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With Massive Movements In Gold & Silver This Week, Craig Hemke Joins the Show to Break Down All the Action, Discussing:

  • Paper Gold Manipulation Play By Play: Hemke Walks Investors Through the Last 5 Sessions in the “Gold” Market
  • The End Game?  “Silver’s Gonna Be A Little Higher Than $16…
  • This Game Is Moving Toward THE END: A Final Failure In Confidence In These Banks to Supply the Metal

The SD Weekly Metals & Markets With The Doc, Eric Dubin, & Craig Hemke Is Below:


Sailfish silver


Last week Mario Draghi whipped out his bazooka and fired a salvo that did more to convince investors that the ECB is not in control than instill confidence.  This week, Yellen and her merry band met for the regular FOMC meeting, and they were forced to backpedal on the forward looking guidance the Fed made public last December regarding four interest rate hikes in 2016 and other milestones along the road towards “interest rate normalization.”  All of this official speak has been sending earthquakes through markets. 

We invited Craig Hemke to discuss how these developments are impacting precious metals, with a particular emphasis on documenting the mechanics of price suppression taking place this week.

We began recording with about 30 minutes left in Thursday’s regular COMEX trading session.  The most unusual aspect of Thursday’s trade was silver’s strong performance throughout the London and COMEX trading session, strength that persisted even though gold was clearly under attack.  Click here to see the article I published Thursday with further explanation.  

During the podcast, I noted that the cartel would target at least a one-third to one-half erasure of the post-FOMC gains.  Now that we have Friday’s trade in the rear-view mirror, we can see that that is exactly what happened.  However, as the trading day rolled on and as we entered the after-hours session, both silver and gold have stabilized and are under modest accumulation once again. 



silver - kitco

Craig Hemke discusses the “wash, rinse, repeat” cycle.  He spotlights the rising open interest suggesting we are seeing this week, which suggests new shorting by the cartel conducted in an effort to push gold down in advance of the FOMC announcement, and to cap prices thereafter.   As Craig points out, the cartel was busy painting the London PM Fix:

gold london pm fix

Craig also walks our listeners through the process of high frequency trading, including how spoof orders are used to manipulate the trade.  One of his subscribers shared a screen capture of order flow.  Craig references this chart:


Craig covers much ground on this week’s SD Weekly Metals & Markets.  To follow his work, visit

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Thanks for tuning in to this week’s podcast – Eric Dubin, independent financial/geopolitical analyst, managing editor, The New Doctors

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  1. a self congratulating article from the turd who said a huge attack was coming and to hold back on the miners. also part of the allocated bullion ponzi scheme. silver doctors should really get this trash off the site… but then again we know just how incestuous these sites all are.

    • Au will retest the lows of this bear before the bull will have his way.

      Long-term bull here, but I have to call it as I see it.

      1000USD Au as priced in NY is a prime target for those progenitors of the present fiat system.

    • SDs…

      Home of the genius crowd who all know more than just about anyone who makes a living on the subject of PM investment (or at least the factors that move the price) and has the gall to say anything negative about price.

      Well, I’ve got a $50K 2x short position in Ag that says the current COT structure will resolve itself well below $15 in the next couple of weeks (full disclosure… hedged with plenty of long miners).

      Turd speaks the truth here, and if you listen he’s very clear how tough it is to read the tea leaves when the banks can paint what ever story they care to paint… the only way they get out of the huge short position (in combination with the equally long Spec position) they have today is lower prices.

      Now, should they get run over this time (very doubtful) this game is over… and I would be cheering all the way as I book the loss.

  2. The new T.E.D. talk.  Turd, Eric and Doc

    How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time

    How do you build precious metal prices?  One step/dollar/cartel counter attack at a time

    It’s taken us almost exactly 5 years to get to this morbid level.   It’ll take us another year or two to see full price recovery.  If any remarkable yet predictable extinction level event befalls us in the next few months, gold and silver could easily see their prices ramp much faster.

    The GTSR drop to 79, a couple of ticks off 82 to 1, is noise.  If the ratio is restored closer to 40 or 50 to 1, my question is whether the compression of the ratio is bottom up, with silver moving up quickly or gold downward.  There’s a much greater chance of silver upward in a compression to 50 or even 40 to 1.   $31 silver is a really nice number.  Damn, that is a REALLY nice number! 100% increase

    It reminds me of ordering tequila in Tijuana.  ‘Uno mas Doble, por favor’

    Tequila Reserva 1800.  Mmmmmm!

    Armstrong is a good daily read, not so much for his market predictions but more for his philosophical statements. Precious metals are at the effect of multidimensional interconnected noise to signal ratio trends that resemble noisy stampedes.  Their price actions are more and more predictable but the impact of the numerous global stampedes to exits creates inevitable air pockets.  We suffer the effects. Leaving the building first is a wise precaution.

    When natural markets devolve into nothing more than a** saving interventions, anyone in the way of this herd will get hurt.  Stepping back from bankers and governments out of control takes preplanning.

    Armstrong notes:  With my edits

    1.  All government gravitate to total control.

    2.  All central banks gravitate to  total control over governments.

    3.  All private banks gravitate to protecting deposits and profits.

    The inevitable clash of #1 and #2 produces a situation where central banks use their monetary and printing power to control the government. Governments must finance their efforts for total control through central bank financing and blatant theft of our substance.  Government, unless completely controlled by politically appointed bankers, is in continual conflict with central banks. We’re are way past that point.

    The US government is completely controlled by the bankers.  We find ourselves at Fascism Flash Points where all bankers and all governments are linked by currency and debt.  Their unholy alliance creates complete wretchedness as these fundamental, even existential, conflicts build on inevitable disfunctionalities. They exist because of each one’s desire to have the ultimate and total means of control. These are mutually exclusive.
    These two entities will gravitate to self preservation at the cost of everything and everyone else.  At this juncture, they will lose the battles and war and do so at great costs.  We permit this to take place over and over again, suffering grievous damage and losses.  We must take a stand this time.  Whatever the cost, we must help these giant financial and governmental war machines destroy themselves once and forever.

    Citadel,  one of the largest hedge funds,  the one that hired Ben Bernanke, is seeing enormous losses and liquidations.  They’re at the effect of this titanic clash of central banks and governments and breathing hard.   Poor Ben.  Got your resume roughed out?

    We, the people, are being trampled underfoot   Possession of precious metals is one of the best protections we can have.   If you are an owner of silver and gold, everything else is BS; just noise.


    • Central banking is merely central planning applied to banking… and we all know how poorly central planning has worked for various governments.  It eventually brings them to complete ruin… some faster and some slower but all eventually arrive in the same place.

      Governments allow central banks to exist when they should not.  They are, in fact, mortal enemies, as are We the People and Central Banks.  Andrew Jackson knew that the banksters were “a nest of vipers” in the worst possible sense of that phrase but politicians since then have embraced these cretins and all the bribe money they can get.  This is how politicians come to DC with a few hundred thou to their names and leave 4-12 years later as multi-millionaires.

      Central banks can only exist as long as those in government are too weak-willed to adhere to a sensible budget.  It is the fundamental purpose of a central bank to allow a government to spend more than it takes in.  This was, in fact, the reason why fiat currency was invented.  This is so attractive to the weak-willed in politics as to be irresistible.  This is the financial equivalent of a monkey trap… the old coconut shell with a hole in it and a date inside the shell.  This is wired to a tree, the monkey reaches in and grabs the date, but cannot pull his fist AND the date back out.  Therefore he is just stuck there until the trap owner comes to collect him.  By dropping the trap and monkey into a cage and a date in front of the monkey, he lets go of the date in the trap, escapes, and eats the free date.  But he is in a cage by this time and cannot escape.  Now, doesn’t that sound like a politician with visions of sugar plums (over-spending) dancing in his / her head?  😉

      Just remember this… Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.

      Wolves = government, banksters, and other criminals…

      well armed lambs = We the People.

  3. Regarding the image of the DOM above. We do not know if the solid offer at 56.6 was a spoof or not until either it pulled fast or that level went offer and it stuck or pulled or it was filled.

    If the gold bull is alive and well as so many complacently claim on this site,  900 offered should be no problem.

    • @Sylvie we all know it is manipulated to artificially lower prices. it probably will stay manipulated lower until, at the very least, obama no longer occupies the white house.. it might continue to be manipulated low until the currency change, and then it will reset so high average people wont be able to buy any ..

    • @aztecminer : My thoughts exactly.  The massive PM attack and price rigging went to new levels back around April 2011 which is under Obama’s watch.  It all went into play supposedly after an emergency banker meeting at the White House when gold hit $1,900 and silver challenged $50.  The changing of the guard for this administration is coming to an end in late 2016 and early 2017.  I’d bet a wooden nickel all of this suppression starts to unwind somewhere between Summer 2016 to beginning of 2017.

      Another wood nickel bet is the insiders and well connected money know this and have already started taking their positions in metal ETF’s, stocks and phyzzzzz.  There’s been quite a few articles this year about supply concerns in this sector and unprecidented demand.  Everyone writes this off as negative interest rates but believe that’s just a smoke screen article for the masses.

      Popcorn anyone?

    • @Sylvie



      Saw “The Big Short” last night. Great flick.

      Some thoughts about the current fraud and the fraud of this movie:

      The characters were beginning to second guess themselves and their investments. So they went out and did some research and found out it was WORSE than they thought. Rampant fraud, corruption, lobbyists, incestuous relationships, rating agencies and the SEC looking the other way…They were sickened and concluded the were 100% right and should bet even more!

      Trader Mark Baum (played by Steve Carell) realizes the banks knew what they were doing but assumed they would be bailed out.

      The government eventually stepped in and, as we all know, offered a $700 billion bailout of the big banks that sent the machines at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing whirring and staved off a return to the stone age, at least for the time being.

      The Obama Justice Department has adamantly refused to prosecute anyone, because they all used a portion of their fraudulently obtained millions to make large contributions to the Obama campaign or projects sponsored by Obama. Not one single person has been prosecuted. They are all in the same jobs, able to find new ways to defraud people — as we’ve seen in the Libor and Forex scandals — and continue to pay off the Washington politicians.

      Mark Baum (Steve Carell): “For fifteen thousand years, fraud and short sighted thinking have never, ever worked. Not once. Eventually you get caught, things go south. When the hell did we forget all that?”

      Vinny Daniel(Ryan Gosling): “The banks have fraud the American people. Now we can kick ‘em in the teeth.”

    • @Scoremore


      I also watched The Big Short last night.  The info in that movie is fantastic.  The style of the movie?  Not so much.  Looks as if it was designed to get the info to the sheeple in small enough bites that they can chew on it.  OK, fine for them but not that great for those of us who have been awake for 5-6+ years.  Still, it was worth viewing.  I was not crazy enough to try to get my wife to watch it, though.  She would not have appreciated it at all.

      As to “fraud not working”, huh?  To the short-sighted thinkers who do all this defrauding, it pays off wonderfully and 2008 was the ultimate example of that.  They rip off the public and then get “saved” by the government with over $700B worth of OUR money.  No one goes to jail.  They keep everything they have stolen.  Sure, a few banks bit the dust but so what?  Less competition after the dust settles, which makes this a 3-fer.  It would be hard to imagine this working better if it was planned.  Hey, wait a minute…


    • Thank you for all those information. Let us pray for Trump !

      Just one question : you all and always talk about your wifes? Only males, around? Why women are so little interested by Gold and Silver? Do they only appreciate diamonds? Is it a gene thing ? That is a funny thing taht I merely understand. I have a contralto voice which is rare…but not a lesbian at all…I have Zarah Leander voice, is it the explantation ???…

    • @Sylvie


      Yes, most people here are men with only a few ladies.  I wish that there were more ladies here.  That makes for better discussions, IMO.  Alas, we only have a few.

      My wife does not care about gold or silver UNLESS it is made into jewelry.  When it is, THEN she loves it!  Yes, she loves diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and pearls.  Funny how easy it is to make some ladies happy.  All we men have to do is give them a pretty rock and they are thrilled. 😉



  4. There is a great 45 minute video on The News Doctors that is starting to make the rounds

    Its by John Titus. Bankers Above the Law  Veneer of Justice in a Kingdom of Crime  If you want to understand how the systematic looting of the people took place without a single person going to jail, watch this video and how the crony law firms provide lawyers for the DOJ and how they subverted the law to get all the top executives off with nothing more than $126,000,000,000 in fines.  Those were paid for by tax payer bailout funds.  Lather Rinse and Repeat.

    This video is the second part to the Big Short and provides a meticulously detailed analysis why no banker went to jail.  We lost the country and the Constitution through a coup where Goldman Sachs took over the government from top to bottom, aided by the complicity of the DOJ and Obama.  Wow!!

    Today every single presidential candidate is funded, bought and paid for by Goldman Sachs

    $675,000 from GS for Clinton speeches and $200,000 paid to her in campaign contribution to date

    Jeb Bush  $483,000 from GS    When he was with Lehman he got Fla Pension funds to invest $1,500,000,000.  The fund lost $800,000,000 when Lehman failed

    Cruz, married to an executive Director of Goldman Sachs, received a $2,000,000 undisclosed loan from GS to fund his senate campaign and $44,000 from GS today

    Marco Rubio Senate campaign subsidized by GS.  He’s such small potatoes, a totally unviable candidate, he only got $80,000 for GS.

    John Kasich, an executive director of Lehman Brothers for 8 years got a $400,000 bonus before Lehman failed   Ohio state pension funds invested in Lehman on his watch lost $500,000,000 when Lehman failed   He tried to get is now receiving campaign contributions from GS.

    Trump has borrowed billions, defaulted and went BK, borrowed additional billions, went bankrupt and borrowed additional billions from GS and their ilk.

    Poor Bernie Sandanista.  He got bupkess from GS   His candidacy is funded by GS Muppets, or at the the ones who have any money left after the country was raped by GP and JPM for 16 years

    And who says crime doesn’t pay

  5. So it seems old Turd is trying to call me a liar……i will gladly post the proof via skype from a Turd subscriber that Turd told him he sold all his miners on Feb 4th…price at the time $1150.

    Like I said never trust these people.

  6. @scoremore My long post towards of the top of this article talks about how governments and central banks gravitate towards control, then total control.   We are ground between these two forces that, at time, work together and at times in opposition. In either case we suffer the consequences.  Day to day self protection is a must. We  have plenty of means at hand to do that, discussed at length on these boards, given the knowledge readily available.

    Assymetrical protection/defense requires more allies and tactical measures, with  carefully crafted offensive strategies to assure a reasonable chance for victory.  A counter coup is possible and those are evolving in Venezuela,  Argentinia, Bolivia and other countries where the desperation of the people to reaching a flash point that demands action.  We are not there yet but I foresee a time that might be necessary. Like Celente says “when people have lost everything, they have nothing left to lose and then they lose it’

    The last option involves a significant evolution of the human species that takes us beyond the graft, greed and obsession with power and influence, the desire to be more than just a paradigm of haves and have nots lost in a whirlwind anger, misery and despair that have exemplified the human species for the thousands of years of recorded history.
    Until that happens we have to muddle along, work within in the system, try to to change it, either by our own knowledge, wisdom, and moral suasion or by violence if it comes to that.
    We can either go full Gandhi or Genghis.

  7. @Aztecminer

    There is no fair value in manipulated markets

    In the bankster casino we have a rigged game of roulette:

    Black/Red, Win/Lose, Yours/Theirs.

    It’s not our game any more.

    It’s their game until we smash the table.

    There is no Fair Value except the value we we make for ourselves.

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