down-fall-collapseResource depletion, pollution, and debt expansion are choking the economy.  Singapore-based financial analyst Morten Strange joins Silver Doctors to discuss why the economy cannot grow forever, and how to prepare for what’s coming:

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  1. Being a data wonk, I enjoy these podcast.  There is a problem with the content in that each is describing what are more or less the same problems.  We have peak oil, peak debt, peak government, peak FIAT,  peak pollution and yet see peak BS shoveled out,  telling us everything is fine.

    The people providing us with the details of peak this, that and the other thing is all are kind of like the 6 blind men describing the elephant. In their case they each describe Jumbo via the part they can feel.

    The well informed people of these podcast are all trying to do the same thing;  describe The Elephant in the room by different metrics and measurements.  In these cases they are unaware that they are describing a three legged, neutered, blind, deaf near dead pachyderm.

    Maybe we should change the name from Jumbo to Lucky.

    • @good & evil

      I suspect that we are at “peak perception”, as the net allows anybody who is interested to access huge amounts of information, and now with the government financing secondary education, nearly everybody has borrowed money and “studied” more.

      However, not many are “interested”, to use a politically and socially correct term.

      One survey I saw awhile back showed that 50% of the adult American public could not correctly identify which CENTURY the Civil War was in.

      Given that there were very few options, probably half of the correct answers were guesses by people who were not sure.

      I wish they had also included second question about the Civil War and asked what country it was in.

      Another survey, very recent, showed that 93% of American adults did not understand the basic vocabulary of their healthcare policies, words like “co-pay” and “deductible”.

      Laziness in America is now a culture, learned before preschool, and practiced for life.

      Lazy people don’t learn much, and as I try to teach my daughter, there is not much pragmatic difference between a lazy person who learns very little and a stupid person who understands very little.

      What scares me more than Barry Osambo having been elected twice is that the people who elected him are still around to vote again, and constitute about half the people who usually vote.

      BO will be gone soon, but not those that elected hm.

    • @Faranginkorat


      The peak perception I am referring to is mankind’s collective reasoning … past, present and future … and the end /desolation thereof … and its end birthing a new beginning which be a rest from our labor’s  by  entering into the seventh/GODS day as apposed to the sixth/mans day  … our labor  being our own ( living soul ) reasoning between two opposites  as in the eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil …


      And I agree with you that there is a famine in this land of plenty …….

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