Alasdair Macleod & Bill Murphy joined The Doc this week for a special episode of the SD Weekly Metals & Markets.
Bill & Alasdair gave an extraordinary interview, and discussed:

  • The cartel’s shift to attacking the metals pre-emptively prior to the release of the FOMC/NFP reports to prevent break-outs to the upside.
  • The implications of the spiking 10 year Treasury bond with over $400 Trillion in interest rate swaps held by the major banks- would the banks be able to handle a rise in Treasury rates? 
  • 1,300 tons of custodial gold held by the BOE (likely owned by France, Italy, & Spain) likely leased out onto the market over the first half of 2013 were required to prevent a systemic financial collapse in the wake of the Cyprus bail-in due to collapse of confidence in the banking system throughout Europe.
  • Using Austrian Measure for Money Supply, Gold Only Up 40% Since 2000!
  • While the bullion banks have largely covered their gold & silver short COMEX positions, the bullion banks are still stuck with a massive short gold position on the LBMA, and a sudden rise in the price of gold could stimulate a crisis in the physical market in London!

The most explosive and powerful SD Weekly Metals & Markets we’ve ever recorded is below:

SBSS large2



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    • When their vaults have been emptied to Asia, there will be a gold price moon-shot anyway.  All we are doing these days is juggling prices a bit before that happens.

    • I think they are still in the framework of the “plan”
      Not sure what it is, but all this pent-up energy is getting ready for a release! 
      The MANIP-MANOP will go as long as they need it, or the system breaks! 
      A BREAK in the system is best for the common man, (maybe) but if their plans 
      are fully realized, we’re screwed pooches…

    • @undeRGRound
      “The MANIP-MANOP will go as long as they need it, or the system breaks!”
      Agreed.  I am betting on it breaking due to all the twists, turns, and kinks they have put into the system.  It is WELL documented that a free market is resilient and able to handle just about anything that happens fairly quickly and efficiently.  The current market is so manipulated and artificial that it doesn’t have the strength to handle the big problems that come from time to time.

    • Be careful flashing a graphic like that, RGR.  You do that to someone who’s just had their dinner and they could lose it.  lol

  1. If it goes up they’re stuffed …. If it goes down they’re stuffed … the end of the road to nowhere leads to nowhere.
    I’d love to see what would happen if the Indian Government went to confiscate the Gold from them Indians, or arrest too many people from smuggling it after they ban it … I don’t think they would dare, that’s the sort of thing that would even make Ghandi dump pacifism. It would kind of be like telling Australians you were banning beer, usually they will take anything, even the decimation of pension funds, but ban beer and you would get revolution over night. The Indians still have a cult fascination for it, and there’s a billion of the buggers with lots more money to spend ….. EXCELLENT *strokes cat* …. JP Morgan is going to get the smack down it deserves for treating us all like chumps.

    • Looks as if Ronnie is giving them the fingers, British style.  Yep, he’s still got his archers’ fingers, so there!  lol

    • @mikeyj80
      I have seen others allude to that, and I believe it is documented that they hold many longs in Silver AND Gold! 
      But the latest movements seem to indicate some of their bank$ter buddie$ still have big Shorts that will explode if prices rise much above $20 and $1330 for AG and AU respectively… So it will buy US more time to Stack, in the long run! ? Maybe?

    • undeRGRound

      What we’re assiduously PREVENTED from seeing, is the OTC Short positions, which is where this FAR larger bulk of Shorts is probably melting through the floor like a dry nuclear reactor core. My guess is that the RELATIVELY puny Long positions loudly touted in the Media is an intentional feint, calculated to cool down Short-based trader speculation tactics. I just can’t conceive how that HUGE publicly visible Short could ‘magically’ be offset from the publically visible ‘market’, than to have it ‘swept it under the rug’ of the opaque OTC ‘market’.

  2. Alasdair Macleod’s sleuthing (plenty accolade to unsung ‘elves’ is likely in orderas well) has has been a wonder to watch and hear unfold over the past couple weeks. He and GATA really do go arm in arm! Kudos to Doc for a great segment this week … still … in that casually executed (hopefully ‘signature’) overall format, only necessarily kept to agenda for fullness of coverage! Super!

  3. Strange shutdown at Mumbai Bourse.
    “A major crisis erupted at National Spot Exchange yesterday after it suspended most trades on its platform, prompting the government to order an enquiry by the commodity regulator FMC, while Sebi also began a separate probe amid a crash in shares of two listed group companies.”
    “National Spot Exchange Ltd (NSEL), that provides an electronic platform to farmers and traders for spot trading in farm products and bullion among others, said it would meet all obligations towards brokers and clients who have traded on its platform. Speculations, however, were rife about potential default on payouts running into Rs 5,000-6,000 crore”
    Wouldn’t be related to the Gold import bans and the effect they are having on … the whole Indian culture and economy would it? They’re all leveraged up in India just as in the West.
    Cracks appearing in Fiat Facades all over the globe now! Sure signs.

    • “Cracks appearing in Fiat Facades all over the globe now!”

      Indeed, which is why a lot of people are bailing out of fiat and into gold and silver!  ABANDON SHIP ye Lubbers!!

  4. Can someone explain how you can short the LBMA? I thought you either took physical delivery or didn’t, because you didn’t like the spot? How can you short something that isn’t an index. London Bullion Market Association. Clues in the title. You could arbitrage the Comex using the spot, but that would mean going long on the LBMA and going short on <place your index here>. So any help on how to short the LBMA? I would love to give it a go. 🙂 

    • You could short the banks that make up the LBMA (Market Making Members).
      That would be Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, JPM, Credit Suisse, UBS, Scotia Mocatta, UBS and a couple others.

    • But that’s not shorting the LBMA. Where would you lay your bet? Comex? Buying physical?  Also as I keep trying my up most to educate, the LBMA is not all about bullion banking. Its mostly about physical delivery of bullion, usually at time of purchase from bullion refiners, smelters and producers. So to short the bullion ‘creators’ I would need to buy paper on the Comex? Stop the rot, the LBMA works, shorting physical with paper is morally wrong.

    • @WaitingForSilver
      This is a good question, everything I show is that delivery must take place within ‘two good days,’ implying that even if you were physically short the gold (i.e. sold and didn’t have the physical in hand), the time horizon could be measured in hours, not weeks.
      I am not familiar enough with LBMA to speak on the ins and outs, this is a good question.

  5. I’m trying to imagine what would happen if our own fed let something like that slip out. Ben Bernanke himself might be all over MSM doing damage control, “clarifying” (lying about) the “mistake” that an underling made earlier.
    I think there might be some interesting behind the scenes inquiries from France, Italy and Spain to the Bank of England re: this situation, if these are the affected central banks as the piece mentions. If these central banks ask for their physical to be returned, and are told wait 7 years like Germany, I wonder how quickly this might be leaked to the MSM. 
    1500 tons needed to be provided to knock down the paper gold price following Cyprus and it was all done by the Bank of England releasing OTHER central banks’ custodial gold into the market. Our Fed wasn’t in there unselfishly dumping US gold reserves to help? Maybe since it was physical traded on a European exchange our fed is just going to backstop the Bank of England if necessary? If not it might lead one to continue to question how much of our 8000+ tons are really in the US anymore? Why couldn’t this knockdown just be done with paper on the Comex as usual? Hmm
    Doc, Alisdair Macleod has done many good interviews with his own guests on James Turk’s Gold Money site and he pronounces his own last name like “Mick CLOUD.”  Thanks for this very nice piece though.

    • >>>Why couldn’t this knockdown just be done with paper on the Comex as usual.
      I think there is just too many people calling for delivery, and that it is starting to get political from the Eastern and German perspective. The inflows to India were massively increasing and the world mine production didn’t, so the 8000+ tons of gold that are supposed to be in Knox have already probably been converted into Indian Wedding Gifts and melted into bars marked with anything but a US bullion stamp … who knows, perhaps because the TBTF Bailout legislation has been passed now and that overseas banks who are part of the IMF system got heaps of those bailout funds from the Fed, that the US Govt doesn’t even consider any gold in Knox to be sacrosanct or sovereign now anyway. It’s pretty clear from a political perspective that the US will do anything in its power to prolong the life of Wall Street and the City Of London (They’re in it together, if one falls the other falls, Pilgrims always stick together 😛 even if it means stealing sovereign gold … they’ll just continually refuse any audits until the day they truly run out of physical to supply in London and then … I reccon a cyberattack would have to be the way to cover that up, or a really good idea would be to nuke London 😛 … “ermmm it’s all radioactive, but don’t worry, it WAS in the vaults, we’ll stand for delivery in 50,000yrs, gotta wait for the half life at least”)

    • “Maybe since it was physical traded on a European exchange our fed is just going to backstop the Bank of England if necessary? If not it might lead one to continue to question how much of our 8000+ tons are really in the US anymore?”
      Who knows how much, if any, of the US gold holdings still exist?  For all we know, they have been hypothecated MANY times over, leased, borrowed, flipped, flopped, and relabeled so many times, that even the people doing it don’t know any more.  Using logic, however, can save the day.  Why, for example, has there been no audit of the US gold holdings in the last 55+ years?  Answer:  Because they don’t dare.  We have this nice comfortable illusion that 8,000+ tons of pure gold is held in trust by the US Gov in the name of the American people.  This is the true wealth deposit of this nation.  People take some comfort in that, so why shatter the illusion via hitting it with the hammer of truth?  For many of the very same kinds of reasons, the Fed has not had an independent audit in a very long time either.  

    • Ed_B  Had my tongue planted in my cheek when I mentioned 8000+ tons of US gold reserves. Agree with you that the evidence suggests most if not all of it is long gone. Sold into the market via bullion bank intermediaries a long time ago, hence the need for gold ETFs beginning in the mid-90s to divert demand away from physical. Incidentally I just read somewhere that the the Indian government is now trying to get people there to buy a paper gold ETF instead of physical! This sounds like a desperate measure called for by desperate times (for the western bankers) 
      I wouldn’t be surprised if we begin to hear more reports over the next few weeks/months about more requests for repatriation of foreign CBs’ gold from London and New York. These two locations are beginning to sound like risky places to store physical.

    • @junkman
      “Had my tongue planted in my cheek when I mentioned 8000+ tons of US gold reserves.”
      Yeah, I figured that but as long as the subject was broached, it seemed a good time to make a comment on it.  🙂
      “Incidentally I just read somewhere that the the Indian government is now trying to get people there to buy a paper gold ETF instead of physical! This sounds like a desperate measure called for by desperate times (for the western bankers)”
      Yes, it must have been invented by outsiders, as no one in India would ever think that paper of ANY kind would be a satisfactory replacement for gold in Indian culture.  Giving a bride or groom a wedding gift of a few paper gold warehouse receipts is probably not gonna win any friends or influence people.  Anyone doing that would be thought an idiot, in all likelihood. 
      “I wouldn’t be surprised if we begin to hear more reports over the next few weeks/months about more requests for repatriation of foreign CBs’ gold from London and New York. These two locations are beginning to sound like risky places to store physical.”
      That would not surprise me, either.  MANY countries and perhaps even wealthy individuals who have gold stored in other countries have been severely shaken by the NY Fed refusing the German’s request for THEIR gold or even to gaze upon it.  Imagine going to your bank, asking to remove your safety deposit box contents only to be told that they are not available for taking out of the bank or even viewing.  WTF?  No one would put up with that.  Does the phrase “sue their socks off” mean anything?  This is an indefensible position and is one that only banksters would hold as valid.

  6. All roads lead to the City Of London … The cheerleader for finance capital himself, the Right ‘Honorable’ Lord Mayor of The City Of London should be dragged to Guantánamo and ‘questioned’ with some ‘enhanced interrogation’; put some constructive use to that particular abomination of a law at last. Bet he at least could provide some leads on where the REAL physical is stored or where it has gone to, or who REALLY owns it! When Interpol is finished in Switzerland it really needs to challenge the City Of London Police and their Economic Crime Directorate and their Corporate Services Directorate to an old fashioned stand off; it would be like the New York City Police wars of 1857 all over again.

    • @kmaa   Personally, I stack only American Silver Eagles for several reasons.  1.) They are very recognizable.  2.) Their authenticity is easily verifiable in several ways (Fisch device).  3.) They are U.S. money.  Several states have legislation pending that would make gold and silver eagles spendable money.  And because you cannot tax money, gains in their fiat price would not be taxable.  Gains on bullion rounds are taxable.  4.)  No assay required before you trade or sell unlike bars.  5.)  They are uncirculated and therefore unworn and you know you have a full ounce.  Junk silver is less than 90% because of the wear.

      UglyDog ,,, “Gains on bullion rounds are taxable. ”
      This is true … ONLY … if the trader of them … DEFINES … their ‘value’ in terms of … DOLLARS.

      All tax is predicated upon and levied in … dollar terms. But, if an individual steadfastly and unrelentingly defines his offer in OUNCES or GRAINS, there is NO NEXUS to the the thing made liable. You see, the ‘dollar’ (and certain Symbology in connection to government) is an Intellectual Property of the federal government with silver being merely incidental to it. That’s how instruments of 100%, 90%, 40% or 0% (tokens, Plantation Scrip AND electrons) silver or gold can ALL be “DOLLARS”. It isn’t ABOUT anything of PHYSICALLY INTRINSIC value … it’s ALL about DEFINITION of value.

      By simply acquiescing to allowing ANYTHING we trade to be circumscribed by that term, government’s ’eminence’  is invoked and thereby its ‘service’ rendered. THAT’S what’s taxable. The USE of government’s ’eminence’ to assist in our transactions, which it then (and ONLY then) derives a Lawful authority to demand a compensation for in the manner of a tax.

    • Agreed.  The entire “income” tax is an unconstitutional scam and exists only to support the interest payment to the banksters on their FRN’s.

    • UglyDog  … “The entire “income” tax is an unconstitutional scam”

      True … IF … levied in the original ordinary jurisdictions of the independent States of America. But … NOT … if levied in federal ‘district’ jurisdiction. In March of 1791, securing jurisdiction to enforce the ‘Whiskey Tax’, Washington instituted ‘district’ jurisdictions laid over each State, in which federal tax agents had authority to operate. This ties in with Art. IV, Sec. 3, cl. 2, whereby “… respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States; … nothing in this Constitution shall be so construed as to Prejudice any Claims of the United States, or of any particular State.” To ascertain the full meaning of that clause, the term ‘Property’ needs to be understood by its correct definition, which is “That which is peculiar or proper to any person … an aggregate of rights which are guaranteed by the government,” Black’s L.D., 6th Ed., pg. 845.

      So, exactly as in the case with ‘dollars’, if one acquiesces to carrying on his affairs under that ‘district’ jurisdiction, rather than under one’s original, ordinary State jurisdiction, … THEN … it’s ‘constitutional’. Here, one has to understand that ‘ZIP’ coded areas are ‘TAX DISTRICTS’ and designations like ‘IA’, “NJ’, ‘CA’, etc., while ASSOCIATED with States, are ‘Property’ of the United States indicating its ‘districts’. After all, can a State Legislature unilaterally, on it’s own volition, change mail delivery areas to its own State defined alphanumeric code? Or, can it similarly decide to change, say ‘PA’ to ‘PN’, as the identifier for Pennsylvania? NO! Why? Because those matters are … OUT OF THEIR JURISDICTION to alter.

      After a while of studying this crap, I’m left CONSTANTLY asking myself where the hell I AM and exactly what the hell I’m DOING!

    • I think I could run for President and be elected on just one issue. See if you would vote for me… “I am going to get rid of the stinking IRS!”

  7. Doc, Tylerand Eric.
    thank you for all the heavy lifting you’ve done over the last 2 years to get Silver Doctors to this point.  As an ‘early adopter’ of this site I’ve seen its evolution both as a business as well as a focal point for the voices that need to be heard.
    Alistair and Bill brought clarity to a situation that could and would have gone undetected by everyone had the specifics of the gold movement not been outed.  It is pretty easy to understand what’s happening, how the dots connect and the likely outcome of the  BOE actions.  I would hazard a guess that your site probably has a greater amount of intel than any other collections of sites in this universe of silver speakers.
    it’s almost funny how so many well educated people in this industry continue to cling to their delusions, making great errors, both individually and collectively.  The results of their thinking will be painful to watch.   A great education is available on Silver Doctors. While no one has all the answers; a careful and regular reading of this site’s contents would at least give them some good and consistent material with which to work.
    Kudos to The News Doctors and the entrance of Eric Dubin.  Once he is fully on board I see an exponential increase in readership and quality.  And that is not taking away from the quality today. The amassing of more deep quality intelligence is required since events are moving so quickly it’s difficult to keep up without more eyes and boots in the street. 
    This site may be one of the few that can project these details out far enough for us to see what is coming and make our plans accordingly.  And what is more important, beyond the regulars on this site who’ve been making specific plans, is the detailed information for those new to this site, thus helping them with their continuing education. 
    Cheers to all and thank you to all the many who take time to post on this site, adding to the collective intelligence and awareness we enjoy here on Silver Doctors
    And since Charlie hasn’t said it in the last 24 hours, Keep stacking silver wherever you are.

    • Charlie will be happy to know that a subscription model isn’t what TDN’s birth suggests.  But I still think he’d be able to write a good primer on how to buy silver off eBay (all kidding in that other thread asside). 

      AGXIIK, thanks for your kind words and for all the insightul posts you’ve made over the years.  We’re going to have some fun in the weeks and months ahead. 

      All the best,


  8. KNA  There are good reasons to have some ASEs in your stack. While they are about $2 or 10% more over the price of generic coins like the Buffalos, the reasons to own them are many, not least of which they might be the most recognized coin of their type in the world, are good faith currency via that recognition, and are less likely to be conterfieted.  I place them along side junk bullion as a good part of any stacker’s collection.  Besides which, some issuances might become more valuable as time goes by. 
    A monster box is ridiculously low priced given that silver is barely $20 an ounce. I paid as much as $17,000 for a box just a year ago.  So with silver at $20, the mint gets skinned.  You get a bargain, even if it’s not an MB

  9. Chances are you own plenty of items that owe their fabrication to the unique properties of silver catalysts.
    A catalyst is a substance that facilitates a chemical process without itself undergoing any transformation. Because of its unique chemical properties, silver is an important catalyst in the production of two major industrial chemicals. Because the silver is not affected by the reaction, it is almost completely recovered after it is used.
    More than 150 million ounces of silver are used each year to produce ethylene oxide and formaldehyde, both of which are essential ingredients in plastics. Approximately 90% of the silver employed as an industrial catalyst is used for the production of ethylene oxide from ethylene. Ethylene oxide is the foundation for plastics including polyester, the textile used in both mainstream fashion and specialty clothing. This same substance is an ingredient in molded items like insulating handles for stoves, key tops for computers, electrical control knobs, domestic appliance components, and electrical connector housings. About 25% of ethylene oxide production is used to produce antifreeze coolant for automobiles and other vehicles.
    Formaldehyde, a chemical produced from methanol, is the building block of solid plastics including adhesives, laminating resins for construction plywood and particle board. Formaldehyde also helps to produce finishes for paper and electronic equipment, textiles, surface coatings that resist heat and scratches, dinnerware and buttons, casings for appliances, handles and knobs, packaging
materials, automotive parts, thermal and electrical insulating materials, toys and many other products.

    Site by JFCD

    • “A catalyst is a substance that facilitates a chemical process without itself undergoing any transformation.”
      That would be correct in chemical terms but not in physical terms.  Catalysts are often affected physically, such as by having their surface altered in some way during chemical reactions.  In fact, it is often this effect that leads to catalyst deactivation and loss, usually as a very fine powder.  Chemically, it is still the same material but it is not the same physically.

  10. Hi: 
        I am new to gold market.  For the past month, I follow Jim Roger’s speech and search all the way to here and invest 300k so far on Gold mining fund and physical gold. 
    Is my picture correct?   Those who short the gold is unable to deliver physical gold in the end of august or next month, which will trigger a big new to public that paper gold is not real price of gold, and also trigger the pain of central bank’s gold existence?
      If this is true, CB already slam the price down this far, is there something else they can do to prolong this to explore?
    I means.. if an average joe like me can reach this conclusion, those smart ass in CB must find a way to counter……

    • @Sempronius
      I made one SD member spew coffee, and another lose his appetite in the same thread… LOL! 
      Just remember, red wine is for SIPPING, not “swigging” LOL! Might help next time! 😀
      Semper Fi! (USMC dad here)
      @Silver Alert 
      Good One! I LOL’ed Too! 

    • Oh, come on now.  The Doc is allowed one or two splashy intros per year.  🙂  KWN does it with EVERY headline!
      All things considered, this site has cranked out some very important stories over the last year.  For example, it was SilverDoctors that broke the story about the bank bail-in model going worldwide, complete with documentation from the Bank of England, the Fed and the Canadian government.  SilverDoctors was also on the leading edge breaking the news of whistleblowers at JP Morgan that even Zero Hedge was too chicken to cover until the SD team demonstrated authenticating documents.  That story has never made it to the mainstream media to this day.
      This site has had it’s growing pains.  Nothing brand new is ever perfect when it comes to media properties — and certainly, one that has been built largely on sweat equity and passion, not a giant budget.  You, the users are also what has proven critical in making this a unique place.  This is your site as much as anybody’s.  You help it grow by adding valuable insight with your comments. Going forward, I will always have in the back of my mind how we can improve what we do with YOUR INPUT, just as much as what we develop internally.
      So, all in all, here’s to a moving and TND forward. 
      All the best,
      Eric Dubin

    • @Flying Wombat
      Cheers to that. SD has definitely been first out of the blocks on some really big stories this year … I post links on other blogs whenever the op comes up. Also SD doesn’t censor the more so called ‘fringe’ aspects such as the moral concerns and social effects of certain actions taken from the Ivory Tower, which is important because these things should never have been considered ‘fringe’ in the first place. Damn MSM are a bunch of harlots … it will only be they who lose at the end of the day.

  11. Ugly Dog , Pat and AG thanks for the info on the eagles . Been reading your replies for quite some time and appreciate everything you guys contribute to SD . Like Charles ………..keep stacking !!!!!! Thx again

    • One of the most interesting facets of coin and bullion collecting is the shear number of possible combinations that can be collected.  I have a good stack of ASEs and US 90% silver coins but also have some 5-oz. silver bars, a few 1-oz. bars, medallions, and other silver memorabilia, and quite a few Canadian Silver Maples.  In the US, the Maples are not “coin of the realm” but they certainly are a nice 1-oz. solid silver round. The Canadian Mint has a good rep for quality and Maples are widely sold around the world.  The bars and medallions are not “money” either but, again, they are nice pieces of solid silver.  In an economic collapse situation, they would still have considerable value.  Feel free to limit yourself or not as you see fit insofar as what you choose to collect.  There are LOTS of nice options.  🙂

  12. If there’s 8,000 tons of gold left in the vaults of the City of London, wow, I would not want to advertise it.  too tempting a target.  Or maybe it’snot there anymore. Just tungsten blocks. 

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