house-of-cards“The Perfect Storm in Silver is Coming.  Demand Could TOTALLY OVERWHELM SUPPLY in 2016. The Real Value of Gold and Silver Will Be RELEASED By the Bankers Once They’re Out of Their Positions.-Steve St. Angelo

Is the Collapse of the Paper Gold and Silver Market at Hand? 

In This Special SD Metals and Markets, Expert Gold & Silver Analyst Steve St. Angelo of the SRSRocco Report Makes the Case:

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Steve St. Angelo from SRS Rocco Report joined Doc and I after Thursday’s US market close.  Now, with the benefit Friday’s regular session nearly complete, we see a continuation of the horizontal action in silver and even a small gold uptrend reasserting itself following general sideways “digestion” of the gains racked-up earlier in the week. 

The upside action we’ve seen in precious metals since mid last month has been impressive.  But what’s even more impressive is the fact that, generally speaking, we’re seeing mostly sideways trading and consolidation after each big upward move.  That is traditional bull market behavior, and new buyers of both paper and physical are coming to this market at a rate that is exceeding the ability of the cartel to keep prices down.  It appears that last month, the cartel was forced into a “managed retreat” posture, to use GATA Chairman Bill Murphy’sterm.

gold (12)

silver (15)

Steve discusses the long-term trends of registered gold and silver at the COMEX.  Quite a few of our peers made arguments throughout 2015 that there’s nothing to see here.  Critics based their argument primarily on the fact that vault supplies can be adjusted, at will, thus alleviating any issue with “too little” registered bullion.  This sophomoric argument was compounded by some, as they erected a specious “straw man” supporting argument regarding COMEX default and force majeure, as if to suggest that anyone spotlighting the insane blow-out of registered bullion against historical trends could only be relevant in the context of a COMEX default.  Tune into the show for more discussion and click here for Steve’s recent article on this subject.


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Decoding Bond Market Trends

During 4Q-2015, the Federal Reserve attempted to convince the world that the US economy would turn in a healthy 2016 performance, and that interest rate normalization was justified on economic grounds.  Pulling the trigger on a piddly “for show” rate hike in December came and went.

But a funny thing has been happening ever since.  A growing percentage of the conventional financial world has recognized that the Fed is trapped, and if the Fed attempts to push rates higher while the solvency crisis in the shadow banking system persists along with other global macro deflationary drivers getting worse, the numskulls pulling policy levers might very well amplify asset market corrections and crashes.  We can see the shift in thinking among market participants in the US 10 year bond’s trading over the last 3 months. 

ten year yield

Through December, complacency remained.  But check out the crash in yields as money rushed into bonds, driving the price of the 10 year bond up.  That’s a big move, and it reflects a growing fear, at the margin, of a major economic downturn if not an outright financial market crash triggered by the ongoing problems in the shadow banking system, and the associated and causal dynamics of crashing energy prices and commodity prices in general (serves as collateral, as well as source of debt service financing cash flow), credit and industrial capacity bubbles in China (compels China to let the renminbi fall relative to the dollar, which creates deflationary dynamics worldwide), and other contributing dynamics.  In sum, the US ten year bond market is calling bullsh*t on the fantasy the Fed has been peddling.

What’s more, I’d make the argument that the snap-back in the 10 year bond and the short-term rise we saw in the 10 year yield in February was partially explained by the growing realization that the Fed’s fantasy of interest rate normalization will soon become untenable, and that even the Fed’s jawboning and propaganda in support of this fantasy will soon shift.  It’s not a coincidence that the bounce of the 10 year yield to over 1.80% came around the same period when Yellen was forced to launch a trial balloon about negative interest rates during her recent Congressional testimony.  Obviously, the Fed’s fantasy plan launched last December didn’t call for talking about the possibility that negative interest rates might be necessary.

During previous QE cycles, longer duration bonds fell in yields as the “official” purchases of said bonds and mortgage backed securities helped to push bond prices up and yields down.  That market intervention and acquiescence by bond investors created an unusual price/yield picture in the US bond market – and beyond.  On a going forward basis, Yellen and central banker numskulls are going to find that the “long end” of the Treasury Yield Curve – and investors that drive it – is not going to be so easy to influence.  We’ll cover these trends on future broadcasts. 

Weekend Links

Next week should be a positive week for precious metals.  Here are important stories to consider, with a heavy emphasis on geopolitics given the rising tensions in the Syrian war theater:

Thanks for checking out this week’s show.  — Eric Dubin, independent analyst and managing editor, The News Doctors.


*Disclaimer: Neither The Doc Nor Eric Dubin currently own any shares of A-Mark Precious Metals, nor have any intention of acquiring a position in A-Mark in the next 7 days.

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  1. John McAfee interview on MSM (posted on about the FBI’s backdoor request, and how the whitehouse is whitewashing their words to make it sound like they only want into this one phone…

    The interview is OFF thr CHAIN, but what I found the most interesting, he mentioned in passing a pentagon meeting last year whereby they discussed a cyberwarfare with Russia and China, and said that they could shut down our grid with “The press of a button” and concluded that in ONE MONTH 90% OF THE POPULATION IN THE U.S. WOULD PERISH!


    And to think, I was always being easy on us in saying 70% would be dead in the first month.

    • That’s extremely hurtful.  You still getting all excited by the gurus as we sit here in 2016?  Have you opened your mind over the past few months?   You and Paco a tag team?

    • @schmidt uh

      I do agree with you that some of these articles and such are off the wall and intended to scare people into buying gold and silver. Unfortunately it smoothers the truth out there.

      The truth is gold and silver should have risen more than they did since January.  In an attempt to squash a quick run up in precisous metals, the banks issued over 100,000 new contracts (since january 4th) representing 100,000,000 ounces of gold.  In otherwords to squash a quick run in PM’s they simply created 100,000,000 ounces of paper gold.  Imagine where gold and silver would be right now if it traded based on actual physical.

      With that said they can only do this so long before they have such as flux of demands for delivery that they can’t deliver.  At this point the paper exchange will be settled in cash and there will be a huge run in PM’s which will accurately reflect their true value.  Until then I am stacking away everything I can.  I can’t recommend this but anyone with half a brain can see that this can’t go on forever.  1 year, 5 years, 10 years who knows but this to shall end!!!

    • @scmidtuh – Thanks for the frame of reference.  Gave it a quick read for now.   I totally concur that 99% of US Citizens subjectively believe in the value the green fiat over shiny minerals.  However, our global trading partners are now moving to other colored fiats while simultaneously buying all the shiny minerals they can at a very low cost which leads to reasoning that their subjective value of the green fiat is declining.  IMO not a positive trend though objective value of the green fiat may be rising for now even considering under-reported inflation.   Crazy times these days which reminds me of my grand parents who lived through the Depression.  They were fond of gifting fiat that contained minerals. Meanwhile, subsequent Depression generations learned to fear alignment with cheaper minerals, such as hats made of tin.

    • Yes. The trade deficit is not just due to carry costs of a global currency. Max the balance of trade  chart and you can see how out of whack BoT is after Bretton Woods ended:

      “The United States has been running consistent trade deficits since 1976 due to high imports of oil and consumer products”. 

      As for the SDR, I am not buying that =SDR will emerge in its current state after the next financial meltdown. I look to the actions by China, India, and Russia (Brazil is already toast unfortunately) moving the shiny minerals from the West to the East along with many mutually beneficial commerce contracts that Russia and China have established across Africa, South America.  But let’s say that the SDR does stay intact, the Dollar will be impacted given the the amount of Treasuries held by those foreign powers and my bet is that the shiny stuff goes up, or, loses less subjective value than the Dollar (China loves shiny stuff).

      We will find out soon enough.


  2. Yea,Yea,yea….wash,dry repeat….how many times have we heard this…how many times have they moved the goal post….this rhetoric gets old…if it wasn’t for entertainment purposes and comments I wouldn’t even look at this site..regards to all…..

    • I barely even come here anymore.  What’s the point?  Just a con man echo chamber.  Might as well let them do their thing I suppose.  A whole lot of time and mental energy have been wasted on these sites(Kwn zh sd etc)  They have talked themselves into irrelevance.

    • lies, you trolls come here almost everyday to do your dirty 9 to 5, the sites you mention are more relevant than ever, documenting the collapse and giving deep analysis and prognosis impossible to find in the jewish socialist media MSM, it is You frigging trolls that are irrelevant to anyone with just a bit of education and research in their bodies.

    • Paco I have not posted all that much lately(a verifiable fact).  And I’m far more educated(not that important) and intelligent than you Paco.  Interesting that you let slip the j word.  Please reveal more of your character to us(you clearly don’t know what’s happening).  Just another programmed SHEEP that thinks he is enlightened.

    • I have been hearing this for years. Holter stated in 2014 that the COMEX would be out of business in 2 weeks. It didn’t and it won’t. The promoters of PMs use the ploy equating the COMEX as if it were a physical market. It is not! Most trades are always settled in cash. Why? Miners and others use it to hedge and traders use to make profits and not take possession with the associated delivery and storage cost. The ratios are meaningless. It appears that a lot of people have been led to believe in this COMEX collapse nonsense not understanding the markets purpose. It operates like all futures market whether crude, gas, wheat, sugar, lumber, etc. No trader in the crude market wants a tanker parked in his back yard.  All markets are manipulated for short term profits but they cannot change the overall trend whether that is up or down. All commodities are in a deflationary down trend and it is expected to last for some time. With industrial demand 70% and the world economy in free fall, despite the monetary value, the price of silver will keep going down. There is just no economic reasons for it to move higher. This is ECON 101. The most important reason why the COMEX will never  go out of business is that all financial markets in the US have become too important and essential to the nation’s national security. There is simply no way the national security apparatus would let any financial market go under but the promoters keep spouting all this nonsense as if it were true!

    • Good luck with your divide and conquer strategy.  Funny that you play right into “their” hands.  Truth hurts huh lil guy?

    • @scmidtuh

      Interesting angle from an earlier post of yours.

      “Fractional reserving with a government prop is the problem.  Fractional reserving is fraudulent.  If you remove the government props the free market will basically keep fractional reserving in check.  Don’t blame gold for a pyramid scheme imploding.  Blame the pyramid scheme and those who ran it.”

      Fractional banking is clearly fraudulent. However, was it not also the petrodollar which carried the West after a run on the Bretton Woods System?  What about full faith and credit? How is the concept of fiat trust advanced/renewed now that we are at the end of the petrodollar and manufacturing has been moved out of the USA?

      I asking because the supply and demand analysis and energy trend analysis by Steve St Angelo looks good, at least IMO.  Interested in your thoughts of a post-QE4 (QE4 assumed to be coming soon) world. Many believe the Dollar strength to be associated with emerging markets covering their Dollar debt and derivatives covering.  History tells us that fiat currencies crash.  What is to be the monetary basis for international trade and how does the USA maintain a trade surplus as opposed to deficit, after the Dollar crash?  What is the basis for your discourse?


    • Wow if that aint the pot calling the kettle black!

      Stackers are SHEEP? From the fiat lover? Isnt the term “sheep” purposed to describe “herd-like mentality”? And over 99% of the U.S. population are NOT perveyors of precious metals. Therefor those liars and false experts are talking to the “fringe” not the masses.

      Thats OUR term pal…. Used to describe YOU. lol. See… Were financial hackers, hacking the system. We dont play well with others, and you dont understand because your “food”.

      We dont mind you “borrowing” our terms, but using them out of context sadly shows that youve learned nothing while being in our “enlightened presence”. ????

      You may go now. ????????????

    • Trail boss,  I must have written that before I become a fiat loving anti gold troll 🙂  are you familiar with mises’ regression theorem?

    • I try to be from time to time, take this world too seriously ALL the time, and you’ll die young, paranoid, and unhappy.

      I wouldn’t pat myself on the back too much if I were you.  Financially speaking, here’s what is 100% certain to happen!

      Markets, in their turmoil will cause countless losses and financial suffering to everyone in the world. (bankers already lost trillions wiped out in the past few weeks- they’re not immune)

      Your going to take a hit genius, and so will we.  So be content with your decision and suffering you and your family will endure, and I will be content with mine. 🙂

      I can joke and be a clown because I make 6 figures in your paper paradigm.  I have a good life, and if it NEVER comes to an end, I’ll be content.  I also, am prepared for just about ANYTHING that comes my way:

      Financial Collapse

      Societal Collapse

      Nuclear War, Foreign Invasion, EMP, Revolution

      Basic Skills include: Engineering, Hand 2 Hand Combat (Shaolin Schooled), Rifle Marksmanship (sharpshooter), Chemistry, Herbalism,and I’m not a bad gardener – still working on being a great one!

      So I chuckle, I joke, I put in serious input- and overall sleep well at night.

    • Completely agree with that first sentiment.  See I’m objective enough to compliment a poster who is ridiculing me 🙂  actually I like the entirety of your post other than your feeling the need to mention you’re income level.  Congrats on your success though(and stop assuming that I don’t like shiny things just because I ridicule the gurus).


      by the way I retract my “that is all”.  I was incorrect on that count 🙂

    • Nice*

      Since were kissing and making up, I do apologize if my income came across as arrogant.  So please (to all who read) let me clarify my purpose:

      I simply mean to say that I’m not rooting for the “End”.  I’m happy today, and I would love to continue my life as-is, raising my children without suffering if at all possible.  I wasted 10 years of my young adult life fooling around, but spent most of my life productively learning real life skills. (aside from Engineering, none of the others have been profitable, but if only for my personal expectations of myself as a “Man”.

      …That is all. 🙂

    • You had me at shaolin trained 🙂  Totally understand your point about the income by the way and I agree.   Not hoping for the house to burn down but still prudently buying insurance.  Life is complex.  Our own personal happiness happens to be tethered to a fraudulent and corrupt to it’s core system.

  3. True – I’ve lost count of the number of experts breathlessly proclaiming the imminent collapse of Comex over the last 4 years. It could happen but I wouldn’t put the chances at more than than 50/50 because 1. TPTB need to remain in (some) control to manipulate and control currencies. 2. As Kyle Bass say – ‘price will resolve everything.’ If there is a supply crunch there are two options – default of Comex or the shorts will acquire metal elsewhere at a higher price. I suspect the latter.

  4. I think viewing the 200-500 open interest contracts per registered ounce as crowding that ounce is the wrong perspective.  I expect the actual monthly amount of delivered comex gold has increased very little. Everyone knows it’s an unreliable delivery source. Instead, the 200 and increasing contracts per registered ounce is a measure of how much paper supply is necessary to manipulate price lower.

    So currently the price and ratio are both increasing. That spells coming disaster.

    Somewhat related, why did TPTB drive the price so low in the first place? I think that answer is critical. They put a target on their backs and it will destroy them. Why wasn’t it enough for them to level price off near $1400? $1060 was suicide.  What made them do that?

    Blaming the Chinese makes no sense. Volume was high during recent price increases when some people say China wasn’t participating.  There certainly was no lack of participation.  Next, Comex rules could have put a stop to it, instead they looked the other way.

  5. To me an expert analyst would be someone who has a track record of making relatively reliable predictions of price movement in his area of “expertise”.   By this definition Steve St Angelo is simply not an “expert”.  He is just a guy with strong opinions, none of which ever seem to pan out.

    • Of course he’s not an expert.  This place is like the onion of the metals world.  I think the doc probably has a good sense of humor.  Gotta tip your cap to someone who trolls his own customers this hard for this long.

    • Yeah, the FED is chaired by an “Expert” she sounds like one… talks slower than Schmitty here. He’d be better qualified to run this country into the ground than her.

      Seriously- Why is the U.S. fiancial system “chaired” by a stroke victim?  She’s clearly lost 1/2 her brain

    • Shamus I’m probably one of the top five smartest people you’ll ever interact with.  And yes that dumb b sounds retarded when she reads her SCRIPTS.

    • You sound pretty confident there Schmitty.  So with that unswerving self confidence, I too am confident that you are a pretty smart guy.

      But I know a LOT of smart men. The smartest of them, however do not go about telling others how smart they are. (I do know some geniuses that do that though, however they didn’t manage to utilize their intellect for profitable gain) – as a matter of fact, my wife’s friend has a 135IQ, I hold interesting conversations with her, and my wife likes throwing it in my face that she’s a couple points higher than I.  So I’m no super genius, but I’m a smart guy.  Sadly, this world is littered with “PROMISE” but too many people (like my wifes friend who is working at Taco Bell) squander that gift.  That woman could possibly know a LOT about a LOT, but she didn’t utilize her gifts to maximum benefit.

      So if you have Schmitz, I tip my hat off to you; but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy poking snakes with sticks. 😉

    • Yeah my posts are often drenched in sarcasm.  While I’m confident in my cognitive abilities that was meant in jest.   Nothing worse than wasted talent.

  6. What I find unfair towards the OPs is that they write with fundamentals against a rigged, criminal game.

    Therefor to judge them being wrong is not reasonable, as they will be finally right. One can coearly see how this sh€t is falling apart.

    No enlightenment neccessary.

    Who writes post “… they are wrong … for years..l bla blub” is  more dull, than   he/she realizes.



    this all excludes the blowing Pony!!

  7. NEXT week (week of 2/22/16)

    PMs will pullback ~5%/7%, (Au -> ~1170, Ag 14.30)

    Much needed! Cashed out the Ag calls very nicely thank you very much.

    Now positioned short GDX, PAAS. Timeframe: 7 Trading Days max. depending on extent of Feb IV pull back. *I dont even charge for this stuff. Boy are you guys blessed with my presence on this site….


    Expert Analyst #78

    Reporting from the Hills of Southern Florida.


    “I dont care what I wrote- the price has to go there!” Blow Poclair, 2012-2015

    • Right on cue Au15x, you’ve hit it outta da park. And all of the BS of the hucksters gets thrown through a closed window.  Again folks, taint that hard to understand, PMs are nothing but speculative garbage, they will be for the indefinite future. SD has become nothing more than a contrarians dart board, good luck after getting sheared….

  8. The banks will just issue more paper contracts to feed the frenzy,  since January 4th they have created 100,000 contracts representing a hundred million ounces of gold out of thin air.  This is a desparate attempt to keep gold and silver squashed to their benefit, so they can continue to accumulate themselves.   You can only create speculative paper so long, before the likes of the Hunt’s brothers call your bluff!!!

  9. The Russian Defense Ministry said Saturday that Moscow has deployed several fighter jets and a transport helicopter to Russia’s airbase in Armenia near the border with Turkey.

    Four fourth-generation Mikoyan MiG-29 aircraft and a number of modernized MiG-29S bombers and a Mil Mi-8MT helicopter have been sent to the base.

    Located at Erebuni airport outside the capital, Yerevan, the Russian base already has nine fourth-generation MiG-29 planes capable of carrying a payload of up to 4,000 kilograms of weapons. The aircraft also have larger fuel tanks.

    The Armenian capital is located about 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Armenia’s border with Turkey.

    The announcement came a day after a Russian draft resolution that called for an immediate end to Turkey’s shelling and military actions against Syria was turned down at the United Nations Security Council.

    Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Saturday that Russia expresses “regret that this draft resolution was rejected,” and that Moscow considers the cross-border shelling carried out by Turkey as “unacceptable.”

    According to a Kremlin statement, President Vladimir Putin of Russia on Friday held a “detailed discussion of the situation in Syria particularly due to the escalation in tensions on the Syrian-Turkish border” with his security council.

    The Kremlin spokesman also underlined that Russia would go on assisting Syrian armed forces “in their offensive actions against terrorists, against terrorist organizations.”

    The Russian involvement aims to provide “stability in the fight with terrorism, to preserve the territorial integrity of the country (Syria) and the region,” Peskov stated.

    A video grab made on November 23, 2015 shows an explosion after airstrikes by the Russian air force against a militant base in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib. ©AFPSince late September 2015, Russia has been conducting airstrikes against foreign-backed militants in Syria upon a request by the Damascus government.

    Turkey, however, is among the main supporters of militants fighting to topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Ankara has also been accused on numerous occasions of being involved in illegal oil trade with the Takfiri Daesh terrorists.

    Ankara has also been shelling positions of Kurdish fighters in northern Syria over the past days in an attempt to stop them from reaching the Turkish border.

    Comments (4)

    Tree view

  10. I love how the bugs embrace a man who claims to be from “our crowd” because he says what they want to hear.  Js has been dreadfully wrong with his predictions(he did have a huge hit in the past that he claims he was told when to sell).  His shamelessness is impressive though.

    • I posted that in the wrong place.  I’m extremely sorry about this.   It looks like I’ve been found out.  I’m clearly not very bright.   Mr bar chart has been spot on for years.  Gifting us with his valuable intel and whatnot.

    • @Scmidtuh

      Well since we are all about correcting everybody and keeping score.

      Apology accepted but we will have to deduct two points from you and bring it up every time you post.

      After all you are on record criticizing the wrong post/wrong person so we have to make sure everybody knows that time you were wrong about something.

      We strive for perfection around here.

    • Lol fair enough.  Hopefully my mistake hasn’t pushed anyone into the poor house you know?  Me not being a sociopath and all.   Maybe this terrible posting mishap will teach me some humility???

  11. Lol

    Ok, I am getting hope! I was beginning to buy into conspirital doubts posted by others that no matter what we vote, the establishment candidate WILL be nominated…..

    Jeb just bowed out. Leaving Rubio as the closest to “establishment” as they can get.

    This means Hillary could lose to the socialist…..I hope she does!

    • We have no wins here.  Be careful with that hope thingy(I wouldn’t even know what outcome to hope for anyway)Best to keep ones level of expectations grounded in reality.  Otherwise you are setting yourself up for great disappointment and despair 🙂

    • @shamus001   Closest or closet?

      Jeb reminds me of the theme song for the Beverly Hillbillies.

      Listen to my story ’bout a man named Jeb

      Poor politician, barely kept his family fed

      Then one day he run for president

      Got his butt kicked bad by the non-resident

      Trump that is.   Billionaire,  movie star

      Ol’ Jeb he quit the race and went on home to Pa

      Said Trump don’t  play fair, he picked on George and Ma

      Said nasty things about me and all the Bushie clan

      Said We shouldn’t have hit Iraq,  better hit them in Iran


  12. funny how every article on SD loads properly and fast, except for the two recent venezuela food shortage articles.

    wonder why that is?

    a few, including myself, have pointed out the obvious… that this is a prime example of economic terrorism against a nation which did not submit to washington’s demands. many of the counter comments were citing “socialism” as the cause.

    lo and behold, zero hedge runs a similar article recently blaming “socialism” again for their woes.

    i have stated several times that zero hedge is a well disguised disinfo site. while they may give some good info on finical stuff, all the geopolitical stuff is exactly as you’d hear from washington. hmmmnnnn.

    i’ve also wondered a few times about SD…

    • Hi Silver-Nurse!

      You know, it could be that Tyler is very PRO CAPITALISM and simply hates Socialism?  I’m in that camp myself, and if I owned a popular wen-news forum, It would likely favor my political views as well.

      I vote for Sanders over Clinton only because I am hedging my bets that republicans would win over a Socialist. But as Schmittster so pointed out “be careful of what you wish for, you might not like the results”

      If he won the presidency, I’d Shiit myself!  Anyhoooz!  I think Tyler simply has a personal preference, and thats what your seeing.

    • People who understand how the world actually works tend to dislike socialism.  This is not meant as a defense of hedge though or of our current fraudulent system.   Any thing is possible in this world but s nurse has proven to be a borderline schizo in my not so humble opinion.  Things can be admittedly disorienting though.

    • ZH’s server is based in Switzerland.  If one was truly awake, wouldn’t one be suspicious of a country that houses the bis, casts/recasts/distributes most of the world’s gold, has a citizenry that is militarily trained and armed to the teeth and last but not least has been “neutral” in 2 world wars?

      Seems more like a control room of sorts to me…

    • scmidt, i thought you said the other day that you barely come here any more?

      you make a lot of comment for someone who barely comes here.

      as usual… never address the issue about confirmed economic terrorism against veneuzuela… just call people borderline schizo’s. that’s the typical play of shills and trolls.

    • p.s. for accurate geopolitical information, and not this anti-socialist ZH propaganda garbage, do some reading at

      lastmanstanding, as i have stated before it is inconceivable that this super “tyler burden” is behind researching and writing all those articles. he has a hidden team of people behind him. CIA? that switzerland link is interesting.

    • At least you admit to being a socialist.  Most of you are too big of cowards to admit that in this country.  For that you deserve credit.  And lol at you thinking Tyler Duden is even supposed to be ONE GUY(again I am not defending hedge or any possible agenda THEY may have.)

    • @sol

      that was a great catch. well spotted. right there, that’s a 100% guilty verdict from me.

      another thing which aroused my suspicion is their membership rules where you have to wait some 2-4 days after sign up to get approved. that is unheard of. i suspect that ZH may be a massive data collection operation for the CIA to get intel on all the “dissenters” out there.

    • I can tell you one thing for sure,that is they are really stuffing up SGT REPORT ACCESS-so they must really be getting ready for something big.

      Latest is this 13 April 2016 Warning doing the Net.

      Jonathan Kahn addressing the United Nations?

      Its ridiculous-just one of the Palm Readers or Tea Leaf or Tarot Readers , a mate of The Club playing the game.

      All dancing Bears dancing to the same pied Pipers tune…

      If I die I might get a Solid Silver Casket!!

  13. “Managed retreat” posture – haha! No. They were busy with other matters and put the price of gold and silver on auto pilot not exceed $1250 gold and $15.50 silver….which is where it sat for the weekend. “Expert Analyst” – again haha! This is a paper manipulated market which means most of the paper gold being sold is bought up by hedge funds who have zero interest in ever asking for real gold….they are not gold keepers, but rather paper players and this present paper market from a hedge fund managers perspective is all that is needed for them. So, to say that there is a day coming when they won’t be able to deliver all the PMs sold on the market – they won’t have to. No one will be asking for it. No one is asking for it now.

  14. Wow   I googled brain douche and this  SD board came up on the first 12 hits.  I feel so much better now. It’s better than a bottle of Zanax and a quart of whiskey

    Of course, those who would like to see us lose love this sort of banter.

    • @AGXIIK – How many times do I have to tell you that a fifth of Vodka (consumed in straight shots, of course) is preferable to a quart of whiskey?

      Alas – we are all entitled to our own opinions here on SD – which I thank the Doc for.

      Cheers, Mammoth

    • i googled “anthony cartalucci”, trying to look for his website

      he’s an investigative reporter who compiles some good stuff. a lot of it “they” don’t want people to know.

      do you think his website comes up in the top 8-10 pages?


      most people don’t have a clue just how manipulated google’s search results are. one will never know unless you do regular tests.

  15. Good back-and-forth commentary here, while late for the party I am thoroughly enjoying this great Sunday morning read.

    Scmidt uh, isn’t claiming that you are ‘one of the five smartest people’ just as arrogant as Shamus bragging about his six-figure income? But you both deserve credit for keeping your disagreement civil.

    Since my skull is every bit as thick as my handle implies, I am unable to provide financial analyses on the level as Steve St. Angelo or some of the other good commenters here. But what does seem to work is to just keep on stacking physical, become more self-sufficient, and self-educate on all matters financial.

    Regarding @silverdagger ‘s comment mentioning Yerevan, Armenia…

    years ago I worked with a young woman who endured the war there, which occurred followed the breakup of the Soviet Union. She told me how her family had to flee from the village where they lived, and went to Yerevan. She said that to make money, she sold the family’s silverware piece-by-piece to passer-bys on the city’s streets!



    • It’s at least as bad 🙂  it was  not meant to be taken seriously.  Just having a little fun.  I’m often called some variation of the word stupid here.  I’m sure there are at least six or seven people smarter than me out there.   The world is a big place…

    • I…Waaaaassssnnnttt braaaggggiiiinnggg! Waaaa!

      ……I’m going to just go find a leg to hump!


      haha! Hey Mammoth! I havent seen you in some time! I was in your neck of the woods last week and SERIOUSLY thought to PM you to get together for a beer nearby!  I began to think you wouldn’t get it because you’ve been low profile for a while!

    • If the comment wasn’t over the top enough for people to get it was a joke then I don’t know what to tell ya lol.  Although this is s doctors so I should know better I guess.

  16. Hey, you big ol’ fuzzy lump  How ya doin’ @mammoth.  Vodka?  Never developed a taste for it.  As disgusting as it might seem Gin is one of my top drinks along with good scotch

    Since the boards took on the digital equivalent of a d*** measuring contest let me weigh in

    I’m the 6th smartest person with the 5th largest 4 figure income in our household, bested only by my wife, 3 cats and a particularly attractive silk orchid. My silver stack is so large I measure it in grams on the planetoid Ceres, a convenient place to hide one’s stack IMO.

    My friends at MENSA asked me to leave the party.  I continually annoyed them with my best imitation of Forrest Gump, close friend to BabaGump,  I think.  MENSANs have no sense of humor.  They traded it for brains, or so they tell me.

    So humor it is.

    Intelligence is tremendously overrated, or so the orchid plant tells me regularly, as I water it with my best scotch.  Nothing but the best for my friend Phalaenopsis Dendrobium.

    My wife loves it when I talk dirty to the orchids. 😉

    • Hey Ag! (I hate it when people correct people- I’m sure you do too!)

      So…. thought i’d suggest a correction! 😀

      Measuring your stack in MILLI-GRAMS sounds more impressive on your scale dont you agree? 🙂

  17. I love the fact SCHMIDT comes here.

    His presence or HER presence are CONFIRMATION Silver Stacking is the best thing we can do.

    After I read Schmidts replies I was so motivated!

    I went around to local Silver Dealer and purchased 2 X 5 Ounces of Silver Bullion Coins.

    Another 10 ounces my friends…paper money the banks can’t get off me.

    Im so far in front it hurts when I laugh.

    Thank you for motivating me Mr Schmidt! I was I admit a little lazy.

    Im more focused now!

    Keep Stacking Brothers-Rev up The Ante whilst its cheap!

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