader like Putin that we are not in the midst of a world war right now.  
    Maybe my silver eagles will be worth something if Putin’s plan for the US dollar dissolution becomes a reality.  

  7. Regarding Jim Willies assertion that the UK apparently withdrew support for the proposed US led attack on Syria solely due to a phone call from Russia. There was actually a vote in Parliament that voted against any action though that is not to say that the vote wasn’t pushed in the right direction if that was what was desired. We have as much corruption in pressurised voting as anywhere. They call it the whipping system here. It did surprise me how Cameron seemed to just shrug his shoulders and say “hey what can we do, they voted against it” and little more was said. I’m glad they did vote that way for whatever reason.

    • This is how international geopolitics works.  Those in the positions of power KNOW the right phone numbers to use to reach the right people.
      I would imagine that the call simply reminded someone in a position to impact the vote that, for every action, there is a reaction.  Actions always come with consequences and sometimes it’s just the quiet reminder of those consequences that swings the course of events.

  8. ranger  I made a guess of 20,000 tons in Chinese hands several months ago.  I think they will under-report by  a factor of 2-3 but that is human nature and the nature of governments to either underestimate or over estimate strategic assets.
     This is an aspect of  war that’s  ongoing between east and west.   Disclosing what a country has stacked in the way of  war materiel is unwise.  China will not tip its hand on its gold and silver stacks until they are ready.  
    Sovereign Economist.  I wonder about flouride.   Doc just started selling a flouride free toothpaste that has colloidal silver. I bought a few tubes.  With my metal hip,  bacteria is a real issue  so Coll Silver and H20@ are prudent
    How much damage was done in the last 55 years of being force feed flouride might be discerned through my writings.  I’ll blame it on the NWO attempt to dumb down us munchkins.   If I say yes to the cat crap I will know they’ve won.

  9. Same old same old. Nothing to back up his sensational claim of 40k tons of gold.
    The guy talks so damn much he’s likely to get something right but I don’t see him adding anything new but perhaps a subscriber gets much more credible information as to sources.

  10. There are now RMB savings accounts in San Francisco!
    Saw this last night walking to dinner. It was at an East West Bank branch. My first thought was, that’s interesting. Then when I thought about it in a wider context I was stunned.
    The internationalization of the RMB is happening faster than most people realize.

    • As Ed has said, they are not hard to find if you ask. The reason they were not advertised before is that China was deliberately NOT internationalizing its Currency … they had controls in place for cash transactions in and out of the Chinese mainland. They made sure there was not funny business with their currency caused by outside Rothschilds etc, but now that the USD is widely known to be dying they could care a lot less about how many RMB international parties are holding and dealing with for international trade.
      If a war is declared and the Chinese are pegged as axis forces however, you would not want to be holding RMB’s in an account held in a US Bank … best keep them in a Panamanian Account with Cayman wiring LOL!

  11. WillNotBeASlave
    Great idea.  The kitty litter’s a great exfoliant, scubbing away the lizard scales.  
    The cat crap has creamy protein-rich  hydrating elements that firm and smooth the new epidermis.  
    It’s been shown to give its users the look of live human beings.  
    If you’re wondering how to detect it’s users,  just take a big sniff.
    The scientists at Monsanto are working on that
    I heard that it’ll soon be offer by Vince Shamwow under the label 
    Miss Kitty’s Pretty S***** Cream
    Only $19.95 for one bucket
    If you call in the next 10 minutes you can get 2 buckets for $19.95, S&H extra.
    Call 800 228-2626.  They have operators available to take your call. 
    If you’re the next 50 callers you get an extra special free bonus gift of one Ghanan gold flavored tungsten bar 
    These have many uses around the home and office  
    Use them to hammer down that unpleasant morning growth of devil horns.
     They can be helpful to beat your customers senseless.  

  12. The Federal Reserve Note is the problem, and the ready solution is to implement what John F. Kennedy was doing ten days before his assassination.  Fortunately, the chances that the world ends the Bank for International Settlements, and we have an orderly transition to bring the world’s gold out of hiding, are greater than 90-95%.

  13. The death of the Federal Reserve Note ≠ the death of the US Dollar.  An accurate power transition model [ ]
     predicts instead that the members of the Bretton Woods institutions will declare the bankruptcy of the members of the Bank for International Settlement (which is really one big mega conglomerate ) and replace the fractional reserve currencies with gold coins denominated in their currencies.  Stay tuned.

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