bankerWith Gold and Silver Smashed Again Friday Ahead of FOMC Week, PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler Joined Us to Break Down All the Propaganda and Market Action:

  • Will Silver FINALLY Take Out This Critical Level After the FOMC?
  • FOMC Meeting Could Trigger Next Stage of Gold and Silver Bull Market
  • No Coincidence the BIG HITS Have Been Occurring on COMEX Open
  • CME to Roll out Gold/Silver Ratio Futures Contracts – What’s the Bankster Play Here? 

The SD Weekly Metals & Markets With The Doc, Dubin, & Fund Manager Dave Kranzler Is Below:


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Gold bullion sales remained strong across the industry this week as gold prices rallied throughout the first half of the week, then sold off with renewed fears of a September rate hike by the FOMC. 

The US Mint sold 17,500 1 oz Gold Eagles, bringing monthly Gold Eagle sales to 35,000 coins, and year to date sales to 642,000 oz. 

In Silver:

Retail silver demand was strong again this week as silver dipped below $19/oz.  SD Bullion saw another influx of big new buyers taking down significant 6 figure purchases.


Wholesale premiums on 90% Junk Silver Coins remained stable this week.

2016 Silver Eagle sales reported by the US Mint came in at 640,000 coins this week, bringing September sales to 950,000, and year to date Silver Eagles sales to 29,850,500. 

The US Mint released the 30th Anniversary 2016 Silver Eagle Proof  Friday, with special 30th anniversary text along the rim of the coin, a first for the mint.
The Silver Eagle proofs are expected to sell out quickly due to the unique feature. 

The Week’s Top Silver News Stories

The Week’s Top Gold News Stories


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    • @NotAnOwner


      “Anyone care to guess a number?”


      Sure, why not?  The first price that entered my head was $21.25.  That was emotion talking.  Then, my intellect took over, said, “Nah, that’s only 2 weeks away.  Better cut it back a little”.  Maybe a combo of these to get a “real” number?  OK, how about $19.75 by Oct. 1st ?

      Note: for all the noobs out there, being right on this does NOT make me a guru or anything else special. lol



    • Is that the only thing with Oct 1st , the Chinese deal becomes part of the accepted world currency ? Of course thats another step to the world saying good bye dollar. I have heard rumors of Oct 2nd being some kind of illuminati D DAY , I dont know . I just know Prophecies are being fulfilled and they have an order in which they happen.  Will some Event happen Oct 1st 2nd 3rd  ???   I guess we will see. Interesting times , for sure.

      Jesus Reigns Forever and Ever Amen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It is simply hard to believe these guys do not know why the metals are going down and the reason for it. Their rantings over and over about manipulation is just nonsense. The reason for the shorts recently at the Comex was because in yesterday’s early morning London session traders were shorting the EUR/USD and the GBP/USD crosses, which both are in long term bearish trends, which causes dollar strength which equates to across the board commodity weakness including gold and silver. It didn’t help with the news that the DOJ is fining Deutsche Bank over $14 billion. The crosses were monkey hammered. The algos at the Comex have been actually driving the gold price up when there is short term dollar weakness to the 1362 bearish reversal level and when dollar strength returns adding their shorts and riding price weakness back down. Just look at the last upwards move at the Comex. First the algos drove price to 1360, then to 1372, 3 times to 1366, then to 1361, then to 1357 and finally to 1350 and each time at around the bearish reversal level shorts were added when dollar strength returned. There is simply no “cartel” smashing or capping prices as these people claim. They seem to look at the metals prices in isolation and fail to understand what drives price movement whether up or down. It is simply determined by huge amounts of capital moving into or out of markets and this is all determined by outside influences. Failing to understand this you will keep believing in the manipulation nonsense. The reason for the continued attacks against Deutsche and the coming DOJ fines on European banks is wall street and corporate America putting huge amounts of pressure on both Germany and France to sign the TTIP as both countries announced just two weeks ago the deal was dead. When the other banks are fined this will cause additional weakness on both the EUR/USD and GBP/USD crosses causing more shorts to be added at the Comex. These pm promoters seem to believe that gold and silver are somehow divorced from the rest of the commodity pool and are not influenced by outside forces. In spite of some form of monetary value, both gold and silver are after all just commodities and trade just like any other commodity!

      I just recently listened to a video by pm promoters claiming that China thru it’s Shanghai futures market is building inventory and are going to “shoot the silver price to the moon”. Total nonsense. The reason for the buildup is two fold. One the market is relatively new and it takes time to build inventory and two, Chinese manufacturers can now purchase their future needs thru this market and not rely on outside or foreign sources. There is simply no way China is going to somehow inflate the silver price artificially and destroy their export markets in the process. Again this is real world economics.



    • jj, those capital flows you speak of which determine PM prices have nothing to do with physical gold and silver, they flow in and out of digital phony representations of real metal as evidenced by the very high ratios of paper to metal in the Comex etc. Manipulation can go up and down, I’m sure they do it both ways. Clearly there is manipulation going on, and I tend to disagree with the PM analysts who only focus on the down smashes, it likely goes to the upside as well; why not when there is unlimited paper to inject into an almost entirely paper market? It has nothing to do with any actual gold bars or coins. Until the physical metal runs out, as we know it will eventually since demand is roughly twice mine supply, then this paper price will prevail.

    • @ed_b 🙂 Yes that seems about right, why not? I was expecting something like .. 30$ by the end of October .. or the likes, you know, because the USD is dying and the SDRs and China taking over and blah blah blah

    • @jimsjoe : PMs = commodities, exactly + people can assign value to whatever they wish, but those metals will still be metals at the end of the day.

      As much as people want to complain about it, if enough people sees value on some encrypted chunks of bits and call that bitcoin, it will have a price, is it money? no more than a shinny rock is. In fact: what the hell is money after all? An illusion.

    • @markbc : reading your comments one would think that the physical gold and silver prices are dealt elsewhere. Is that so? Would you care to tell us how and where? That’s news to me.


      On March 20, 2015, the historic London Gold Fix was discontinued and replaced by the LBMA Gold Price, for which ICE Benchmark Administration (IBA) became the administrator.
      IBA hosts an electronic auction process for the LBMA Gold Price. This process is independently administered and tradeable, electronically and physically settled, conducted in dollars, with aggregated and anonymous bids and offers, and published on-screen in real time.

    • @zero : ok, let’s wait until say october 6, 6 hours and 6 minutes and see if that take the PM price somewhere 🙂 Just kidding a bit sorry, I don’t believe in our calendar giving any clues, but I do believe in people assigning value to numbers and causing certain dates to be important, I’ll give you that (9/11 anyone?).

    • @notanowner : No, the physical gold price is not dealt with elsewhere. That’s the whole point of my argument and why goldbugs for years have been advising people to take advantage of this “gift” that the bankers are providing us. I will explain.

      Paper (digital) manipulation of PM prices has grossly distorted the physical market. The digital to physical ratio for PM’s is well beyond any other “commodity” on the exchanges and that is done for a reason: to distort the market.

      Basically, we have two demand “curves” for gold: one for digital gold, and one for physical gold. At the current price, the demand for physical gold is about twice the global mine supply which, in the long run, is a problem because science says that it will eventually run out! At the current price, the demand for digital gold is much higher than for physical gold. This isn’t a problem, because as much digital gold can be conjured up into the market as demanded, at the click of a mouse.

      On the supply end, we also have two supply “curves” for gold: one physical and one digital. The bankers’ problem is that they need to convince the world that digital gold and physical gold are the same thing (see below). This requires the price of digital and physical gold to be the same. But as I explained above, those two markets operate on completely different supply and demand curves, hence the market distortion.

      Basically, it seems that the bankers have taken taken the sovereign gold that used to be (and legally still is) owned by the public via our governments before they were taken over by a private banking cartel. This gold is being offered into the market via various “leasing” schemes in order to satiate the physical demand curve, because if significant physical shortages arose then the whole scheme would fall apart as a black market price for physical gold would emerge which would be much higher than the digital spot price. This is what analysts have been warning about for years: when the physical premiums get too high then we may be running out. There have been a few scares over recent years but they went away, presumably because additional physical gold supplies were “liberated”.

      The reason gold price (both physical and digital, for now) is being held down is clear. Firstly, obviously the central bankers want to hide the trillions of dollars they print up out of nothing and give to the banks to prop up the financial system which inevitably works its way into the general markets to result in price inflation rates well above the lies they tell us. Secondly, gold price is constantly smashed to kill confidence in it and prevent a stampede into gold as price rises (which it would if it weren’t for the digital gold markets soaking up the digital capital seeking gold). This can be a positively reinforced phenomenon in those situations where gold can act like a giffen good. It seems that bankers have successfully squashed confidence in and demand for gold in the western world to below what is mined out of the ground. But Asia remains unconvinced and is buying gold hand over fist at these artificially low prices.

      I hope that clears it up for you. Any other questions, let me know.

    • @NotAnOwner

      You know how rumors are . I have never been invited to any of the meetings held by the folks that would know.  I dont think they would be very comfortable . (That visual is priceless, Bha ha ha ha ha)   Yes , You are correct they give values to Numbers and Dates  . Not sure what their value system is. The Bible also gives value to numbers as well. Throughout the Bible you will see certain numbers associated over and over with certain subjects. I dont have that figured out either, Though I dont think I will rely on  Bo P s Understanding/Misunderstanding of this either.

      9/11/2001 , 10/2/2016  I dont see any connection there. Maybe I dont know the proper math to apply . Lol

    • @markbc : below you can find statistics on physical gold demand from the Gold Council website, I think they look pretty stable if you look at the yearly numbers and it’s not even close to double the mining.

      Besides, if twice the amount of gold mined is being sold, that does not mean gold is going to be over soon, it just means the product rotates (changes hands) at twice the speed of the mining amount, that’s all. Remember people buying this year, can sell next one, now multiply that by the history of gold mining.

      But the main thing I fail to see is this: you get to buy physical gold at the electronic markets fixed price, so where does the disconnect happen? Why do you say this is not a real price if that’s the price you are charged when you get the real tangible gold? I would understand your point if when you buy gold the price is different, but it’s not, right?

      View post on

    • @Mark_BC

      Sounds like you have a pretty good take on things. 500+/1 paper to physical is crazy , but I didnt make that number up.  And Your Right about the Asians. They are not fooled by paper because they have been through paper becoming worthless many times. Here we have never been through it, as our currency has always been backed by gold in the past. Our Great Deppression was not as bad as many other places around the world because our currency was in demand (gold backed). The people here are in for a RUDE AWAKENING , as the World is seeking to rid themselves of the never ending flood of devaluating Dollars, Brought to you by Bankster Ink , wait ink is too expensive, better Bankster Keyboard . WE ARE REALLY GOING TO FEEL IT THIS TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hold metals ,but not really looking forward to the days they become their True Value because it will be trouble times to say the least. The People Here are Blind and Have No Clue Whats About To Happen, But Ready Or Not , Happen It Will!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Jesus Have Mercy On Us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • One Thing Is Certain, And You Can Put Out Stats and Charts All You Want, But I have Been Over Seas In The Last Few Years, And A Big Change Has Happened From The Past, They Dont Want Dollars Any More !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Signs on Businesses say : NO GREEN BACKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      People on the streets selling things, chase you up and down the street trying to sell you stuff , You pull Dollars Out Of Your Pocket, They Stick Out Their Tongues And Walk Away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      The Country of origin in currency collapse is the last to feel it , When they start floating up on our shores (worthless Dollars) It will be FAR TOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!

    • @notanowner

      below you can find statistics on physical gold demand from the Gold Council website, I think they look pretty stable if you look at the yearly numbers and it’s not even close to double the mining.

      Many have questioned the WGC’s numbers and motives. They provide no backup explanation. Repeated questioning about their sources and assumptions by analysts has gone unanswered.

      According to them, “The World Gold Council is the market development organisation for the gold industry.”

      Do they have special insider knowledge others don’t? It doesn’t seem that way. Koos Jansen has been following gold flows in Asia, backing up his analysis with real data, and he disagrees with the numbers provided by WGC that seem to be plunked out of thin air. Many suspect the WGC is a shill organisation for the central banks.

      Besides, if twice the amount of gold mined is being sold, that does not mean gold is going to be over soon, it just means the product rotates (changes hands) at twice the speed of the mining amount, that’s all. Remember people buying this year, can sell next one, now multiply that by the history of gold mining.

      I haven’t run the numbers myself, but the analysts who come up with the physical gold deficit take that into account. Global demand for gold is roughly twice the supply coming from recycling + mining. It is NET imports into India and China that matter. NET already accounts for people trading within those countries.

      But the main thing I fail to see is this: you get to buy physical gold at the electronic markets fixed price, so where does the disconnect happen? Why do you say this is not a real price if that’s the price you are charged when you get the real tangible gold?

      I call it a phoney price because it is a price determined in the digital infinite gold market which is artificially pegged to the physical market.

    • @NotAnOwner


      “Yes that seems about right, why not? I was expecting something like .. 30$ by the end of October .. or the likes, you know, because the USD is dying and the SDRs and China taking over and blah blah blah”

      That too is a possibility but the probability of that happening seems low to me.

      Not that some black swan event could not produce such a result, of course.  Israel nuking Tehran might be able to do that as well as any number of other disasters on the world stage.  I’m not calling for this or even saying that it is a good idea because it clearly is not.  But… it COULD happen.  Again, the probability seems low.

      A MUCH preferred method would be for some sort of negotiated debt restructuring on a world-wide basis that includes higher prices for gold and silver as part of the agreement.  As long as such an agreement includes some benefits for everyone signing it, it could work to everyone’s advantage.  If the top 20 or so industrial nations lead on this, most others will follow or they could be left behind for a very long time.  Countries that hold a lot of gold and / or silver or that have a lot of raw ores for these metals in the ground would do very well.  Those that do not would feel left out.  It would be good to know where the various major economic powers stand on all this.  We all have our suspicions, of course, but some hard facts coming out of any such discussions would be much better.

      There are areas in which the US really stands out and which could be a great route in acquiring gold and silver via economic exchange of various goods.  Things like medical and scientific instrumentation, satellite launching services, communications gear, timber, nat gas, transportation gear, and foodstuffs of many kinds come to mind.


  1. Great show guys!

    After Brexit I was cheering for higher prices…

    I have since stopped cheering and have fully embrace the smashes.

    Man I would never imagined that I would be owning soooooo many ounces last year…

    And my Ag is still at $18.25 per oz….just unreal…and I want more…

    When it goes up, it goes up…until then I’ll keep squirreling away Ag and buying under $20 per 1 oz round all day long.

    And man there is some really purdy premium rounds or gov mint out there to buy here and there…

    As Rob Scheider said in Jaws “We’re going to need a bigger boat!”

  2. Maybe the bottom line in all this is, “Do you want some real money or not?”.  If so, then buy what silver and / or gold you can comfortably afford and call it good.  At the very least, it will be a good long-term hedge against inflation.  Might also provide a store of value against possible US$ devaluation and other monetary shenanigans.  Just remember that all of this is LONG term and not short term.  Very little actually happens quickly in this arena… until it does.  😀





      “I like how that sounds “real money”, to me that’s like saying “objective subjetivity”.”

      Agreed.  But then, not everyone on here has the monetary sophistication that you have and I am trying to reach everyone here with such a comment.  In fact, one either has money or they do not.  But way too many of our fellow citizens have been brain-washed into thinking that fiat debt Ponzi paper is “money” when it is not.  Worse yet, they have been taught that credit is “money” and it most definitely is not.  Before the truth can be learned, some will have to un-learn what they think is so before they can proceed.  I know that I did!  🙂


    • @NotAnOwner


      “well thanks for that, to be honest I am not sure if I should feel worried or flattered LOL  see you at the other articles man.”

      No problem.  We are “the good guys”.  🙂

  3. The world is dumping our Treasuries and the dollar demise is soon to follow-the two charts below is proof in the pudding.  The selling snowball will turn into an avalanche and the only safe place to park any failing fiat currency will be in precious metals…


  4. I am not feeding any more f…ing trolls.

    After the fiasco of wednesday 2 pm those mofos will run and hide under their stinking rocks. It´s only 3 days away.

    Old Yeller will shite on herself, hope she faints like Clinton as well.

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