Gold & currency expert Alasdair Macleod joined The Doc & Eric Dubin this week for an EXPLOSIVE show discussing: 

  • End game to Russian Ruble collapse: Putin may take the Ruble onto the GOLD STANDARD– if Russia detonates this Nuclear Financial Weapon, the West is DEAD! 
  • Did the US/Saudi Arabia plan the oil crash to collapse Russia & the Ruble? -Putin’s counter-move could result in an EPIC BACKFIRE for the West
  • Is a Global currency crisis is in the making!?!
  • Alasdair provides his outlook on gold & silver, and explains why 2015 is likely to be an EXPLOSIVE YEAR for the metals after a prolonged consolidation- but PM investors won’t like what comes along with MASSIVELY HIGHER gold & silver prices! 

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Putin ammo shortage



Precious metals turned in a very respectable week considering the way the week started, the high volatility in other assets, and this being an FOMC announcement week.  GOFO slipped back into negate rate territory by the end of the week demonstrating all over again that the managed retreat thesis we’ve been discussing for two months remains in operation, and anytime the cartel tries to take gold down below $1,200 for any length of time, stresses in the physical market appear.  We discuss this and more with Alasdair.


By the latter half of this week, both the ruble and oil managed to turn in a modest bounce.  Carnage in the oil industry has yet to really sink into the minds of average financial professionals.  While Janet Yellen and her marry band of jawboning Fed board members have been able to rekindle “animal spirits” with the introduction of the latest Federal Open Market Committee buzzword, “patient,” too few market professionals are looking over the horizon to what may prove to be a painful oil supply shock if crude prices fail to rebound quickly.  Even with a healthy rebound to, say, $70 oil, Goldman Sachs estimates nearly $1 trillion in future oil projects will not be able to make a profit and will remain in limbo.  That’s not even factoring US shale plays, and their study is based only on the largest 400 projects.  Bloomberg published a solid news story on Goldman’s research.  Click here to read the story.

high yield bond prices nosedive

Then we have the problem with the industry’s extensive use of high yield financing.  There’s roughly $170 billion in the U.S. energy junk bond market, and it represents the biggest portion of the U.S. junk bond market.  Excuse me for being blunt, but this is a clusterfuck, and it’s going to result in a major wave of capital investment cancellations and bankruptcies across the industry.  Boom-bust cycles are nothing new to the resource markets.  But what’s truly pathetic this time around is that the carnage will be far deeper given the lunacy of western central bank zero interest rate policy that drove yield-hungry investors to be even more exposed and oblivious to overall risk levels.  

But wait, it gets even more goofy.  The energy sector has been one of the single most powerful segments of the U.S. economy.  When it tanks over the next 2 to 6 months, the sector crunch will cut into the U.S. economy at the margin and help the Fed justify zero interest rates for an even longer period of time and other probable, new forms of stimulus.  

Dear Santa:  Can we have an end to the Fed for Christmas 2017?  2018?  What’s that you say?  Only doable after the next financial crash?  Time will tell...

dow jones

Dow 18,000, Take Two

As the general equities market rolled over in October and bears started growling about the the “big one” unfolding before our eyes, I warned that the Fed was going to drive equities right back up, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average likely to rebound past 18,000 in December.  Thus far, we came within 9 points of 18,000 earlier in the month and I think the Fed and Treasury are going to see to it that we close the year above 18,000 just for MOPE bragging rights.  This market is treacherous for anyone short.  But a major correction is probably in store for 2015 and I’ll share some scenarios and associated probabilities to help frame a discussion about what’s likely to come to pass next year.  We’ll publish that report as a year-end special.

For your weekend reading, I highly recommend checking out the transcript of Putin’s 3+ hour annual press conference and Q/A session.  Click here.  We reference it in today’s show.

Wishing all our listeners happy holidays — Eric Dubin






  1. Has anybody heard from Mr Bo Baloney lately, seems his predictions are going down the toilet faster than a speeding bullet yet again, oh well i guess he’ll get one right eventually, Bo Bo where are you? With a week to go before 2015 do you still stand by your prediction of record Gold and Silver prices? or will you admit you simply got it wrong AGAIN!

    • Blo Pony? You mean the chiropractor turned sensationalist metals prognosticator bilking excessively high fees out of his client base? Believe it or not he was invited to speak at the Silver Summit this year.  He has apparently convinced some in the industry that he is legit. Go figure.

    • “A couple of years ago Mike Maloney was in Russia giving a presentation and called for $10 oil.”


      I like Maloney a lot and have watched many of his videos.  All of them are excellent, IMO.  But… the problem with a call for $10 oil is one that does not seem at all rational because that would imply that one of two things have happened:  1) the dollar has become multiple times stronger than it ever has been; or 2) the world is in the grip of the worst global depression ever.  I see no support for a hugely stronger dollar absent tremendous economic growth and job creation plus a strong plan of fiscal propriety and debt reduction, of which there is very little these days, although the case for a horrible depression seems more clear.  The nasty part about such a bad depression is that the world only knows one way of getting out of such a hole and that is war… and not one of those piss-ant brush-fire wars but a full-on a$$-kicking war with many millions of casualties.  🙁


    • @Ranger


      Putin doesn’t even have to do anything nearly as drastic as not selling oil and gas to NATO members.  He can do a LOT via reducing his output and allowing prices to rise.  He can also shut down various pipelines… for maintenance… while suggesting that the sanctions against his country are preventing the pipelines from being repaired quickly.  He could also require that payments for Russian oil and gas be in commodities that Russia wants, rather than in paper currency.


      “And I was listening to this rot and got to thinking, ‘How can people be so utterly stupid?’ “


      I suggest that this is possible because they get a LOT of practice!  X-p

  2. I think it’s fair that we hold people accountable for there wrong calls, especially when it’s on a regular basis. As far as i am concerned Mr Baloney was adamant that we WILL see record prices THIS year! With just over a week to go, TIME IS RUNNING OUT FAST for Gold to go over $2000/ounce and Silver over $50/ounce, i dont see that happening,  YOU Mr Baloney put yourself out there with this call and WE the Silver buying public and subscribers will make sure EVERYBODY is aware of your prediction(to be fair good or bad!) So your reputation is riding on this Mr Baloney! I thank the doc for allowing my opinion to be heard.

    • And you can predict better,….yes? I don’t think so. Get constructive and research why you think as you do and tell us, instead of just dogging the Baloney man (Bo that is). Give us reason, and not hearsay, to listen to you. Otherwise, no pieholing.


      P.S. I don’t agree much with Bo either. However, I have no true proof of whether he is right or wrong so I’ll keep my uneducated opinion to myself.

    • @2 OZ.

      Don’t be so hard on yourself or the rest of us SD brothers and sisters.  Quite a few of us predicted that gold would NOT go to $2000 an oz. in 2014, as evidenced by the cat-calls directed towards Bo’s 2014 gold price prediction, so there we have predictions that are not only just as good as anyone’s, including the so-called gurus, but also very much look as if they will be RIGHT.


      Besides that, who says that it is even remotely possible to predict much of anything with any degree of accuracy?  The future is not only unknown to us, it is flat out unknowable.  It’s not just that we don’t know what it will be, we simply can’t know what it will be.  A lot of time, energy, and blog space is wasted on these “predictions”.  These are things that should be dedicated to prepping and other useful pursuits, IMO.


      Whenever I read someone’s prediction for this or that, I know that this is a possibility and not a guarantee.  So, given that, what are the odds of any particular prediction actually occurring as stated?  Not very good, IMO.


      Jim Sinclair is one of the most knowledgeable people in the gold and gold mining businesses, yet his blown call of “gold will never go below $1650”, stands today in testimony that any prediction can come unraveled.  Maybe the real essence of these predictions is that so many of us want to believe what is being predicted?  If so, then desire seems to be replacing knowledge and foresight.


    • Right you are Ed_B. Not being hard on myself. Just stirring the pot a little. I like to agitate, now and then, those who constantly bash others. I just would like to encourage those persons to do a little work and research. We (me included) so often and easily give opinions that have no basis. If I can “stir” the pot a little, maybe those people would learn enough to give a good bashing opinion. Obviously, we need both sides of every story here. Keeps it real. Yes? Many of the Guru’s are wrong on a constant schedule. LOL. It’s like clockwork. But, at least they have some form of back up material even if it is wrong.

      Hope everyone here has a very Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Kwanzaa and just a wonderful whatever you are celebrating.




  3. I recommend reading Alasdair Macleod’s “Russia’s Monetary Solution” for more context about various Russian gold standard ideas.   Click here to access the article.  You will also find a link to the John Butler article within Alasdair’s article, or you can click here to read an intro by GATA’s Chris Powell and a link to John Butler’s article.  Turd Ferguson spoke with Butler this week as well.  Click here to check that out.

    As I noted in the podcast, I don’t think it’s likely Russia will go for a full gold standard anytime soon.  But Butler’s idea about Russia issuing debt redeemable in gold would be vastly easier to do than a formal gold standard and would likely provide support to the ruble given what would most likely be very healthy demand to purchase rubles to buy Russian bonds with a gold redemption option.  It would be a modular shift in their monetary/financial system that could be executed very quickly.

    — Eric Dubin

    • Agreed @Flying Wombat


      Backing Russian bonds with gold would put them substantially ahead of all other forms of debt, whether the bonds are convertible to gold or not.  Gold backing of this kind comes into play only if the bonds are not redeemed by the Russian Gov.  Not sure of the effect on these bonds if Russia refuses to pay the interest on time or in full.  If the bonds were convertible to gold on demand, man, that would be HUGELY in their favor as compared to all other national debt that is not backed by anything other than a wink and a smile… oh, sorry… “the full faith and credit of” bla-bla-bla.  China would have to do this as well, IMO, as China and Russia are now joined at the hip.  A move of this magnitude would be MUCH more effective if both of these countries were doing it vs. only Russia.

    • Dr. Paul C. Roberts mentioned several Black Swan events in his most recent King World New Show 12/20/2014

      The most Feared and least costly way is to ‘buy up the small Silver market’ Mr.Putin would be the  Good Guy , versus the highly leveraged  Silver market .just dump about 10 billion USD and demand Metal .the Shorts should be nervous imo.

  4. @ LexLuther, As far as i know they are two different people, although i must admit Harvey made a crazy call for this yeah as well, the difference being he said he thinks he “might” be right about his call whereas Bo was adamant he was right about it happening THIS YEAR!

    • Just had a crazy thought about “this year”.  Was that calendar year, as in 2014 only, or the current 12-month period at the time that the prediction was made?


    • I agree but don’t see them completely backing currency with gold while the spot price is subject to extreme manipulation.

      Unless we get the surprise of the century I don’t see any currencies getting backed by metals anytime soon.  I thought from previous podcasts if Russia or China wanted to destroy the manipulation and implode some of the Wests derivatives they’d just go buy up all the silver and default the Comex for a measly $1 or $2 Billion.  Well it appears they’re not doing this, are they?!  Isn’t silver supposed to be the Achilles Heel so why isn’t a country like Russia which everyone says they’re under financial attack from the West willing to use some dark pool money and take out all the silver at the Comex for a measly $1 Billion?  Well they are not, so case closed.

      Its my input this all goes back to these central banks and policies are a lot closer in sync than anyone will admit since it doesn’t fit their playbook of skyrocketing metals.  I think they will ultimately be correct but have been wrong for many years running at this point.

      What will uncap gold?  Derivatives defaults but we probably have at least one or two more rounds of QE to save the banking industry before that happens.

    • @Powerball

      you hit it right on the head with ”  it doesn’t fit their playbook of skyrocketing metal” !!!

      Of course it doesn’t…they run a fiat based debt system too…they all do!!! It’s all one big happy incestuous family of banking thieves. These financial vampires know the weakness of their system, just as we do.

      So, to recap… Crushing the system by purchasing every last ounce of phyzz will never happen from any Global Governing entity…they have everything to loose and nothing to gain.

      We will only know the end way after it happens much like a super nova of a distant star occurs and we “see” it several hundred million years later. How do we know for certain that the COMEX hasn’t already been sucked dry?… Because we are shown the ” numbers” and we glean that there must be some truth to it??!! HA , that’s rich ! It’s a computer screen digital game folks with a paper kicker because the bags of shit who run the game work smart and never hard. They money sucking saprophytes exist because we let them. We don’t force them to play fair so they don’t and in so doing they game the system at the literal expense of all who are not them. The only thing worse than those dry humps are the billions of fools on this rock who can’t even begin to grasp these words I have written for they lack even the most basic of understanding regarding their own financially manipulated existences. It’s nice to come out here and vent once in a while even though it amounts to nothing. I appreciate you reading this. Carry on

    • @silvertonguedevil : There’s an old saying, By Their Deeds Ye Shall Know Them.  The Russians will fight for months non-end in Ukraine against the West but they wouldn’t touch the silver derivatives with a 10 foot poll which is supposedly the West’s Achilles Heel.

      That should tell you everything that you need to know.

    • @PowerBall


      “I agree but don’t see them completely backing currency with gold while the spot price is subject to extreme manipulation.”


      Agree here as well.  First stack a lot of gold, THEN reset the price, and finally back the currency with it at the new, and MUCH higher, price.  I know that it seems strange but… resetting the price of gold to at least $50,000 an oz. in preparation for backing their currency with gold makes complete sense.  For one thing, those who have a commodity SHOULD be the ones who set the price on it… and for another, the HUGE monetary debt bubble that has been created since the Fed was created has to be deflated in some way… hopefully over a few years time, so the economy can adjust to the new reality, and not in one humongous BANG! that really screws things up.  With the US$ losing over 97% of its purchasing power over the last century, this is one HUGE bubble, perhaps the largest bubble in human economic history, and great care is needed in handling it or severe problems WILL result.


      “What will uncap gold?  Derivatives defaults but we probably have at least one or two more rounds of QE to save the banking industry before that happens.”


      That’s a strong possibility.  Another one would be, that the Western powers completely lose their ability to set the gold and silver prices and those in the East who then have the bulk of these metals take over the price-setting function.   No one will care what NY or London think the price should be when their vaults are empty.  No, it will be Shanghai and Hong Kong that really matter because they DO have metal that can be delivered.  If you run a company that requires silver as a raw material, you do not care what the guys who do not have it charge for it.  The guys who matter to you are the ones who DO have it and who can and will deliver it for the asking price.  As the tonnage of metals going into the Eastern vaults continues to rise, this seems more and more likely to me.


  5. Stop this hype about Russia can do ‘this’ and ‘that’. They are a nobody. US controls world finances, and finance control is everything, if US wants to they can take Russia down even further than they ve done so far.

    • This will have an END ! Ther is not only Russia, but also China, Brazil, India. People are FED up !

      FED up ti the back teeth. And it is a french who has discovered this pun : ME !






    • Bog, it’s not a USA vs. Anyone Else… It’s a banking system predicated on fiat currency designed to enslave everyone who is not intimate with the system reality. It’s a master and slave relationship. Borders don’t matter. What does matter is the ignorance of the 99.999% and the willingness of the .001 to capitalize quite literally on that ignorance.

    • Russia is FAR from helpless in all this, as the MSM would have us believe, and finance is not as powerful as you seem to think.  Those who have real money or highly valued raw materials will reign over those who merely stir the pot that others have filled.


  6. Putin knows that Ruble was knocked down intentionally, so the cabal is buying it in mass with a huge discount. Why? If Russia introduces a gold standard for Ruble, they intend to to steal Russian gold with these same Rubles…

    I am also puzzled why Russia  does not pre-emptively knock down the dollar and leave it in ruins. They posses about $400 BN in reserves. They could shatter the pysical gold market and leave the dollar in ruins in just one quick sweep using only a fraction of these FX reserves.

    I think it is about time to do this if they want to beat US in its own game. The reaction must be quick and decisive, otherwise Russia might go down in flames if they play by the cabal’s rules.

    Maybe it is about to happen on the Xmas Eve, who knows. That would be a check- mate in one single move.

    • one thing you can be sure of, with Soros, the Maiden, the color revolutions, the US State department  and CIA sponsored aggression against relatively unprotected countries, Soros is making additional billions.  Talking about rigging market, one or two extremely wealthy people know exactly what will happen as these revolutions gut a country and destroy a currency. They invest billions into these revolutions, such as the $5 billion invested into the Ukrainian attack. Most of it’s State Department funds. The spokeshite of the State Dept, Nuland basically said ‘ F the Eu’ when it became obvious that the overthrow of the Ukraine was orchestrated by the CIA and State Dept. These actions are in Putin’s back yard and they will not be allowed to stand It’s just a matter of time until Putin corrects that action.
      When someone knows what will  befall this country and is part of the destruction, the profit is so large that the average person cannot conceive of it.  I am certain the Soros and his ilk are trading the Ruble so as to make more billions from the damage they wreck on a country.  He has had nearly 60 years perfecting this model of breaking currencies.  Remember him as the man who broke the Bank of England.   He made his first billion on that trade.  As far as I know, he and his profiteering are just the tip of the iceberg as those who work behind the schenes make trillions. I fully expect that someone is betting against the US Dollar, not yet.  The kill shot is not lined up yet

    • @AGXIIK


      “I fully expect that someone is betting against the US Dollar, not yet.  The kill shot is not lined up yet”


      Agreed, Bro.  First, the US$ needs to be built up a little more, though, before it is… harvested.   Adam and Eve had a serpent in the Garden of Eden, just to screw things up, but we have Soros and his ilk today.  I’ve often wondered what would have happened if Adam had rejected the snake’s idea about eating that apple.  Surely he would have but Eve was infinitely more seductive.  :-/

  7. FMOC usual takedown meeting time via the CONMEX naked shorts happened as usual. Friday silver closed at $17.05. Monday parasites crashed silver via the CONMEX financial whorehouse sick games in to the $15s, closing at $16.20. Tuesday, first day of FMOC fantasy land meeting silver closed $15.75. So the parasites FMOC meeting fantasy crash silver at the CONMEX financial whorehouse is alive and well.  It is becoming clearer Putin is owned by the NWO parasites. Is Putin owned by the parasites’? Guess one clue is Putin’s reported $70 Billion net worth. Nov 10 Russia Central Bank invited Fed parasites to whore the ruble by letting the ruble float. Parasites whores of course jumped at the opportunity and crashed the ruble this week 20%. So Putin’s Russia’s finances are owned by NWO parasites. Russia floating their currency invited the parasites whores to the destroy the ruble party and make bucks. Putin’s Russia also did as the NWO parasites instructed with Russia’s Black Swan under construction, 17% Russia Central Bank interest rate.  Russia’s 17% interest rates will collapse all the world’s currencies. NWO parasites will issue some lame lie of a parasite one world currency, Karen Hudes has been shilling this for over a year, which parasites say will be backed by gold. The parasites one world currency won’t be backed by gold because there is not near enough gold to back a one world currency. The US issues $1 Trillion in digital nothing dollars per year and the world mines 85 tons, 2,982,000 ounces of gold per year. That means there is enough gold mined each year to back each parasite digital nothing dollar poof ed out of thin air with .000,000,298,2000 ounces of gold. This leaves no ounces of gold mined each year to back all the other parasites digital nothing currencies poof ed out of thin air each year. No gold from annual gold mined each year to cover the trillions in digital nothing currency parasites have already poof ed out of thin air in the USA and all the other currencies on the planet. So the idea parasites will ever have a one world currency backed by gold is another one of the parasites’ lame sick scams parasites pay shills to shill. So all the parasite BS going on now, Ukraine, oil price drop, Russia float ing its currency, CONMEX financial whorehouse alive and well, 17% interest rates is part of the NWO parasites planned schemes to keep their free ride in the wagon and steal everything from everybody and make Palestinians out of every person on the Planet except elitist parasites.  

    • Another question? Is China’s President Xi Jinping owned by the NWO parasites and will the parasites make Xi float the Yuan so the parasites can whore the Yuan? The reason Brennan and the NSA spy all over the planet is to get dirt on the leaders of the world to make them work for the parasites. Time will tell if the NSA has enough dirt on Xi to make China destroy its currency. 

    • “The parasites one world currency won’t be backed by gold because there is not near enough gold to back a one world currency.”


      This ALL depends on the gold price.  At the current price, you are correct.  But what about after gold is revalued massively higher?  That would be an entirely different matter, IMO.


  8. This may be a slightly sophomoric viewpoint but here is my take. Russia and China are working closely with the U.S. to have as much gold as humanly possible shipped to the east. There seems to be a script running in the background to squash the U.S. and move power and wealth to the east. If the Russians and Chinese were ever to collaborate on a gold backed currency, they are smart enough to know that it would be the catalyst to the metal moonshot within a very short time frame. Whatever losses may be perceived by doing such a thing with the metals pricing being so low at this time, would soon turn to black Friday style rushing to buy gold and silver, thus shooting the pricing through the roof and destroying the dollar and at the same time. I feel this is being orchestrated through the federal reserve. Ultimate goal is to take down the U.S. it’s freedoms, it’s economy and it’s firepower. What better way to achieve that goal than to do exactly that?

    If/when that happens, it would cause the scenario that Harvey O predicted and it would be absolutely meteoric as he also suggested! This is likely why the collars have been placed onto the metals prices.




    • I think you are right, SilverSlicker, but if Russia, or China for that matter, were to totally corner the silver or gold market in one fell swoop, there would indeed be world war. I’m not sure if they are ready for WW III and neither is the west. TPTB would not let that go unpunished anyway.  And about Harvey, you are again right. To the moon with prices if the existing silver was bought all at once.

  9. If you chose to listen to a so called guru & that guru lets you down you have learned a lesson…..

    If you then continue to listen to that guru & he always lets you down,then You have a problem….

    As if anyone knows the future of a manipulated market bar the manipulators…..?


    Unless….. as Bo says the future is already written & we are all merely playing out our roles.

    If the Bull market in Gold is 21 years then we have 7 years left before this plays out.

    otherwise we are already over 3 years into a Bear.

    • “Unless….. as Bo says the future is already written & we are all merely playing out our roles.”


      I believe that the basic structure of the future has already been written but that it is up to us to fill in the details.


  10. It seems that Mr Putin has made the most political decision of this whole Western attack …

    He’s cancelled South Stream and put all of his bets on Blue Stream direct to Turkey!!!

    This is very BIG news, because ALL piped nat gas imports (and Europe is reliant on energy imports) into Europe needs to come from Russia direct through the Eastern block or through Turkey from either the Caspian, Russia indirectly, or THROUGH SYRIA FROM ARABIAN PENINSULA!

    This is a master stroke on Putin’s part as he has just given Turkey a massively bigger power play than they had by being simply under NATO and supporting the Caspian and Arabian gas transit routes, and Putin can pay the Turks in GOLD, and not funny money from the Fed.

    This is how the West shoot themselves in the foot over and over again in the long game … Russia is holding ALL of the solid cards in a long game, which is of course why the Saudis, Qataris and pro-AngloAmerican Eurotrash in Brussels are trying the economic shock therapy method with the oil price going to all time lows.

    •  “… with the oil price going to all time lows.”


      All time lows?  Am I the only one here who remembers when oil was less than $2 a barrel?   lol


    • @Ed_B

      I meant in relation to overall purchasing power silly 😛

      Back then the dollar was worth its salt, central bankers have trimmed the proverbial coin so much that if they hadn’t gone off the Silver Standard, the average dollar coin would have to be the size of a nanobot … LOL.

      Roman Empire eat your heart out … snip … snip … snip …

    • “I meant in relation to overall purchasing power silly “


      LOL!  I thought so, but could not resist tweaking your tail a bit.


      “Back then the dollar was worth its salt…”


      It sure was.  Mexicans used to refer to the US dollar as “oro”, and it was pretty much just as good as gold back then.


      I well remember the very first A&W hamburger place we went to when I was a kid.  It was a special treat to go out for a burger.  He bought us each the biggest burger we had ever seen, with onion, lettuce, tomato, and pickle on it for the princely sum of 25 cents each.  Fries were a dime and so was a good sized mug of frosty root beer.  For less than $3, our family of 5 ate high on the hog that night.


      On the way home, we stopped at a local service station.  When we did, 5 young guys came running out in their brown and gold uniforms, complete with police officer style caps.  One filled the tank, while the others checked the oil, tires, under the hood, and wipers (while cleaning the windshield and other glass).  We also got a nifty drinking glass that was colored red with gold trim.  We collected those and had a whole set of them.  The gas was 20 cents a gallon / 5 gallons for a buck.


      Yep, a spendy evening for my family but well worth it as Dad spared no expense.  😉



  11. Congress just passed a 1.1 trillion FRN budget which will provide the status quo the means to continue controlling financial markets, and expand it’s overall size, scope and grip.

    NO relief for desperate gold bugs until the death of the dollar global reserve status, which would certainly be likely were Russia to use the nuclear option.

    • The relief available to those in the PM community arises from the low prices that have resulted from the dollar-supporting manipulation.  THAT is of great help to us all because it allows us to stack a lot more metal in exchange for the limited amount of fiat we have.  Our day will come.  Instead of complaining about the time we have until it does, we need to appreciate what we have in this.  More time to prep for a disaster is a real blessing, IMO, and not a problem.  🙂



    Buried deep within an article by Agence France-Presse about former Soviet dictator Mikhail Gorbachev standing up for Russian strongman Vladimir Putin is an absolutely astounding admission: Former top diplomats for the Soviet Union told the French news agency that “the reunification of Germany was allowed on the condition that the USSR would participate in the new European order.”

    The revelation is especially explosive considering Gorbachev’s past celebrations of what he publicly called the “new European soviet” — also known as the European Union — as well as the fact that the EU’s leadership is literally packed with “former” communists, many of them from the former Soviet Union. In light of the predictions and arguments made by Soviet defectors and more recent developments surrounding Russia and Europe, the claims make perfect sense, too.

    The AFP article focuses primarily on Gorbachev, who regularly promotes what he and other globalists on both sides of the “East-West” divide refer to as the “New World Order.” The former Soviet dictator’s vocal defense of ex-KGB boss and current Russian President Putin — currently embroiled in high-profile spats with Western governments about Ukraine — also takes center stage.

    “Russia agreed to new relations, (and) created new cooperation structures, and everything would be great but not everyone in the United States liked it,” Gorbachev said in an interview this week with the Interfax news agency before heading to Berlin to meet with German leaders.

    Then comes the bombshell in the French news agency’s report. “Former top Soviet diplomats have told AFP that the reunification of Germany was allowed on the condition that the USSR would participate in the new European order,” explained AFP reporter Anna Smolchenko. However, despite denials from Western leaders of that period that there was ever any such deals with the Kremlin, a great deal of evidence has existed for decades suggesting that the Soviet participation in Europe’s order was, in fact, even more pronounced than those unnamed diplomats suggest.

    According to arguably the most important Soviet defector to the West amid the Cold War, former KGB disinformation specialist Anatoliy Golitsyn, the entire apparent “collapse” of the USSR and the “liberalization” of Eastern Europe was actually a giant fraud. In his book The Perestroika Deception, Golitsyn, whose track record of predictions has been virtually flawless, also argued that the alleged “Sino-Soviet split” used by Western leaders to alternatively offer assistance to both regimes under the guise of fighting the other was entirely fabricated for public consumption via communist disinformation operations. “When the right moment comes the mask will be dropped and the Russians with Chinese help will seek to impose their system on the West on their own terms as the culmination of a ‘Second October Socialist Revolution,’” Golitsyn explained.

    Despite the alleged conflict between Putin and the West, both sides are following the script precisely, with the EU crushing national sovereignty in Europe as Putin builds his “Eurasian Union.” –

    • Then comes the bombshell in the French news agency’s report. “Former top Soviet diplomats have told AFP that the reunification of Germany was allowed on the condition that the USSR would participate in the new European order,” explained AFP reporter Anna Smolchenko. However, despite denials from Western leaders of that period that there was ever any such deals with the Kremlin, a great deal of evidence has existed for decades suggesting that the Soviet participation in Europe’s order was, in fact, even more pronounced than those unnamed diplomats suggest.

      Yes, but of course the West and the nascent EU told Russia this … it’s called p*ssing in the ear of your enemy. All they wanted was East Germany back, and then all that remained was a Russian ear full of p*ss.

      RULE#1: Never trust anyone from Washington, Westminster, or Brussels.

      Gorbachev is probably only trying to woo Putin because he knows he will need approval from the new Kremlin if he and his family is to stay alive in a new world war scenario … being Russian and now no longer needed by the West, he knows that his past will come back to haunt him if he doesn’t mend bridges with his old homeland, after getting rich like the ‘Magnificent Seven’ (Berezovsky, Khodorkovsky, Friedman, Potanin, Gusinsky, Smolensky, Vinogradov; polonium poisoning blows!).

      Putin is not like these turn coat parasites, he is their exact opposite, sure he got rich too, but he thinks like a Russian, whereas these parasites were thinking like Cayman Island dwelling remora fish.


    The information below is the result of years of investigation including two years undercover, inside of one of Mexico’s biggest drug cartels. Files include wire taps, documents, photographs, including documents from Cuban intelligence which include photos and recordings, secured at extreme risk. Romney, spying for Cuba and Russia, Romney running terrorism in Africa, this is what the FBI, CIA and the files state. Documents outline several meetings between Romney and Castro. FBI officials now indicate that Romney’s travels were done under diplomatic passport supplied by the KGB.

    Notes in the “Romney File” indicate the following: Based on the number of trips to Cuba and reports from our intelligence sources there, Romney was considered a top intelligence asset for Cuban and Soviet/Russian intelligence.

    His psychopathic and narcissistic personality disorders tied to gambling addiction and obsession with physical security (physical cowardice) made him, not only easy to manage but highly motivated to use his strong ties in Washington to access whatever intelligence his handlers desired. Romney’s “world view” is that he sees himself as a molder of world history, above “ordinary people” and obsessed with power and personal safety.

    The media had been approached to run this story. ABC has it and is sitting on it, the US government has all the documents, only the public has been kept in the dark, kept from one of the larger coverups in the past couple of years. We have so many, one can’t use the term “major” without risk of overstatement. The story begins at Harvard and ends in South Africa, drug money, blood diamonds, spying for Cuba and Russia, a story offered to ABC News, a story documented to Sheldon Adelson, the Koch Brothers and Harold Simmons, warning them, a warning they chose to ignore. They were told they were supporting an organized crime figure, told by unimpeachable sources.

    Our FBI source says that Bain Capital was established to protect the former front company, Bain & Company. Operations would be managed from Panama, banking from Switzerland and the Caymans but client meetings would be held in Cuba. Here, Russian and Cuban intelligence set Romney up with a mistress, “Maria,” who was also his “handler.”

    We are told Romney has been in and out of Cuba constantly. Thus, nobody should know Latin America and its value than Romney. He sure knows China well. Now we know he also knows Russia, not just well but “very well.”

    Romney has had repeated personal audiences with Castro, we are told. From his profile: “Romney is a compulsive gambler…”

    According to our FBI source, top level counter-narcotics, Romney helped run narcotics trafficking through Mexico into the United States. He also continued to work directly with Cuban and Russian intelligence, a relationship they say is “ongoing.”

    When no US Attorney agreed to prosecute, the files and this information were leaked, initially to ABC. That was 18 months ago they have had files and met with the agents involved, under full secrecy. –

    • Do you have any idea just how crazy your post is?

      It reads like some Democrat operative Psy Op disinformation campaign against a potential 2016 run for the Presidency.

      Reposting it makes you a useful idiot.

  14. BTW and this is for @underground and @Ed_B since they like firearms.

    I just took delivery my new Catamount Fury II 12 Ga shotgun.  The price was excellent at $400 with 2 5 round mags.  That price is no longer available but the 5 round mags are sold on JG for $10 each or $7 for 10 (yes I just bought 10). Best price for the Fury II is now around $500 but I expect that unless the popularity for this shotgun goes off the charts you’ll see a price drop on occasion.

    The youtube videos show this firearm has some exceptional qualities.  Since the Oval Office Carpet Stain-in-chief banned the  Saiga shotgun, with an aftermarket price of $1,500 to $2,000, this AK variant on the rifle theme is a good replacement.  It’s made in China (ouch) but sold through Century Arms. I  know the 10 round mags were available but cannot be found with a cursory search.  The 10 round mags are huge and might make the shotgun a bit difficult to manage from kneeing or prone.  5 rounds of OO or slugs should be adequate.   This model comes with 2 5 round mags, 3 chokes and a cleaning kit (like you are really going to clean an AK knock off LOL)

    The Fury II is an upgrade from the Fury (original model) featuring a solid metal mag well and a Dragunov style skeletonized stock. It’s fairly light as shotguns go and relatively short with a 20 in barrel. While I haven’t tried it out yet, my plan is to go to the range after Christmas and see how bird shot does in close range and OO and slug at distance (metal targets or bowling pins)

    The youtube videos show it can be managed fairly easily by men of average to large frame,  with modest recoil (shoulder pad recommended with OO or slugs)  Mag change is the typical drop and insert like the AK 47 with a push button mag release. I am not sure how the ladies will find this shotgun but maybe there will be a 20 GA.

    The gun has one small rail under the barrel and gas adjustment.  The one critique heard on the net is that low base shells, cheap 7-8 bird, might not cycle, resulting in a type 1 Malfunction.  Easy to fix BTW.   Cheap bird for practice with OO and slugs to test durability.  Some videos show results from 250 rounds. Hopefully the Fury II is as reliable as my Mossberg 12 and 20 GA.  We can hope.
    The main thing about this shotgun will be practicing mag changes. If you like the AK then mag changes should be routine Cheers

    • @AGXIIK


      What, no pics???  lol


      Yeah, I am interested in this.  Would like to have one, in fact.  Will be on the lookout for one once the Christmas rush is over and things have settled a bit.


      My son has a Saiga-12 and it is a beast.  I can’t believe that it is only “semi” auto when he fires it.  He has a couple of 10 or 12 round stick mags and it is a genuine street sweeper.  He had a 20 round drum for it but got an offer from a buddy that he couldn’t refuse.  With him on the Saiga-12 and me on a Mossy 500 pump or AK, the banditos don’t stand a chance.  lol


  15. @Ed_B

    The Fury II is the Chinese equivalent of the Saiga. Same basic set up.  The forums seem to like the Fury II since Saiga prices went moon shot.

    The one I ordered a month ago was JG Sales at $400 but the low cost went dark  about a week ago  The Saiga and FuryII are very similar but mags are not interchangeable  I made the mistake of not buying some 10 round sticks but 12 5 round ones should suffice. 10 round mags were $35.  5 round mags $7.  Hmmmmm   Mr. Cheapo struck and ran with the 5 rounders.

    I did see Saiga Mags on CDNN and JG sales and at reasonable prices.  I’ll send you the link back channel

    Unlike my ebola suit, I preferred not to send pics.  but youtube vids show the blaster doing what it does best    putting lead down range.  I dont know if I’ll make it home based or truck based. Maybe I’ll get another one and the decision would be easy

    • Yes, I have heard of this shotgun.  I was going to buy a Saiga-12 but as you noted, the price has done a moon-shot while the availability has cratered.  🙁


      Mags are good, the more the better.  It is always good to load up some mags BEFORE the stuff hits the fan.  Putting half a dozen of these into your coat or jacket pockets should be plenty for most problems that can be solved with a 12-ga.  🙂


      Got the back-channel on the mags.  Will send the URL on to my son in case he needs any.  Thanks. 🙂


      Truck or home?  Always a question, isn’t it?  IMO, keep that puppy close at hand, as in home-based.  If you need to mount up, just take it with you.  Those cheap 9 mm blasters you bought recently and a couple of boxes of ammo are ideal for the truck, however.  🙂


    • I can really see the seriousness on Putin’s face, in contradistinction to Obama and his Press Secretaries, who only ever have that sardonic smirk on their faces when they are talking about serious issues. To look at Obama, it is very rare that his face expresses a personal interest in a subject he is talking about; instead his look always betrays a man who is thinking about what Goldman Sachs and JPM (et al) would think of every single word as they escape his cake hole, and the sardonic expression simply betrays where his personal mind is at; simply wanting to get home to Michael the first Man and his two casted actor daughters.

      Putin is quite aware that Russia is fighting for its ability to determine 100% of its own destiny on its own terms, whilst Obama and Holder are thinking of how to 100% destroy the Constitution, and to turn all American governance over to a Rockefeller puppet United Nations. Obama and Holder and all the rest of the shills in the DemonCrips and ReBloodlicans are traitorous kleptocratic scum.

      If the US had a guy in charge like Putin, many of the ongoing problems would be non-problems, because almost all problems in the US are caused by the fact that Washington works for Internationalists that fly a Jolly Roger rather than Americans who fly the Stars and Stripes.

      RT is also no more of a propaganda outlet than CNN and MSNBC (gag … I think I just threw up in my mouth, I had an image of Maddow talking about freedom), and at least Putin has 3 hr conferences where he answers questions himself, invites a broad section of the press, community, and alternative media, and doesn’t screen the questions.

      Why do we fund Radio Free Europe when we don’t fund Radio Free America??? … because the US is a tampon for international bankers, and it is so sad it brings a tear to the eye.

    • Nice article. It definitely looks like the Wizards are losing power with this particular magic trick, and then reality will resume.

      What will they do when there is a run on the bullion banks? Blame Russia most probably … LOL

      Vladimir broke in over night and abducted all the physical bullion in a soviet submarine powered by vodka right under the noses of the City of London police state… it was all there before hand, we promise… something ridiculous such as that.

  16. @willnotbeaslave. More good info.  I like your characterization of the Oval office stain.  First man, Michele/Michael.  When Joan Rivers outted Barrie and his boy, she got deaded real fast   If anyone really knew the trooot of da prez they would do more than puke.  I sort of feel sorry about the 2 girls.  What will they be like in 15 years?   Amy Carter and Chesea Clinton are a pair to draw to.   A pair of deuces

  17. Bingo AG.

    I don’t think the welfare of the girls even crosses the mind of people like Barry and Mike.

    Family unit? Doesn’t even exist in the vocabulary of libertine gutter trash. They spend all of their time trying to destroy the family unit, so giving two hoots about decency and the welfare of others would never cross the mind of this Mac Daddy and the #2 Mac Daddy Mike.

    Paint the White House Rainbow and turn the center piece garden fountain into a chocolate fountain (reference to sodomy not to race) … that would be more appropriate. What an insult to rainbows, they used to represent the Holy covenant, now they represent the breakdown in natural law.

    If I were a world leader there is no way I would shake his hand, and if I were Asian I wouldn’t even nod at him.

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